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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 St. Louis Cardinals farm system.


  • AAA - Louisville Redbirds (45)
  • AA - Arkansas Travelers (27)
  • High-A - St. Petersburg Cardinals (27)
  • Single-A - Springfield Cardinals (28)
  • Single-A - Savannah Cardinals (29)
  • Short-Season - Hamilton Redbirds (33)
To Come:
  • Rookie - Johnson City Cardinals 

1990 Louisville Redbirds (45) 
1 - Gibson Alba, Some Help
It took Gibson Alba 12 seasons to make the majors. He did it in 1988, with the Cardinals He only got into three games.
2 - Luis Alicea, Two Jobs
He hoped to perform both jobs for the Cardinals in 1988, hitting and defense.
3 - Scott Arnold, Power Pitcher
Scott Arnold made the Cardinals in 1988 for six relief outings. Those outings marked the extent of his major league career.
4 - Pat Austin, Defensive Label
Pat Austin made up for his arm strength with quickness. But not enough to make the bigs.
5 - Brad Bluestone, Louisville Again
Brad Bluestone wanted to return to college as a trainer. He did, and he also returned to Louisville.
6 - Rod Brewer, Best Thing
Rod Brewer made the Cardinals as a backup in 1993, played in 110 games. In three previous major league seasons, he played in 62 games total.
7 - Ernie Camacho, Arm Injury
He came back from an arm injury to return to the bigs.
8 - Cris Carpenter, Other Pitches
Cris Carpenter knew if he could show hitters other pitches it could only help. It helped in eight major league seasons.
9 - Dennis Carter, Winter Roster
Dennis Carter made AAA once, apparently just for a photo shoot. He never played at AAA, or the majors.
10 - Stan Clarke, Finest Win
Stan Clarke came back from surgery to notch his second major league win. He played in six major league seasons total.
11 - Rheal Cormier, Extra Valuable
He proved extra valuable over 16 major league seasons.
12 - Danny Cox, Other Games
He lost a major league perfect game late; Played in three World Series
13 - Todd Crosby, Two Choices
Todd Crosby had choices out of high school. What he chose was college. He later turned pro, but never made majors.
14 - Bien Figueroa, Stayed Healthy
Bien Figueroa was key to Florida State's run to the NCAA Championship game in 1986. His run in the majors lasted for 12 games.
15 - Terry Francon, Worked Hard
Terry Francona worked hard. Made majors as a player, manager. Broke a curse.
16 - Ed Fulton, Confidence Built
Ed Fulton built his own confidence as a player, others' as a coach.
17 - Bernard Gilkey, In the Lineup
The best manager Bernard Gilkey ever had was the one that put him in the lineup. He made major league lineups in 12 seasons.
18 - Mark Grater, Pitching Assignment
Mark Grater wanted to be judged on more innings. His eight major league innings, though, was all he'd get.
19 - Ken Hill, Emerging Talent
He went from emerging talent to 14 major league seasons.
20 - Howard Hilton, Legitimate Chance
Howard Hilton made the majors in April 1990. His stay was brief, just two games. It was the extent of his major league career.
21 - Mike Hinkle, College Honor
Mike Hinkle made the "baseball brain team" and AAA. He never made the majors.
22 - Dale Kisten, Ran Out
He didn't throw super hard, but he did make AAA.
23 - Ray Lankford, Some Kind
Ray Lankford had some kind of 24-hour period in 1991. He then had some kind of a 14-season major league career.
24 - Dominic Latkovski, Billy Bird
He debuted as Billy Bird, later built a mascot empire.
25 - Lonnie Maclin, Got On
He was as hungry as Gilkey. Played in 12 major league games.
26 - Greg Mathews, Unexpected Start
He didn't expect to start Game 1 of the NLCS, but he did and got the win.
27 - Julian Martinez, Old Friend
Julian Martinez worked for Sammy Sosa, knowing him going back to the Dominican Republic. Martinez himself played eight seasons in minors, never making the bigs.
28 - Jesus Mendez, Venezuelan Nuggets
Jesus Mendez signed with the Cardinals as a free agent. He later signed free agents as a scout. As a player, Mendez lasted a decade, but never made majors.
29 - Scott Nichols, Scouting Rasmus
Scott Nichols played seven seasons as a pro, never made bigs. He later became a scout.
30 - Tom Niedenfuer, Looking Back
Tom Niedenfuer saved 97 games in the majors, missed two in the 1985 NLCS.
31 - Mauricio Nunez, Playing Ball
Mauricio Nunez came to the U.S. to play ball. His home, though, was always the Dominican Republic.
32 - Omar Olivares, Not His Style
Omar Oliveres tried to throw strikes and hit his spots. He did so in 12 major league seasons.
33 - Dave Osteen, Experience and Knowledge
Dave Osteen followed his father into baseball and coaching. He couldn't follow father to the majors.
34 - Geronimo Pena, Youth Movement
Geronimo Pena was part of the Cardinals' youth movement in 1991. He played in seven major league seasons.
35 - Mike Perez, Surprised Return
Mike Perez returned from surgery to pitch for the Cubs in 1995, part of a major league career that spanned eight seasons.
36 - Gaylen Pitts, Around Long
Gaylen Pitts believed his time in the major leagues would be short. It was. His time in baseball, though, has hit 50 years.
37 - Dave Richardson, Hard-Nosed
Played hard-nosed baseball in college. Made AAA as pro.
38 - Mark Riggins, Teaching Pitching
Mark Riggins could teach people how to pitch. He did with the Cardinals and the Cubs.
39 - Stan Royer, Different Feeling
He called making the Cardinals out of spring 1994 a different feeling.
40 - Tim Sherrill, Fishing and Baseball
Tim Sherrill liked to compete, whether that was on the baseball field, or the fishing pond. He competed in 18 games for the Cardinals in St. Louis.
41 - Roy Silver, Most Impressed
As an instructor, Roy Silver helped Josh Hamilton back on track and to the majors. As a player, Silver never got to bigs himself.
42 - Ray Stephens, Up in the Air
Ray Stephens went into 1992 with 11 total major league games played. He left it with 19, marking the extent of his major league career.
43 - Bob Tewksbury, Pitched Again
Bob Tewksbury pitched again over 13 major league seasons.
44 - Steve Trout, Improved Greatly
Steve Trout pitched the Cubs to within one win of the 1984 World Series.
45 - Craig Wilson, Be Consistent
Craig Wilson knew he had to be consistent to return to the majors after five seasons there. He never got back.

