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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 San Francisco Giants minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 San Francisco Giants farm system


  • AAA - Phoenix Firebirds (32)
  • AA - Shreveport Captains (26)
  • High-A - San Jose Giants (29)
  • Single-A - Clinton Giants (40)
  • Short-Season - Everett Giants (33)

Phoenix Firebirds (32)

1 - Mark Bailey, Stayed Calm
Mark Bailey jumped from AA to the majors. The move left him trying to stay calm.
2 - Kash Beauchamp, Prepared Player
Kash Beauchamp turned pro in 1982, went on to long career as a player and a coach. He never saw the majors.
3 - Mike Benjamin, Realistic Record
Mike Benjamin picked up 14 hits in 1995, over 3 consecutive games, a record.
4 - George Bonilla, College Records
George Bonilla is still in his college's record book a quarter century after he played. He never made the majors.
5 - Greg Booker, Worst Year
Greg Booker totaled time in eight ML seasons. He has gone on to be a coach in the minors.
6 - Rich Bordi, Future Plans
Rich Bordi believed his work would keep him in the majors. It did in nine seasons.
7 - Brian Brady, Hall Encounters
Brian Brady celebrated his first major league hit in 1989 with milk. It was his only major league hit.
8 - John Burkett, Relaxed Aggressiveness
John Burkett kept his cool and gave quality innings over 15 major league seasons.
9 - Jeff Carter, Soda Seller
Jeff Carter almost left to sell soda. He came back to finish out 12 pro seasons in the minors, and coach.
10 - Craig Colbert, Door Knocking
Craig Colbert knew what it was like to play at AAA. he did it for nine seasons, made the bigs in two.
11 -Duane Espy, Eyes Open
Duane Espy's been in baseball for 40 years. He sees every day as chance to experience something.
12 - Eric Gunderson, Soon Lost
Eric Gunderson pitched well his first start, not so well second or third. He pitched 10 years in the majors.
13 - Larry Hardy, Straight-Shooting
Larry Hardy was a no-nonsense, straight-shooting pitching coach, according to David Wells.
14 - Gil Heredia, What Counts
Gil Heredia had success in 10 major league seasons. He played in 14 as a pro.
15 - George Hinshaw, Believing In
George Hinshaw's major league career consisted of 13 games over two seasons. He played a decade, including in Japan.
16 - Tim Ireland, Pretty Legit
Tim Ireland believed his shortstop Ian Kinsler seemed legit. Ireland got his eye from four decades in game.
17 - Erik Johnson, Greatest Influence
When Erik Johnson was done playing, he knew his greatest influence would be as instructing youth.
18 - Mike Kingery, Bounced Around
Mike Kingery signed as a free agent, went on to play in the majors for a decade with the Mariners, Giants and others.
19 - Bob Knepper, Should Pitch 
Bob Knepper pitched in 15 major league seasons. It was something some felt he should have stuck to.
20 - Mike Laga, First One
Mike Laga picked up first major league home run the day after he got his first major league hit.
21 - Mark Leonard, Good Feeling
Mark Leonard tried for regular playing time with the Orioles in 1993. he didn't get it. He played in six major league seasons.
22 - Greg Litton, Best Asset
Hitting wasn't Greg Litton's game. Defense was his game.
23 - Kirt Manwaring, Next Chance
Kirt Manwaring didn't get down on himself in 1993. He played in 13 major league seasons.
24 - Randy McCament, All the Confidence
Randy McCament moved to relief and began his steady climb to the majors and the Giants.
25 - Paul McClellan, Streak Extended
Paul McClellan took the Giants win streak up to 11 in 1991. He played in two major league seasons.
26 - Timber Mead, Big League Name
Timber Mead played seven seasons as a pro. He never made the bigs.
27 - Rick Parker, Total Time
Rick Parker tried to collect as much major league time as he could. He got into six seasons.
28 - Tony Perezchica, Good Range
Tony Perezchica had good range and agility. He made the bigs in four seasons.
29 - Gregg Ritchie, Prime Position
Gregg Ritchie hoped for weirder things that would get him to the bigs.
30 - Russ Swan, Threw Strikes
Russ Swan almost threw a no-hitter - in his first major league start. He pitched in six major league seasons.
31 - Ed Vosberg, No Shock
Ed Vosberg played his first pro game in 1983. He played his last in 2007. 
32 - Trevor Wilson, Throwing Motion
Trevor Wilson resisted changes then relented. He also threw a gem for the Giants. 

