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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 New York Yankees minor leaguers

Features on each of the 1990 New York Yankees minor leaguers


  • AAA - Columbus Clippers (31)
  • AA - Albany-Colonie Yankees (33)
  • High-A Prince William Cannons (30)
  • High-A Fort Lauderdale Yankees (27)
  • Single-A Greensboro Hornets (31)
  • Short-Season Oneonta Yankees (28)
  • Rookie - Gulf Coast League Yankees (31)

1990 Columbus Clippers (32)
1- Steve Adkins, Best Way
Steve Adkins believed he didn't get a fair shot in spring 1991. After five major league starts, he never got another one.
2 - Oscar Azocar, Free-Swinger
Oscar Azocar was a free-swinger. He also started as a pitcher. He passed away in 2010.
3 - Clete Boyer, Most Perceptive
Clete Boyer was the most perceptive baseball man Stump Merrill ever knew.
4 - Darrin Chapin, First Pitch
Darrin Chapin always tried to go after hitters. He eventually did so enough to make the bigs for four games.
5 - Jeff Datz, Headed for Third
Jeff Datz made the majors as a coach with the Indians and the Mariners. He barely made it there as a player with the Tigers.
6 - Bobby Davidson, Rain-Shortened
The game that night in 1989 was shortened by rain. Bobby Davidson's career was also shortened by rain.
7 - Brian Dorsett, Hung Around
Brian Dorsett believed he'd get a regular spot in the majors. In 1994, he got it.
8 - Dave Eiland, Part of the Game
Dave Eiland lost out on his first major league win, but shrugged it off. He went on to coach the same team, the Yankees.
9 - John Fishel, Anything Asked
John Fishel did what was asked of him, and played in 19 major league games. He later did so, with unintended results.
10 - John Habyan, Valuable Role
John Habyan proved valuable for the Yankees in 1992. He played in 11 major league seasons.
11 - Mike Heifferon, Hometown Trainer
Mike Heifferon made the 1986 Eastern League All-Star game as a trainer.
12 - Trey Hillman, Adapt and Adjust
Trey Hillman couldn't do with the Royals what he did managing in Japan.

13 - Jimmy Jones, Halfway Decent
Jimmy Jones threw a complete-game shutout in his major league debut. His family was there.
14 - Mark Leiter, Got There
Mark Leiter came back from 3 lost seasons to injury and played in majors for decade.
15 - Jim Leyritz, Second Chances
Jim Leyritz got second chance in 1996 to hit crucial home run. He got a different kind of second chance in 2011.
16 - Jason Maas, Tight Situations
Jason Maas helped Yankees teams in the minors, couldn't in majors, even with his brother there.
17 - Kevin Maas, High Expectations
Kevin Maas prompted early comparisons to Yankee greats. He never really lived up, played just 5 seasons.
18 - Carl "Stump" Merrill, Help for Hitters
Stump Merrill made AAA as a player, later made the majors as a manager with the Yankees.
19 - Kevin Mmahat, Much Fun
Kevin Mmahat's first major league start wasn't much fun. He only got four total appearances.
20 - Rich Monteleone, Building Confidence
Rich Monteleone built confidence with the Yankees early in 1992. He played in 10 major league seasons.
21 - Hensley Meulens, Physical Ability
Hensley Meulens tried to let his physical ability take over. Now he's trying to get others to do same as a Giants coach.
22 - Clay Parker impressed the Yankees on strong scouting reports; Saw four ML campaigns
23 - Hipolito Pena, All the Same
Hipolito Pena wasn't nervous for his first major league appearance. He appeared in three major league seasons.
24 - Ken Rowe, Lot of Knowledge
The Orioles traded for Ken Rowe, later made him their pitching coach. He passed away in 2012.
25 - Dave Sax, Open Some Eyes
Dave Sax looked for chance to impress someone in 1987, didn't get many more.
26 - Rob Sepanek, Played For
Rob Sepanek thought the Braves didn't give him enough time. He later made AAA with the Yankees, but never made the bigs.
27 - Willie Smith, Turning Point
Willie Smith's 1991 season was cut short by surgery to remove abscess on his brain. He played four pro seasons.
28 - Van Snider, Full Outfield
Van Snider made it back to the majors in 1989, but for just eight games, the last of his brief major league career.
29 - Andy Stankiewicz, Helped Them
Andy Stankiewicz hoped he wasn't an insurance policy in 1993. He played in seven major league seasons.
30 - Ricky Torres, Long Reliever
Ricky Torres shut them down in a AA start. He never got the chance to do that in the majors. He played eight seasons.
31 - Jim Walewander, Free Spirit
Jim Walewander was memorable, but he wasn't sure the reason why was best for his career.
32 - Mark Wasinger, Extra Base
Mark Wasinger's first major league hit was a home run. The same day, he got three more hits, all extra base hits.

