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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Montreal Expos minor leaguers

Features on each of the 1990 Montreal Expos minor leaguers


  • AAA - Indianapolis Indians (31)
  • AA - Jacksonville Expos (30)
  • High-A - West Palm Beach Expos (35)
  • Single-A - Rockford Expos (31)
  • Short-Season - Jamestown Expos (36)

Indianapolis Indians (31)
1 - Scott Anderson, Nothing Handed
The Expos needed a pitcher and Scott Anderson deserved the promotion. He played in three major league seasons.
2 - Esteban Beltre, Some Pop
Esteban Beltre had some pop, enough pop to get him into five major league seasons with the White Sox, Rangers and Red Sox.
3 - Randy Braun, That's Baseball
Randy Braun thought he might be cut soon. He was, ending his decade-long career without making the bigs.
4 - Eric Bullock, Passed the Time
Eric Bullock chose baseball after injuries forced him from football. He made the majors parts of seven seasons.
5 - Jose Castro, Unbelievable
Jose Castro's dream became making the majors. In 14 seasons, he didn't make it, but he did later make it as a coach.
6 - Travis Chambers, Just Stared
Travis Chambers had a bad outing in May 1990. Afterward, could only stare at the ball, his teammate wrote. 
7 - Danny Clay, Credited Others
Danny Clay played in eight pro seasons. He made the majors in one, 1988 with the Phillies.
8 - Romy Cucjen, In His Hands
Romy Cucjen knew his baseball fate was in somebody else's hands. He just did his best, but he never made the bigs.
9 - Jim Davins, His Arm
Jim Davins tried to make the Twins as a pitcher in 1989, but he never made the majors with them, or anyone else.
10 - Eddie Dixon, Chance to Pitch
Eddie Dixon was as nervous as he could be for his pro debut. In 11 seasons as pro, he never got to debut in the majors.
11 - Howard Farmer, Live Arm
Howard Farmer started 1990 as a prospect for the Expos. He ended it with six major league games played.
12 - Steve Fireovid, Level of Determination
Steve Fireovid persevered into his 16th season as a pro. He played six seasons in the majors, and wrote a book.
13 - Dan Gakeler, Not Complicated
Dan Gakeler showed nerves in his first major league start, then settled in for his second start. Injuries limited his major league career to one season.
14 - Balvino Galvez, Had Trouble
Balvino Galvez sometimes had trouble controlling his temper.
15 - Jerry Goff, Dreamt It
Jerry Goff hit a game-winning home run for the Expos in June 1990. He'd dreamt of doing it a million times, then he did it.
16 - Gomer Hodge, Best Loved
Gomer Hodge endeared himself to Cleveland over a single season. He passed away in 2007.
17 - Mel Houston, Height Comparison
Mel Houston made the majors only in height comparisons. He never made the majors on the playing field.
18 - Otis Green, Arm Strength
Otis Green started his career as fielder, ended it as a pitcher. He played 17 seasons, never made majors.
19 - Tim Johnson, Motivational Stories
Tim Johnson often used stories to motivate his teams. But they were just that, stories. 
20 - Joe Kerrigan, All About
Joe Kerrigan had a long major league coaching career after a four-season major league playing career.
21 - Dwight Lowry, Showed Something
Dwight Lowry showed something in August 1986 then he had the best major league year of his career. He passed away in 1997.
22 - Quinn Mack, Missed Catch
Quinn Mack used advice from his brother Shane Mack to make the majors. He stayed for all of five games.
23 - Chris Marchok, Chance to Chase
Chris Marchok chased a career in baseball from his time as a kid to Harvard and then to the minors. He never made the majors.
24 - Edwin Marquez, Visa Problems
Edwin Marquez ran into visa problems as a player, he never had to worry about them in the majors.
25 - Dale Mohorcic, Quietly Done
Dale Mohorcic wasn't confused with the game's top closers in 1987, but he did save 16, 33 for his career.
26 - Jesus Paredes, Stolen Bases and Errors
Jesus Paredes helped the Palm Beach Expos to a lead in 1988, then helped them to loss. He never made the majors. 
27 - Johnny Paredes, Four Hits
Johnny Paredes needed a home run for the cycle in 1993. He just wanted another hit.
28 - German Rivera, Funny Game
German Rivera knew baseball was a funny game. He saw time in three major league seasons and one in Japan.
29 - Mel Rojas, Best Thing
Mel Rojas became the Expos closer in 1995. HE saved 126 over his career.
30 - Jim Steels, Just Glad
Jim Steels didn't want to strike out. But that's what he did in his first major league at bat. 
31 - Rich Thompson, Show People
Rich Thompson finally got noticed in 1985 with the Indians. He pitched in three major league seasons. He is now an Attorney.