Arkansas Travelers (27)

1 - Frankie Abreu, Nasty Pitches, 1/30/19
2 - Isaac Alleyne, Some Ballgames, 2/6/19
3 - Dave Bialas, Good Instincts, 2/5/19
4 - John Burgos, Gem Start, 1/28/19
5 - Greg Carmona, To Learn, 2/4/19
6 - Ric Christian, Put Pressure, 2/23/19
7 - Rheal Cormier, Great Run, 2/3/19
8 - Dan Doyel, In-State, 3/9/19
9 - John Ericks, Real Good, 3/6/19
10 - Steve Fanning, Family Hits, 1/31/19
11 - Joey Fernandez, Waited For, 4/23/17
12 - Mike Fitzgerald, His Best, 3/8/19
13 - Ed Fulton, Confidence Built, 2/16/19
14 - Mark Grater, Pitching Assessment, 3/7/19
15 - Joe Hall, Normal Things, 2/16/19
16 - Rich Hoffman, Very Rewarding, 3/9/19
17 - Brian Jordan, Worked Out, 3/5/19
18 - Dale Kisten, Ran Out, 1/29/19
19 - John Lepley, College Horse, 2/14/19
20 - Marty Mason, Strike One, 2/27/19
21 - Scott Melvin, Guidance Counselor, 3/1/19
22 - Dave Osteen, Experience and Knowledge, 2/2/19
23 - Gab Ozuna, Different Situations, 2/24/19
24 - Len Picota, Tight Game, 2/21/19
25 - Larry Pierson, His Approach, 3/8/19
26 - Mike Ross, Everything Asked, 2/22/19
27 - Brian Stone, Off Night, 2/1/19