1990 Albany Yankees (33)
1 - Darrin Chapin served as Albany-Colonie closer in 1990; Made bigs for four games
2 - Royal Clayton pitched well at Albany-Colonie, missed bigs; Later turned coach
3 - Andy Cook showed enough good stuff to make the majors
4 - Bobby DeJardin showed maturity his first pro year; Saw eight seasons, made AAA
5 - Bobby Dickerson credited his minors manager with helping him improve
6 - Rick Down, Hands On
7 - Doug Gogolewski, Closed for Mariano
8 - Freddie Hailey, Stayed Pumped
9 - Chris Howard, Good Chance
10 - Scott Kamieniecki, Good Things
11 - Pat Kelly, World Stage
12 - Joe Lefebvre, Play Ball
13 - Mitch Lyden, Couldn't Script
14 - Ramon Manon, Few Adjustments
15 - Billy Masse, Proved Himself
16 - Russ "Monk" Meyer, Solid Guy
17 - Tom Newell, Good Arm
18 - Vince Phillips, Four Years
19 - John Ramos, Be Ready
20 - Carlos Rodriguez, Extended Stay
21 - Jerry Rub, Tough Situation
22 - Glenn Sherlock, Good People
23 - Mark Shiflett, Strong Pitching
24 - Andy Skeels used his leadership skills over a decade as a pro; Later as minors manager
25 - Willie Smith, Turning Point
26 - Don Sparks, Program Credit
27 - Greg Sparks, Pressure Situations
28 - Don Stanford, Setup Man
29 - Wade Taylor, Showed Confidence
30 - Ricky Torres, Long Reliever
31 - Tim Weston, Professional Manner
32 - Bernie Williams, Fans Know
33 - Bob Zeihen, Took Advantage

Prince William Cannons (30)

  1. Sammy Arena started as clubhouse manager, then became club general manager, 12/26/22
  2. Brad Ausmus maintained his skills over 18 major league seasons; Then managed Tigers, Angels, 12/14/22
  3. Jason Bridges just wanted to play baseball; Did over three seasons, made high-A, 12/16/22
  4. Mike Brown showed his back was healthy, then saw time in six ML seasons, coached, scouted, 12/22/22
  5. Art Canestro played five seasons, made high-A; Elbow injury ended career, 11/18/22
  6. Russ Davis dreamed about playing in big leagues; Made it over eight seasons, with three teams, 12/25/22
  7. Gary Denbo knew Jeter's swing better than anyone; Served as player, coach, in Jeter's front office, 12/6/22
  8. Herb Erhardt believed as long as he played, he had a chance; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 11/20/22
  9. Mike Gardella's confidence improved watching big leaguers; Saw seven pro seasons, made AAA, 12/5/22
  10. Cullen Hartzog became among Yankees' top prospects, then got injured; Saw five pro seasons, made AA, 12/8/22
  11. Kiki Hernandez worked hard mentally and physically over decade in pros; Topped out at AAA, 12/1/22
  12. David Howell helped carry college team's offense; Saw five pro seasons, made AA, 12/10/22
  13. Darren London handled scary incident first year as trainer, then spent three decades in organization, 12/17/22
  14. Bob Mariano did pretty much everything over his long career in baseball; Had passion to teach, 12/19/22
  15. Ed Martel made AAA with the Yankees, but injuries slowed career; Later studied injuries; Passed in 2018, 11/13/22
  16. James Moody received praise at Oneonta and Prince William; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 12/2/22
  17. Jerry Nielsen got ML debut out of way without nerves; Saw two ML seasons with Yankees, Angels, 11/13/22
  18. Sherman Obando hoped for regular big league time, got it with Expos - then in Japan, 11/12/22
  19. Paul Oster set short-term goals early on; Saw seven pro campaigns, made AA, 11/11/22
  20. Rich Polak adjusted to pros and new pitching role; Saw six seasons, made AA, 11/12/22
  21. Bruce Prybylinski came back from bad arm to make AA; Saw six pro seasons, missed bigs, 11/15/22
  22. Curtis Ralph felt confident in himself, then saw eight pro seasons; Made AAA, 11/10/22
  23. Andres Rodriguez had solid night for Fort Lauderdale in 1992; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 12/21/22
  24. Frank Seminara pitched well-controlled over three major league seasons, then went into financial advising, 12/10/22
  25. Dave Silvestri played baseball in the Olympics and in bigs: Saw time in eight ML seasons, 12/3/22
  26. J.T. Snow took pride in his defense; Saw 16 ML seasons, won six Gold Gloves, 11/29/22
  27. John Viera saw college career imperiled by miscommunication; Saw four pro seasons, made AAA, 11/11/22
  28. Tom Weeks played with Deion at Fort Lauderdale; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 11/17/22
  29. Jim Wiley threw strong innings at high-A; Saw six pro seasons, topped out at AA, 11/27/22
  30. Mauricio Zazueta started in the Yankees system, then made a career in his native Mexico, 12/20/22