Jacksonville Expos (30)
1 - Bret Barberie, Natural Spot
Bret Barberie was a scrapper-type infielder. He played in six major league seasons.
2 - Brian Barnes, Had Heart
A scout's chance on Brian Barnes paid off with Barnes getting time in five major league seasons. 
3 - Chris Bennett, Winter Roster
Chris Bennett made the Expos winter roster in 1989. He couldn't make an in-season major league roster.
4 - Kent Bottenfield, Tough Insides
Kent Bottenfield had tough insides, took them to an 18-7 record in 1999.
5 - Mario Brito, Big Difference
Mario Brito pitched well in the 1990 AA playoffs. He never got the chance to pitch well in the majors.
6 - Lorenzo Bundy, Hands On
Lorenzo Bundy wanted teams to hit. He now wants them to score as the Dodgers third base coach.
7 - Jeff Carter, Hoped For
Jeff Carter believed he could fill a major league relief role. He made the bigs for five outings.
8 - Archi Cianfrocco, That Confidence
Archi Cianfrocco gained confidence at the plate, enough for seven seasons in the bigs.
9 - Greg Colbrunn, Was Himself
Greg Colbrunn hit a mammoth home run in his 11th major league season. He hit 98 total.
10 - Nardi Contreras, Just Worked
Nardi Contreras didn't have big name but he served as a major league coach for the White Sox, Mariners and Yankees.
11 - Wilfredo Cordero, Athletic Ability
Wilfredo Cordero had physical ability and good hands, enough for 14 major league seasons.
12 - Terrel Hansen, Wrong Time
Terrel Hansen got his call to the bigs, but didn't get into a game. He never got back.
13 - Cesar Hernandez, Differences Made
Cesar Hernandez made differences in major league games, good ones and bad ones.
14 - Bryn Kosco, Career Day
Bryn Kosco had a career day in college. He played nine seasons as pro, but he never made the bigs.
15 - Richie Lewis, Most Of
Richie Lewis helped the Marlins with his arm and his bat. He played in seven major league seasons.
16 - Bob Malloy, Didn't Matter
Bob Malloy made the jump from single-A to the majors. He had two brief stays.
17 - Jerry Manuel, Put Value
Jerry Manuel took his plan to the 2000 AL Manager of the Year award with the White Sox. 
18 - Edwin Marquez, Visa Problems
Edwin Marquez ran into visa problems as a player. He never made the majors.
19 - Omer Munoz, Good Impression
Omer Munoz never got a chance to play in the majors. He played 11 seasons.
20 - Chris Nabholz, Some Breaks
Chris Nabholz came back from injury, got some breaks and pitched in six major league seasons.
21- Bob Natal, Didn't Disrupt
Bob Natal contributed to a win after getting recalled from the minors. He played in six major league seasons.
22 - Trevor Penn, Improved Eye
Trevor Penn saw the ball well after returning in 1995. It was his final year as a pro.
23 - Yorkis Perez, His Part
Yorkis Perez claimed his part of the plate. He did so in nine major league seasons.
24 - Tim Peters, Pitched Well
Tim Peters pitched well in an exhibition against the big club in Montreal. He never got into a regular season big league game.
25 - Hector Rivera, Slowed by Injuries
Hector Rivera's career was slowed by injury. He only played three seasons.
26 - Miguel Santana, Lead Off
Miguel Santana tried to stretch a single-A hit too far in 1988. His career never stretched to the majors.
27 - Tim Sossamon, Good Velocity
Tim Sossamon had good velocity in his first season. He eventually played five, but he never made the bigs.
28 - John Vander Wal, Liked Fastballs
John Vander Wal liked fastballs. He hit them in 14 major league seasons.
29 - Jay Williams, Best Case
Jay Williams' preference is not to be noticed.
30 - Darrin Winston, Saddest Story
Darrin Winston never gave up. He then made the bigs. He passed away in 2008 at age of 42.

