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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Cleveland Indians minor leaguers

Features on each of the 1990 Cleveland Indians minor leaguers


  • AAA - Colorado Springs Sky Sox (28)
  • AA - Canton-Akron Indians (30)
  • High-A - Kinston Indians (30)
  • Short-Season - Watertown Indians (28)
  • Rookie - Burlington Indians (28)

Colorado Springs Sky Sox (28)

1 - Rick Adair, Learning A Lot
Rick Adair knew the importance of holding runners close. He took those lessons to a job as a coach.
2 - Beau Allred, Got It
Beau Allred robbed Matt Nokes of a home run and played in three major league seasons.
3 - Buddy Bell, Very Lucky Buddy Bell played in 18 major league seasons. He managed in nine.
4 - Juan Castillo, Ready Whenever
Juan Castillo tried to stay ready whenever the Brewers needed him.
5 - Alan Cockrell, Easy Decision
Alan Cockrell showed his love for baseball by playing for 13 seasons, and having a long coaching career.
6 - Jeff Edwards, Back In Shape
Jeff Edwards played seven seasons in the minors. He made AAA but never the bigs.
7 - Ty Gainey, One Spring
Ty Gainey impressed Astros brass in spring 1985, but not enough to be a regular.
8 - Jeff Kaiser, Shattered Bat
Jeff Kaiser got his first major league save after first getting through Ken Griffey Jr.
9 - Tom Lampkin, Ultimately Played
Tom Lampkin was fine with playing daily at AAA, as long as he ultimately played in the majors.
10 - Ever Magallanes, Highest Level
Will Magallanes was once a White Sox prospect. He later had ugly incident with a bat.
11 - Tom Magrann, Catching Opportunities
Tom Magrann threw out two runners in one inning at AA, made majors for nine games with the Indians.
12 - Jeff Manto, Streak Hitter
Jeff Manto was a streak hitter in 1995, hit two home runs each on consecutive nights.
13 - Greg McMichael, Worked Out
Greg McMichael's career was threatened by injury before his major league debut. He played in eight major league seasons.
14 - Luis Medina, Really Fun
Luis Medina hit a homer in his native Southern California. It ended up being the last of his 10 in the majors.
15 - Bobby Molinaro: All Bobby Molinaro asked was for his players to stay on top of the game mentally while they were between the white lines.
16 - Troy Neel, Another Name
Troy Neel went by many names in his career, among the names: "Deadbeat Dad."
17 - Doug Robertson, Be Realistic
Doug Robertson played seven seasons, never made the majors. He then returned for spring 1995.
18 - Jeff Shaw, Changed Gears
Jeff Shaw changed gears late in his career to become a closer, focus on his family.
19 - Joe Skalski, Quick Ending
Joe Skalski's brief two-game major league career with the Indians ended on an ejection.
20 - Steve Springer, Rather Play
Steve Springer spent 11 seasons at AAA, much of that at Tidewater. He made the majors for eight games. 
21 - Dwight Taylor, Good Jump
Dwight Taylor knew it was important to get a good jump. He made the jump to the majors for four games.
22 - Efrain Valdez, Breaking Pitch
Efrain Valdez had a choice on his first pitch back. He threw a fastball and then gave up a home run.
23 - Mike C. Walker, Two Dreams
Mike Walker got his first major league win the same night he almost got his first major league complete game shutout.
24 - Colby Ward, Good Day
Colby Ward's family saw his first major league win for the Indians. He didn't get another. He got into 22 games in relief in 1990.
25 - Turner Ward, Played Hard
Turner Ward only knew how to play all-out. He did so in 12 major league seasons.
26 - Casey Webster, Couldn't Replicate
Casey Webster didn't feel his good minor league season was a fluke. He made AAA, but never made the majors.
27 - Jeff Wetherby, Roller Coaster
Jeff Weatherby played in 52 games with the Braves in 1989. He couldn't get back.
28 - Carl Willis, Track Record
Carl Willis became a major league pitching coach after nine seasons in the majors as pitcher.