Fort Lauderdale Yankees (27)
  1. Rich Barnwell felt comfortable at the plate enough to see seven pro seasons; Made AAA, 4/4/21
  2. Frank Brubaker played two pro seasons, made high-A; His son has played seven, made bigs, 5/3/21
  3. Hernan Cortes had rocky start to pro career; Came back to see for pro seasons, made AA, 5/5/21
  4. Todd Devereaux liked to hit enough to make Division 1, turn pro; Saw two seasons, made high-A, 8/6/21
  5. Mike Draper got shifted from starting to relief, then made the bigs with another shift, to the Mets, 8/10/21
  6. Kirk Dulom buckled down, got back on college field and turned pro; Played single pro campaign, 2/4/21
  7. Rod Ehrhard didn't mind position switches, as long as he got to play; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 8/13/21
  8. Victor Garcia Jr. improved at AA Albany-Colonie; Made AAA, missed bigs, 5/2/21
  9. Kenny Greer made ML debut in game's 17th inning, got win; Saw nine total ML outings, 8/7/21
  10. Mike Hart spent enough time in the game, more than three decades, as player, coach, 7/28/21
  11. Jeff Johnson got his slider going for the Yankees; Saw three major league seasons, 8/4/21
  12. Jay Knoblauh played to win over seven pro seasons; Made AAA, missed bigs, 8/2/21
  13. Jeff Livesey received praise in high school, later played eight minors seasons, coached in minors, bigs, 3/29/21
  14. Skip Nelloms got discouraged at beginning, played three seasons, made high-A, 2/5/21
  15. Tom Newell started as outfielder, then turned to pitching; He then made bigs for two outings, 3/20/21
  16. Rey Noriega worked hard in college, turned pro as late-round pick; Saw five seasons, made AAA, 6/29/21
  17. Mark Ohlms showed his competitiveness on the field; Played seven seasons, made AAA, 3/23/21
  18. Ed Pimentel proved a leader in college; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 3/19/21
  19. Tom Popplewell took simple formula to nine pro seasons; Made AAA, 5/4/21
  20. Dave Schuler concentrated as a pitcher, later worked with young pitchers to do same, 3/15/21
  21. Larry Stanford had right pitches to make bigs, but elbow injury left him short of majors, 3/16/21
  22. Rob Thomson has earned trust of his players as majors coach with Yankees, Phillies, 8/9/21
  23. Dave Turgeon has gained close connections over 30-plus years in game; Played, then coached, 7/31/21
  24. Hector Vargas worked to make double plays at AA; Played more than decade, made AAA, 3/18/21
  25. Adam Wagner served as trainer in high-A All-Star game and in Venezuela; Minors career proved brief, 7/30/21
  26. Gerald Williams got plenty of playing time over 14 seasons in the bigs, 3/21/21
  27. Mark Zettelmeyer loved baseball, had exciting career with Yankees with help of cousin, 5/6/21