West Palm Beach Expos (35)
  1. Felipe Alou enjoyed himself over 17 major league seasons as a player, 14 as a manager, 12/27/20
  2. Willie P. Bananas once got ejected from a game; Served as West Palm Beach's mascot nine seasons, 12/26/20
  3. Rod Boddie hoped for the majors, but knew he'd go to law school; Missed on bigs, then became lawyer, 1/29/21
  4. Marianne Carlisle wanted to be a mascot since age 6; As a theater major, she became Willie P. Bananas, 12/27/20
  5. Paul Ciaglo worked to get comfortable at single-A; Played in to pro seasons, saw five total outings, 1/8/21
  6. Reid Cornelius turned pro out of high school; Saw three ML seasons, later turned coach, 1/1/21
  7. Sean Cunningham served as minors trainer, later on staff in Montreal and as head trainer with Marlins, 1/16/21
  8. Wayne Cunningham didn't really play baseball, but what he did do, came in television, 1/9/21
  9. Bret Davis threw enough strikes to make it from college to the pros;  Saw four seasons, made AAA, 1/13/21
  10. Jim Faulk challenged the wind over five pro seasons, made AA, 1/18/21
  11. Rob Fletcher helped his team break 1989 losing streak; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 12/25/20
  12. Kevin Foster made switch from infield to pitching, saw bigs over seven seasons; Passed in 2008, 12/28/20
  13. Dan Freed started strong in Expos organization; Played five pro seasons, made AA, later became scout, 12/28/20
  14. Dan Gakeler settled down to see 31 outings over only ML season; Played in 12 pro campaigns, 1/5/21
  15. Eddie Gonzalez made brief return after wrist injury; Played in five seasons, made high-A, 12/31/20
  16. Dave Jauss helped Felipe Alou as minors coach, helping his son for 2021 as majors coach, 1/31/21
  17. Rob Kerrigan signed as pro with backing of uncle; Played five seasons, made high-A, 12/28/20
  18. Ken Lake hit a key home run in 1990 game; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 1/15/21
  19. Richie Lewis knocked game-winner as pitcher in 1993; Saw seven ML campaigns, 1/19/21
  20. Rob Mason helped youth team to title as coach; Played four pro seasons, made high-A, 1/4/21
  21. Todd Mayo knew in baseball the outcome is never certain; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 1/26/21
  22. John Mello had nerves of steel over three pro seasons, made high-A; Later became instructor, 12/26/20
  23. Pat Murphy saw what went on over three decades as West Palm Beach sports anchor, got own card, 1/11/21
  24. Doug Piatt couldn't believe he was in the majors; Saw 21 games with Expos in 1991, 1/30/21
  25. Chris Pollack returned from rotator cuff surgery for four more seasons, but had no Hollywood ending in bigs, 1/22/21
  26. F.P. Santangelo knew he'd make the majors; Later made the Mitchell Report, became broadcaster, 2/3/21
  27. Joe Siddall learned a lot over 12 pro seasons; Made bigs, became Blue Jays broadcaster, endured loss of son, 12/29/20
  28. Joel Smith sped his way from Tennessee to the pros; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 1/2/21
  29. David Sommer hoped for a no-hitter to win bet with dad; Saw five pro seasons, passed away in 2019, 1/28/21
  30. Matt Stairs thought about moving on, then made the next 15 major league seasons, 12/31/20
  31. Adam Terris dedicated himself, then returned to college field; Made pros, saw two seasons, 1/12/21
  32. Dave Wainhouse gave it another shot, saw five more ML seasons; Played in seven total, 12/30/20
  33. John Wenrick got good action on his fastball in 1986; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 1/23/21
  34. Fred Williams got back to basics and improve hitting at AA; Saw nine pro seasons, missed bigs, 1/20/21
  35. Pete Young made the majors with the Expos over two seasons, helped start agent's career, 1/3/21