Shreveport Captains (26)
1 - Rich Aldrete, Youth Lessons, 4/6/16
2 - Rod Beck, Closer Mentality, 4/3/16
3 - Steve Connolly, Some Innings, 4/4/16
4 - Jamie Cooper, Dinner Table, 4/7/16
5 - Steve Decker, Up There, 4/20/16
6 - Mark Dewey, Game Saved, 3/27/16
7 - Tom Ealy, Center Of, 4/22/16
8 - Bill Evers, Worked For, 3/27/16
9 - Juan Guerrero, Pretty Exciting, 4/5/16
10 - Mike Ham, Defensive Catcher, 4/16/16
11 - Steve Hecht, Key to Success, 3/29/16
12 - Bryan Hickerson, Could Start, 4/11/16
13 - Tom Hostetler, Near Perfect, 4/12/16
14 - Steve Lienhard, Showed Confidence, 4/17/16
15 - Kevin Meier, Good Years, 4/15/16
16 - Rick Nelson, Bases Cleared, 3/31/16
17 - Todd Oakes, Truly Priceless, 4/13/16
18 - Mark Owens, Home Runs, 4/5/16
19 - Dave Patterson, Brain Trained, 4/18/16
20 - Jim Pena, The Life, 4/3/16
21 - Steve Reed, Turned Out, 4/10/16
22 - Mike Remlinger, Got Back, 4/22/16
23 - Andres Santana, Did It, 4/2/16
24 - Randy Strijek, His Chance, 4/21/16
25 - Tony Taylor, Behind Him, 4/2/16
26 - Ted Wood, His Strength, 3/30/16

San Jose Giants (29)
1 - Pat Brady, Swinging Good
Pat Brady swung well in August 1992 for AA Phillies. He never made the bigs.
2 - Jeff Brauning, Long Way
Jeff Brauning picked up his college conference's hit streak record. He turned pro, but played just two seasons.
3 - Don Brock, Another Reason
Don Brock helped his school beat Texas. He played as a pro for three seasons.
4 - Craig Cala, Instructing Kids
Craig Cala's passion was to instruct kids. He's done that since two-season pro career.
5 - Royce Clayton, No Better Feeling
Royce Clayton got his call up to the bigs, his celebration started with his dogs.
6 - Adell Davenport, Trying Too Hard
Adell Davenport tried too hard in Alaska. He went on to play eight pro seasons. He never made the bigs.
7 - Dick Dietz, Called Back
Dick Dietz nearly stopped Don Drysdale's scoreless streak with a disputed hit-by-pitch.
8 - Brian Dour, Very Proud
Brian Dour was proud of his accomplishments as a high school coach. He coached after four-season pro career.
9 - Joe Estes, Two Wins
Joe Estes picked up two wins in relief for 86 College World Series champs Arizona. He played five seasons as pro, but he never made the bigs.
10 - Dan Fernandez, Backup Catcher
Dan Fernandez thought he could play in the bigs. He played as a pro for nine seasons, but he never got a chance to prove it.
11 - Chris Fye, Two Hits
Chris Fye came out of Nebraska to turn pro. He played just three seasons, never above high-A.
12 - Vince Herring, Younger Pitcher
Vince Herring tried a pitch mastered by older hurlers, the knuckleball. He never made the bigs.
13 - Steve Hosey, Raw Tools
Steve Hosey's first major league home run was almost Candlestick Park's last. It was his last.
14 - Dominick Johnson, Important Things
Dominick Johnson lost his father to cancer, his daughter is cancer survivor. He played nine seasons, but he never made the bigs.
15 - Jim Jones, Well Orchestrated
Jim Jones executed a 'well-orchestrated' hit-and-run at single-A San Jose. He played five seasons, never made the bigs.
16 - Troy Mentzer, Fought Himself
Troy Mentzer fought himself sometimes. His pro career lasted just 29 games.
17 - Jeff Morris, Seen Much
Jeff Morris saw a lot of places in his career, from college to the pros to Australia.
18 - Jimmy Myers, No Doubts
Jimmy Myers had no doubts he belonged in the majors. He got there in 1996 for 11 games.
19 - John Patterson, As Good
John Patterson didn't quite realize his dream in 1993, but winning a pennant race game with a home run was just as good.
20 - Dan Rambo, So Close
Dan Rambo had a lot of dreams when he was young. He got close to realizing one.
21 - Kevin Rogers, Almost Unhittable
Kevin Rogers tried a comeback in 1997, from family illnesses, as well as own condition.
22 - Gary Sharko, Threw Hard
Gary Sharko was a "hard-throwing relief ace" at short-season. He played five seasons, but never made the bigs.
23 - Kerry Shaw, Better Hitter
Kerry Shaw was one of Salt Lake's better hitters. He couldn't turn that into a long pro career.
24 - Reuben Smiley, Next Time 
Reuben Smiley got nervous in front of a scout. After advice, he performed. He played a decade, but never made the bigs.
25 - Tom Spencer, Looking For
Tom Spencer wasn't a name manager, but he did get a long career as one in the minors.
26 - Scooter Tucker, Game Confidence
Scooter Tucker knew confidence was important. He took his confidence to the bigs in three seasons.
27 - John Vuz, Preventing Hits
John Vuz went from getting hits in college to trying to prevent them as a pro. He never made the bigs.
28 - Elanis Westbrooks, No Surprises
Elanis Westbrooks helped the 2008 Rays as an advance scout. He played four seasons as pro in the Giants system.
29 - Scott Wilson, Career Change
Scott Wilson went from coach to trainer to coach again.