Oneonta Yankees (28)
1 - Jovino Carvajal, Ran With
Jovino Carvajal once ran with Mariano. He played a decade, not in the bigs.
2 - Bob Deller, Fielder's Choice
Bob Deller once knocked in Jorge Posada on a fielder's choice.
3 - Doug Demetre, Talked Up
Doug Demetre talked up his college pitcher. He got 20 pro games.
4 - Ken Dominguez, Changed Goal
Ken Dominguez' goals changed from titles to developing players.
5 - Matt Dunbar, Fifth Game
Matt Dunbar made the Marlins in 1995 but his stay was brief.
6 - Robert Eenhoorn, Over There
Robert Eenhoorn made the bigs from the Netherlands.
7 - Ron Frazier, Big Game
Ron Frazier wanted the ball in big games. He never made the big leagues.
8 - Luis Gallardo, Three Hits
Luis Gallardo got three hits in a high-A game. He played five minor league seasons.
9 - Mike Hankins, Having Fun
Mike Hankins had fun in independent ball. He made AA, but not the bigs.
10 - Trey Hillman, Adapt and Adjust
Trey Hillman managed with the Royals and in Japan.
11 - Darren Hodges, His Own
Darren Hodges came into his own at AA in 1993. He never made the bigs.
12 - Kevin Jordan, Positive Attitude
Kevin Jordan wasn't a home run hitter, but he hit a big one in 1996.
13 - Rick Lantrip, That Class
Rick Lantrip turned down a high-pick out of high school. He played three pro seasons.
14 - Jalal Leach, Passion For
Jalal Leach motivated himself. He made the bigs in his 12th pro season.
15 - Adin Lohry, Easy Choice
The Yankees made Adin Lohry's choice an easy one.
16 - Todd Malone, Pitching Award
Todd Malone won Yankees minor league pitcher of the year honors in 1988. He never made AA.
17 - Sam Militello, Good Start
Sam Millitello knew success was measured over the long haul.
18 - Brian Milner, Top Start
Brian Milner made the bigs immediately. He never got back.
19 - Pat Morphy, Spot Starter
Pat Morphy served as a reliever and as a spot starter in three minor league seasons.
20 - Kirt Ojala, Next Time
Kirt Ojala mastered Mark McGwire, not Barry Bonds.
21 - Cesar Perez, Ninth Inning
Cesar Perez helped close out a win for Greensboro in 1991.
22 - Stevie Perry, Fell Short
Stevie Perry made the pros, but he fell short of single-A.
23 - Rafael Quirico, Something Big
Rafael Quirico threw a minor league no-hitter. He played one game in the bigs.
24 - Scott Romano, Hit 'em
Scott Romano hit 'em in 11 pro seasons, not in the bigs.
25 - Mark Shiflett, Strong Pitching
Mark Shiflett coached Yankees prospects after playing himself.
26 - Bo Siberz, New Day
Bo Siberz changed his approach but it was too late.
27 - Ricky Strickland, One-Hopper
Ricky Strickland stared strong in a 1991 game. He played four pro seasons.
28 - Brian Turner, His Best
Brian Turner played seven pro seasons. He never became a prospect.

GCL Yankees (31)
1 - Rich Arena, Was Ecstatic, 5/6/19
2 - Howard "Hop" Cassady, Great Guy, 5/5/19
3 - Tim Cooper, Main Thing, 3/15/19
4 - Abdiel Cumberbatch, His Part, 3/17/19
5 - Tim Demerson, Best For, 3/12/19
6 - Ryan Eberly, Some Things, 3/18/19
7 - Carl Everett, Played Hard, 3/20/19
8 - Brian Faw, Pro Ball, 3/21/19
9 - Nathanael Felix, His Name, 3/22/19
10 - Mike Figga, Long Way, 3/26/19
11 - Brent Gilbert, Third Win, 3/27/19
12 - Adolfo Harris, Closed Out, 3/13/19
13 - Jimmy Hayes, Walked On, 3/28/19
14 - Richard Hines, Finished Up, 3/29/19
15 - Frank Laviano, Emotional Ties, 3/30/19
16 - Ricky Ledee, Be Aggressive, 3/31/19
17 - Johnny Leon, Cut Down, 4/1/19
18 - Jeff Motuzas, Expanded Role, 4/5/19
19 - Mariano Rivera, Tough Situations, 4/11/19
20 - Mark Rose, Excellent Shot, 4/27/19
21 - Tim Rumer, Lifelong Dream, 3/11/19
22 - Edwin Salcedo, Playing Time, 3/10/19
23 - Alexis Santaella, Real Impressed, 4/12/19
24 - Santi Santiago, Still Played, 4/13/19
25 - Tate Seefried, Same Way, 4/14/19
26 - Keith Seiler, More Happy, 4/15/19
27 - Glenn Sherlock, Good People, 4/26/19
28 - Sean Smith, Life Trajectory, 4/16/19
29 - Shane Spencer, Look Back, 4/21/18
30 - John Thibert, Big Win, 3/12/19
31 - Rich Turrentine, Best Shot, 4/24/19

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