Canton-Akron Indians (30)
1 - Ken Bolek, Teaching Skills
Ken Bolek focuses on technical skill as a youth academy coach. He has had a long career as a player and coach.
2 - Jim Bruske, Home Debut
Jim Bruske enjoyed the moment of his first home major league outing.
3 - Al Collins, No Hitter
Al Collins threw a no-hitter for West Palm Beach. He played eight seasons, but he never made the bigs.
4 - Mike Curtis, Future Considerations
Mike Curtis once got traded for Mike Bielecki, later for a strange notion of "future consideration."
5 - Bruce Egloff, Follow Up
Bruce Egloff made the majors, then lost a year to surgery. He never returned to the bigs.
6 - Daren Epley, Proper Mechanics
Daren Epley learned proper mechanics from his college coach. He played six seasons as pro.
7 - Jeff Fassero, That Long
Jeff Fassero had the time of his life in a near-no-hitter. He played in 16 major league seasons.
8 - Sam Ferretti, Stuck With
Sam Ferretti planned to stay as long as he did well. He stayed for seven seasons, but he never made the bigs.
9 - Manny Francois, Walk Off
Manny Francois played in a 26-inning minors marathon. He then got the walk-off hit.
10 - Will George, Saw Enough
Will George made sure Quilvio Veras was with the Marlins in 1995. Veras was and played well. 
11 - Leverne Jackson, His Stats
Leverne Jackson tried not to look at his stats. He produced stats in eight seasons, but not in the majors.
12 - Carl Keliipuleole, College Performance
Carl Keliipuleole got his BYU coach a milestone win. He couldn't get himself to the bigs.
13 - Joe Kesselmark, Finer Points
Joe Kesselmark credited his high school coach with his success. He made the pros, but not the bigs.
14 - Lee Kuntz, Much Observation
Lee Kuntz has spent decades as a trainer watching his players.
15 - Mark Lewis, Hot Start
Mark Lewis started off hot with the Indians in 1991. He cooled down, but he played in 11 major league seasons. 
16 - Al Liebert, Big Play
Al Liebert got Bernie Williams out on a snap throw at AA. He never got the chance to do so in the majors. 
17 - Francisco Melendez, Biggest Thing
Francisco Melendez got comfortable. He then hit in five major league seasons.
18 - Gregory McMichael returned from minors knee surgery to make eight major league seasons
19 - Jeff Mutis, Another Shot
Jeff Mutis was glad to get another shot at the majors in 1992. He played there in parts of four seasons.
20 - Charles Nagy, Burning Desire
Charles Nagy knew how to pitch in the big leagues. He later became the Diamondbacks' pitching coach.
21 - Jim Orsag, Best Swing
Jim Orsag received high praise in 1989. He never made the majors.
22 - Greg Roscoe, Pitched Inside
Greg Roscoe pitched inside as a pro for six seasons. He never made the majors.
23- Miguel Sabino, Unremarkable Trade
Miguel Sabino was traded from the Braves to the Indians for 1990. He never made the majors.
24 - Rudy Seanez, Do Anything
Rudy Seanez was ready to pitch anywhere for the Braves in 1998. He played in 17 major league seasons.
25 - Rob Swain, His Chance
Rob Swain got his chance in collegiate ball and later in the pros. He never made the majors.
26 - Jim Tatum, No Doubt
Jim Tatum went to Japan, then earned a fifth season with time in bigs.
27 Casey Webster showed some power at single-A; Played six seasons, made AAA, not bigs
28 - Robbie Wine, Lucky Enough
Robbie Wine didn't have time to get nervous in his major league debut.
29 - Delwyn Young, Racing Home
Delwyn Young Sr. stole home, a month after his son Delwyn Jr. was born.
30 - Roberto Zambrano, Recovered Fine
Roberto Zambrano recovered from injury and made AAA. He couldn't make the bigs. 

Kinston Indians (30)

Watertown Indians (28)