Clinton Giants (40)
1 - Kelly Ahrens, Family Decision
Kelly Ahrens played two seasons, career ended over a family decision. 
2 - Maximo Aleys, Both Times
Maximo Aleys threw a no-hitter at low-A in 1989
3 - Clay Bellinger, Broke Down
Clay Bellinger broke down in 1999 upon learning he made the majors.
4 - Jeffry Bonner, Long Haul
Jeffry Bonner went 3 for 10 in a 25-inning game. He played just three pro seasons.
5 - Mate Borgogno, Every Day
Hoped to catch the eye of scouts. Played two pro seasons.
6 - Greg Brummett, Best Stuff
Greg Brummett saved his best stuff for the 1989 College World Series.
7 - Steve Callahan, Called Blazing
Steve Callahan's fastball was called blazing. He played four seasons.
8 - Frank Carey, Two Straight
Frank Carey helped Stanford to two-straight College World Series titles.
9 - Steve Cline, Really Something
Steve Cline helps send players on to the bigs as a coach.
10 - Brian Costello, Sports Medicine
Brian Costello uses his first career in his second.
11 - Ron Crowe, Those Days
Ron Crowe hit well in one 1989 college game. He played five seasons as a pro.
12 - Courtney Davis, Ample Opportunity
Struggled in 1991, never recovered.
13 - Scott Ebert, Too Fierce
Scott Ebert couldn't translate his fierceness to the pros.
14 - Dan Flanagan, Two Scoreless
Threw 13.1 scoreless at VCU in 1990. Played three pro seasons.
15 - Jim Foley, Complete Game
Jim Foley couldn't get his college team a tournament win. He played three seasons as a pro.
16 - Mike Grahovac, Unbelievable Feeling
Mike Grahovac saw others off to the pros after he played as a pro himself.
17 - Ed Gustafson, Been Around
Ed Gustafson had his strengths. He played four seasons as a pro.
18 - Chris Hancock, Relief Pitcher
Chris Hancock was his high school football team's relief pitcher.
19 - Carl Hanselman, Good Athlete
Carl Hanselman had the tools. He made AAA, not the bigs.
20 - Marino Hernandez, Team Photo
He played three seasons, made single-A, team photo.
21 - Stewart Hillman, Canadian Olympian
Stewart Hillman played on the Canadian Olympic baseball team.
22 - Rick Huisman, Own Memories
Rick Huisman appreciated making the majors, and a big league game of catch.
23 - James Huslig, Throw Strikes
Threw college no-hitter. Played single season in pros.
24 - Joey James, Game Flow
Joey James didn't want to be a designated hitter. He wanted to be a position player.
25 - Randy Johnson, Asked For
All this Randy Johnson asked for was an opportunity.
26 - Kevin Kasper, More Fun
Kevin Kasper helped his college team to a turnaround as a coach. He played five seasons as pro.
27 - Jason McFarlin, Speedy Scout
Jason McFarlin once trained to be a scout. He spent nine seasons as a player, never made the majors.
28 - Roger Miller, Very Excited
Roger Miller was excited to turn pro. He played seven seasons. He never made the bigs.
29 - Jack Mull, Have Respect
Jack Mull knew players had to respect the game. He spent 38 years in baseball.
30 - Rafael Novoa, Same Fastball
Rafael Novoa made San Francisco in 1990 on the strength of his strikeouts.
31 - Vince Palyan, Home Runs
Vince Palyan hit two home runs in a 1988 Minnesota game.
32 - Jon Pattin, Didn't Happen
Jon Pattin was born into baseball. The majors didn't happen for him.
33 - Pat Rapp, Best Game
Pat Rapp tossed a one-hitter for the Marlins in 1995. He played in 10 seasons.
34 - Steve Rolen, Offensively Carried
Steve Rolen carried West Virginia offensively. He played four seasons.
35 - Rob Taylor, Two Parts
Rob Taylor's career had two parts with three years in between.
36 - Gus Vollmer, Was Aggressive
Gus Vollmer was aggressive in a rookie-ball win. He played two seasons.
37 - Pete Weber, Bright Spot
Pete Weber hit well in a AA game, but not well enough overall.
38 - Fred Whatley, Strikeout Performance
Put on a stikeout performance in college. Played two pro seasons.
39 - Ron Wotus, Bottom Line
Ron Wotus made the bigs briefly as a player, then for a long stint as a coach.
40 - Jason Young, Stolen Bases
Jason Young helped his college team with stolen bases.