St. Petersburg Cardinals (27)

Springfield Cardinals (28)
1 - Juan Andujar, Defensive Strength, 5/27/17
2 - David Bell, Pro Talk, 6/3/17
3 - Randy Berlin, Looked At, 5/21/17
4 - Alan Botkin, Team Game, 5/11/17
5 - Mike Campas, Pitcher's Number, 5/7/17
6 - Keith Champion, No Glamour, 5/12/17
7 - Frank Cimorelli, Never Crossed, 5/27/17
8 - Troy Clemens, Athletic Experience, 5/17/17
9 - John Corona, His Presence, 6/10/17
10 - Roger Erickson, Starting Chance, 5/20/17
11 - Mike Evans, Previous Stints, 5/28/17
12 - Joe Federico, Triple Play, 5/9/17
13 - Steve Gewecke, Team Guys, 6/8/17
14 - Chris Gorton, His Fastball, 6/9/17
15 - Mike Hensley, Those Things, 5/14/17
16 - Ezequiel Herrera, His Skills, 5/8/17
17 - Tom Infante, Good Numbers, 5/10/17
18 - Clyde Keller, Main Thing, 5/8/17
19 - Vince Kindred, Knocked One, 5/21/17
20 - Mike Kraft, Showed Patience, 5/26/17
21 - Carlos Landinez, Fast Start, 5/11/17
22 - Freddie Langiotti, Scoring Started, 6/4/17
23 - Tim Lata, First Win, 5/18/17
24 - Luis Martinez, Took Advantage, 5/29/17
25 - Alvin Rittman, Gave Back, 6/4/17
26 - Orlando Thomas, Game-Winner, 5/28/17
27 - Ron Weber, Record Book, 5/15/17
28 - Dennis Wiseman, His Arrival, 5/13/17