  1. Chad Allen knew the importance of school; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 8/16/23
  2. Teddy Blackwell knew being a minors trainer meant teaching; Served in minors for long career, 8/15/23
  3. Willie Canate earned ML opportunities with Blue Jays in 1993, one in World Series, 9/9/23
  4. Mark Charbonnet came through in clutch over 12 pro seasons; Made AA, played in independent ball, 9/20/23
  5. Brian Cofer had speed, tremendous arm; Turned from fielding to pitching in four seasons, made high-A, 9/11/23
  6. John Cotton saw 15 pro seasons, AAA in five of them; Missed bigs, 8/23/23
  7. Mike Davis had big night at Watertown in 1990; Saw two pro seasons, 8/20/23
  8. Mark DelPiano has applied his work ethic as player, coach to long career as scout, 8/19/23
  9. Tim Ellis threw hard enough in high school to make college, pros; Saw two pro seasons, 8/13/23
  10. Jim Gabella worked on his major league goal as player, then as coach; Missed the bigs, 9/24/23
  11. Brian Giles believed he could produce, if every day player; Saw 15 ML seasons, 9/2/23
  12. Mike Gonzales heled his high school team to win; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 8/21/23
  13. Dane Kallevig helped his amateur team to a title with relief work; Played two seasons, made single-A, 8/26/23
  14. Dennis Kluss showed confidence in college; Played two pro campaigns, made short-season, 9/17/23
  15. John Lorms hit game-winner at single-A in 1991; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 9/13/23
  16. Oscar Munoz had rough welcome to bigs, saw 10 ML games over seven pro seasons, 8/30/23
  17. Joe Perez drew big comparisons out of high school; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 9/23/23
  18. Clyde 'Pork Chop' Pough played in front of plenty over 16 pro seasons; Nickname proved memorable, 9/20/23
  19. Tracy Richardson grew up in Watertown, then turned minor league intern and assistant GM, 9/6/23
  20. Roberto Rivera jumped from AA to bigs as lefty; Saw majors over two seasons, 8/28/23
  21. Bobby Ryan loved pressure in college; Played in five pro seasons, briefly made AAA, 9/4/23
  22. Keith Shepherd got noticed by two stars, saw time in four ML seasons, 9/17/23
  23. Ken Silvestri saw time in eight ML seasons; In between, he fought in World War II; Also coached, 9/19/23
  24. Kelly Stinnett had attitude, frame of mind to make bigs over 14 seasons, 8/13/23
  25. Paulino Tena got thrown at in 1991 game; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 9/10/23
  26. Tom Van Schaack helped Watertown to attendance gain as GM; Had long career in baseball, 9/14/23
  27. Ken Welch hit well in college; Played two pro campaigns, made short-season, also in semi-pro, 9/24/23
  28. Bill Wertz made major league debut in hometown; Saw time over two big league seasons, 9/10/23

Burlington Indians (28)

1 - Sam Baker, College List

Sam Baker caught the eye of the Indians. He played just three seasons as pro.
2 - Jeff Brohm, Be Ready
Jeff Brohm played for the 49ers, the Chargers and the Burlington Indians.
3 - Dickie Brown, Record Book
Dickie Brown once struck out 13 in a game for the High Desert Mavericks.
4 - Shawn Bryant, In Position
Shawn Bryant hated to lose. He never made the bigs.
5 - Dan Devoe, Chosen Profession
Dan Devoe played in college. He then turned to his chosen profession.
6 - Alan Embree, This Long
Alan Embree was ready to pitch when called upon.
7 - Miguel Flores, Much Energy
Baseball gave Miguel Flores energy.
8 - Steve Gajkowski, Always Hope

Steve Gajkowski knew there was always hope for the bigs.
9 - Matt Gilmore, More Excited
Matt Gilmore moved to a new high school. He then turned pro.
10 - Sam Hence, Early Lead
Sam Hence helped his team with a home run. He never made AA.
11 - Pedro Henderson, Best Season
Pedro Henderson's best season was 1991. He only played in four.
12 - Stan Hilton, His Command
Stan Hilton briefly coached a young Max Scherzer.
13 - Roberto Jimenez, Early Start
Roberto Jimenez had an early start and early end to his career.
14 - Carl Johnson, Just Fine
Carl Johnson knew his team would do just fine.
15 - Dave Keller Long Time
Dave Keller has been in professional baseball a long time.
16 - John Martinez, A Second
John Martinez was almost the first Puerto Rican drafted.
17 - Shawn McElfish, 'A' Game
Shawn McElfish needs his A game as a coach, police officer.
18 - Frank Monastero, Bigger Thrill
Frank Monastero made his twilight league's hall of fame.
19 - Ramon Ortiz, Rookie Ball
Ramon Ortiz played three seasons, all in rookie ball.
20 - Mike Pinckes, Wanted To
Mike Pinckes did what he wanted to do, play as a pro.
21 - Tracy Sanders, Big Threat
Tracy Sanders was a big threat at AA. He never made the bigs.
22 - Tim Thomas, Those Hits
Tim Thomas knew one hit could change everything.
23 - Jim Thome, Steak Dinner
Jim Thome played because he loved the game.
24 - Tony Tillman, Better Things
Tony Tillman wasn't drafted as a fill-in. He played just two seasons.
25 - Ramon Torres, Native Country
Ramon Torres started in the Dominican Republic. His U.S. career was brief.
26 - Alan Walden, Wound Up
Alan Walden didn't know the Indians would take him. He played four pro seasons.
27 - Von Wechsberg, One Run
Von Wechsberg started well in his third pro season.
28 - Darrell Whitmore, Key Thing
Darrell Whitmore started strong with the Marlins, then reality set in.

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