Everett Giants (33)
1 - Jim Averell, The Walker
When Jim "The Walker" Averell entertained, Everett fans cheered.
2 - Lenny Ayres, An Avenue
Lenny Ayres started with the fundamentals, then played three seasons as a pro. He never made AA.
3 - Mate Borgogno, Every Day
Mate Borgogno hoped to catch the eye of scouts, and did. His pro career, though, was brief, just two seasons.
4 - Dan Carlson, Rather Pitch
Dan Carlson wanted to pitch in the bigs, not so much sit on the bench. He played in four major league seasons.
5 - Eric Christopherson, Not Afraid
Eric Christopherson was a highly touted college catcher. Success, though, never came as a pro.
6 - Brian Dakin, Career Level
Brian Dakin's sports playing career was a brief one; his sports reporting career has been much longer.
7 - Courtney Davis, Ample Opportunity
Courtney Davis struggled in 1991 and never recovered. He never made the majors.
8 - Scott Ebert, Too Fierce
Scott Ebert was sometimes too fierce. He couldn't translate that to the pros. He played four seasons, but he never made the bigs.
9 - Dave Edwards, Proper Attention
Teenage injuries helped Dave Edwards get his World Series ring.
10 - Dan Flanagan, Two Scoreless
Dan Flanagan threw 13.1 scoreless for VCU in 1990. He went on to three pro seasons. He never made majors.
11 - Frank Gould, Third Win 
Frank Gould helped Pocatello to a 1989 win. He couldn't help himself to a long pro career. He played just three seasons.
12 - Shelby Hart, Inside-the-Park
Shelby Hart hit an inside-the-parker in high school. He went on to a pro career, but a brief one.
13 - Mike Helms, Missed It
Mike Helms played basketball at Oregon, then pro baseball with the Giants. His pro baseball career lasted just two seasons.
14 - James Huslig, Throw Strikes
James Huslig threw a college no-hitter. His opportunities to do so in the pros were few. He played a single season.
15 - Adam Hyzdu, Prepared Himself
Adam Hyzdu prepared himself for anything. He eventually played in seven major league seasons.
16 - John Jackson, Gut Feeling
John Jackson played both baseball and football. He made the NFL, but not the majors.
17 - Marcus Jensen, Break Through
Marcus Jensen tried to beat the defensive player label. He played in seven major league seasons
18 - Juan Lopez, Really Good
Juan Lopez has three decades of experience in baseball, including as bullpen coach for the Reds.
19 - Deron McCue, Six Innings
Deron McCue wanted to see what his team had in 1990. He played and coached, but never made the majors.
20 - Kevin McGehee, Much Adrenalin
Kevin McGehee had much adrenalin in his major league debut. He ended up getting just four more major league appearances.
21 - Brian McLeod, Back In
Brian McLeod was effective in a June 1990 game at Everett, but wasn't effective enough in his career to make the majors.
22 - Mike Myers, Left-Handed Specialist
A smashed hand hurt Mike Myers' draft status. It didn't hurt his career.
23 - Kurt Peltzer, Talked About
Kurt Peltzer gave himself something to talk about in 1995 with a no-hitter. He never got the chance to in the bigs.
24 - Derek Reid, Outstanding Catch
Derek Reid had a good catch in college. He never got the chance for one in the bigs.
25 - Keith Ringgold, Unconventional Run
Keith Ringgold scored an unconventional run for Everett in 1990. His pro career was brief.
26 - Joe Rosselli, Definitely Nervous
Joe Rosselli was definitely nervous for his first major league start. He got nine total major league outings.
27 - Diego Segui, More Motion
Diego Segui fooled batters with his fork ball. He pitched in 15 major league seasons.
28 - Jason Sievers, Worked a Walk
Jason Sievers drew a walk, but it wasn't what his team needed. He went on to play five seasons as a pro, but he never made the bigs.
29 - Tony Spires, Triple Total
Tony Spires remains on his college conference's triple leader board. He played only two seasons as a pro.
30 - Dan Varnell, His Power
Dan Varnell helped his short-season team to 1990 a win with a home run. His career lasted just 39 games.
31 - Ricky Ward, Too Much
Ricky Ward speaks to hitters with experience. He played five seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
32 - Mark Yockey, Different Perspective
Mark Yockey helped Lewis-Clark State to NAIA World Series, he couldn't help himself to the majors.
33 - Jason Young, Stolen Bases
Jason Young helped his college team with stolen bases. He couldn't help himself as pro higher than high-A.

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