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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Southern Ballpark Photos 2016

The McCormick Field scoreboard in Asheville in June 2016. (Greatest 21 Days)
I've long taken photos at baseball games. Even before I had this project, I took photos.

Those photos provided a nice library from which to draw here, especially for my interviews. If I don't have direct photos for the interview, I look at the stadiums the player played at, or maybe the leagues they played in and use those photos for the interview posts.

One of the biggest holes in my library, though, has been the South. My wife and I have been to Florida (where I picked up photos at St. Lucie and West Palm Beach). We've been to California, where I've picked up California League photos. We've been all over the Northeast and into the Midwest.

Up until this month, the only southern stadium I'd photographed was Charlotte's old stadium. We passed by on a dreary, overcast day. Basically not the best of photos.

Well, I finally got some decent southern baseball photos. We planned a trip around Turner Field's final season. After seeing Turner, we headed north to Tennessee, then south to Savannah. In between, we went through Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, Spartanburg and, of course, Savannah.

Turns out, the original 1990 stadiums still stand in four out of the five cities. Only Knoxville's has been demolished, and there the field itself remains as a youth field.

So now I have Southern League pictures to fall back on, along with some South Atlantic League photos. Please enjoy some examples. I'll have a separate post for Savannah because we actually saw a game there.

Now to get some Texas, Carolina, Northwest and Pioneer league photos...

Chattanooga's Engel Stadium (1990 Chattanooga Lookouts)

Knoxville's Former Bill Meyer Stadium (1990 Knoxville Blue Jays)

Asheville's McCormick Field (1990 Asheville Tourists)

Spartanburg's Duncan Park (1990 Spartanburg Phillies)

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