Savannah Cardinals (29)
1 - Jose Arias, Didn't Stick
Jose Arias played three seasons as a pro. He made single-A.
2 - Ernie Baker, Different Priorities
Ernie Baker was fine with his career's end. He had different priorities.
3 - Scott Banton, Came Through
Scott Banton came through for his team. His runners didn't cooperate.
4 - Marcos Betances, Well Earned
Marcos Betances got a well-earned bonus with a rookie ball no-hitter.
5 - Jeff Brannon, Really Good
Jeff Brannon: 'It feels really good to do that. I mean, how could it not?'
6 - Johnny Calzado, His Part
Johnny Calzado hit bases-clearing double at single-A. He never made AA.
7 - Rick Colbert, Big Scheme
Rick Colbert played 11 seasons as a player. He never made the bigs.
8 - Paul Coleman, Impressed Enough
The Cardinals saw in Paul Coleman a Bo Jackson type.
9 - Steve Dixon, Much Energy
Steve Dixon pitched with much energy. He made the bigs in two seasons.
10 - Ignacio Duran, Bases Cleared
Ignacio Duran knocked a bases-loaded double in 1990. He played six seasons.
11 - Willie Espinal, First Class
Willie Espinal was called a 'first-class' pitcher in college.
12 - Luis Faccio, Strikeout Total
Luis Faccio threw a strikeout high at single-A. He played eight seasons in the minors.
13 - Jim Ferguson, Best Summer
Jim Ferguson's summer in 1987 was probably the best of his life.
14 - Dennis Fletcher, Come-Backer
Dennis Fletcher snagged a come-backer in his second pro season. He never made AA.
15 - Russ Gaston, Early Jams
Russ Gaston got out of early jams in 1990. He played three seasons as a pro.
16 - Don Green, Two Seasons
Don Green got his chance at high-A. It was the highest he got.
17 - Larry Gryskevich, Home Run
Larry Gryskevich helped his Savannah Cardinals to a win with a home run. He played two seasons.
18 - Mike Keating, Came Back
Mike Keating helped his single-A team come back. He played one season.
19 - Anthony Lewis, Helped Them
Anthony Lewis helped his AA teammates in 1996. He never helped himself to the bigs.
20 - Nicio Martinez, Too Little
Nicio Martinez came through with a single, but it was too little, too late.
21 - Tony Ochs, Missing Bat
Tony Ochs brought his bat to college. He played three seasons as a pro.
22 - Mark O'Neal, Service Provided
Mark O'Neal started as a trainer with Savannah. He made the bigs as a trainer with the Cardinals and Cubs.
23 - Mateo Ozuna, Bright Spot
Mateo Ozuna's speed made him a bright spot, not a major leaguer.
24 - Al Pacheco, Had Them
Al Pacheco got his high school to the state championship game. He played two seasons.
25 - Andy Rincon, Bad Fortune
Andy Rincon was pitching well for the Cardinals, until a come-backer broke his arm.
26 - Rick Shackle, On Top
Rick Shackle shut down the champs in college. He got into five pro seasons.
27 - Kevin Tahan, His Night
Kevin Tahan had his night in 1998.
28 - Mark Tolbert, Not Enough
Mark Tolbert hit two doubles for his Legion team. It wasn't enough.
29 - Joe Turvey, Old Time
Joe Turvey played in the mold of old-time catchers. He never made AA.

Hamilton Redbirds (33)
1 - Chris Alesio, Worked Out, 2/18/17
2 - Jose Arias got helped from jam by teammates at single-A; Saw three pro seasons, 11/24/21
3 - Roy Bailey, With Kids, 2/13/17
4 - Andy Beasley used his work ethic at VMI to turn pro; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 12/25/21
5 - Juan Belbru, His Run, 2/19/17
6 - Marcos Betances, Well Earned, 2/11/17
7 - Dave Boss, Came Back, 2/9/17
8 - Alan Botkin played the team game over seven pro seasons, made AA, 11/22/21
9 - Terry Bradshaw, Funny Thing, 3/3/17
10 - Gary Cooper, Work Habits, 2/22/17
11 - Rodney Eldridge, Every Time, 2/26/17
12 - Paul Ellis, More Intense, 3/1/17
13 - Jeff Fayne, Top Team, 2/28/17
14 - Tom Fusco, Some Things, 2/27/17
16 - Chris Lowe got drafted out of high school earlier than expected; Saw three pro seasons, 11/27/21
17 - Mark MacArthur, Team Trailblazer, 2/12/17
18 - Kevin MacLeod, Gem Thrown, 3/5/17
19 - Chris Maloney, Maturing Process, 2/23/17
20 - Luis Melendez, Knew What, 2/24/17
21 - Mike Newby, College Transfer, 2/19/17
22 - Donovan Osborne, Know How, 2/11/17
23 - Ozzie Perez, Started In, 3/5/17
24 - Wander Pimentel, Extended Lead, 2/25/17
25 - Ahmed Rodriguez, Hailed From, 2/26/17
26 - Marc Ronan, Good Time, 2/16/17
27 - Rick Rupkey, Locked Down, 2/27/17
28 - Troy Salvior, His Part, 2/28/17
29 - George Sells, Mound Work, 2/9/17
30 - Sluggers Sports Memorabilia opened across Toronto; Its owner later became central to 'Jack of All Trades' doc, 12/11/21
31 - Mark Smith, Stayed Unbeaten, 3/2/17
32 - Skeets Thomas, Could Hit, 2/21/17
33 - Joe Turvey, Old Time, 2/25/17

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