1990 Rockford Expos (31)
1 - Dan Archibald, Stat Line
Dan Archibald helped his college team to a 1988 win. He only played three seasons as a pro.
2 - Doug Bochtler, That Determination
Doug Bochtler used his determination to get himself to the majors, in his seventh pro season.
3 - Chris Bushing, Somewhere Else
Chris Bushing vowed to try somewhere else, if he was released. He did, and he made the majors.
4 - John Cain, Winter Meetings
John Cain attended winter meetings - the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association Winter Meetings.
5 - Bill Cramer, Home Run
Bill Cramer hit his first home run in his third pro season. It was his only home run, and last season.
6 - Scott Davison, Watch Him
Scott Davison got back into the game, switched positions to pitcher and then made the majors.
7 - Jim Eddy, Some Competition
Jim Eddy couldn't stay away from the competition. He continued playing on weekends, after his career ended.
8 - Chuck Elder, Insurance Run
Chuck Elder gave his college team some insurance. He later played three seasons as a pro, never made AA.
9 - Michael Grace, Extended Lead
Michael Grace helped his Salt Lake team extend a lead in 1989. He never got himself to AA.
10 - Ben Howze, Another Sport
Ben Howze played football in high school and baseball in the pros. He never made AA.
11 - Deryk Hudson, More Swings
Deryk Hudson took his share of swings, but not as many as he likely would have hoped.
12 - Keith Kaub, Could Drive
Keith Kaub wasn't there to hit singles. He looked for pitches to drive. He played three seasons as a pro. 
13 - Rusty Kilgo, Was Brilliant
Rusty Kilgo was Arizona State's surprise weapon in 1988 College World Series. He played eight years as pro, never made bigs.
14 - Ron Krause, Different Year
Ron Krause helped West Palm Beach to 1991 league title. Played five seasons as a pro.
15 - Tim Laker, Own Regrets
Tim Laker learned how to hit, then later said his hitting was helped by steroids.
16 - Rob Leary, Player Assessment
Rob Leary has assessed players since his playing days. He's doing so in 2013 as a bench coach for the Marlins.
17 - Joe Logan, Mirrors That
Joe Logan had a brief playing career, but a long one as a coach, and in sports diplomacy.
18 - Martin Martinez, Door Closed
Martin Martinez closed the door on a college win. He played three seasons as a pro, never made AA.
19 - Sid Monge, Do Best
Sid Monge did what he did best. He pitched in 10 major league seasons, and later became a coach.
20 - Mike Quade, Built On
Mike Quade built on early success to become Cubs manager. He couldn't build on that early Cubs success. 
21 - J.D. Ramirez, Working Summer
J.D. Ramirez got a job as a teacher, but still returned to play summers in independent ball. He never made the majors.
22 - Jeff Ramsey, On Defense
Jeff Ramsey worked on defense in baseball. He later helped others on defense, as a high school basketball coach.
23 - Gary Regira, Pitched Well
Gary Regira pitched well enough in college, but not well enough for a long pro career.
24 - Troy Ricker, Big Hits
Troy Ricker hit two home runs in a 1989 game at West Palm Beach. He played nine seasons as a pro, but he never made the bigs.
25 - Buen Rodriguez, Winning Triple
Buen Rodriguez brought a playoff lead run home with a triple in 1989 NYPL Championship series. He played two seasons as a pro.
26 - C.L. Smith, Enough Offense
C.L. Smith couldn't generate enough offense to make AA>
27 - Brian Sullivan, Family History
Brian Sullivan has a family history in sports. But he's the one who played pro. He did so for two seasons.
28 - John Thoden, Clutch Games
John Thoden pitched clutch games for North Carolina in 1989. He played five seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
29 - Steven Whitehead, Even Pros
Everyone made errors, even pros, Steven Whitehead told his players. Whitehead was a pro in five seasons. 
30 - Brian Wilkinson, Started For
Brian Wilkinson came away with a win in a 1991 high-A game. He played five seasons, never made AA. 
31 - Tyrone Woods, Any Time
Tyrone Woods showed what he could do in Japan, after attending a tryout.

Jamestown Expos (36)
  1. Derek Aucoin became the first homegrown Montrealer to play for the Expos, 12/7/19
  2. Andy Barlow had brief stint in pros, has had long stint as coach at MIT, 12/27/19
  3. Jeff Barry came through for the Rockies in 1999; Played in three major league seasons, Japan, 12/10/19
  4. Bob Baxter had to smile with Jamestown, because he was on Candid Camera, 10/4/19
  5. Billy Brewer hoped to show a scout what he could do; Saw seven ML seasons, 1/1/20
  6. Jose Castro played 13 seasons,never made bigs; Made bigs as coach, 12/13/19
  7. Ted Ciesla excelled in American Legion ball; He played two pro seasons, 10/17/19
  8. College Stadium in Jamestown saw pro baseball for a long time, 1/3/20
  9. Pat Daugherty became a legend at an Iowa college; Later served as Rockies' first scouting director, 12/10/19
  10. Rafael Diaz returned from Mexico with a new chance in 1997; Never made bigs, 12/11/19
  11. Rob Fitzgerald believed he saw an opening to the majors; Never made it above AA, 12/8/19
  12. Michael Friedland played two pro seasons, then, years later, helped coach son's Little League team, 9/30/19
  13. Tom Glick served as Jamestown Expos intern in 1990; In 2019, he serves as Carolina Panthers team president, 12/28/19
  14. Ranbir Grewal led his college team in wins and ERA; Twice made AAA, 12/11/19
  15. Chris Haney returned to the majors over 11 seasons, also played in Japan, 12/18/19
  16. Dan Hargis dealt with draft day by going fishing; Also took part in Candid Camera prank, 10/19/19
  17. Robbie Katzaroff knew all he could do was play hard; Played seven pro seasons, not in bigs, 12/7/19
  18. Darrin Kotch got back on track at Sumter in 1991 with three-inning save, 10/15/19
  19. Steve Long did alright at Sumter in 1991; Played seven seasons, didn't see bigs, 10/14/19
  20. Q.V. Lowe still loved the game after nearly 50 years in it; Coached in college, minors and bigs, 12/12/19
  21. Mike Mathile's potential didn't pan out with trip to bigs, 10/3/19
  22. Domingo Matos hit well lin a June 1993 game for West Palm; Played five pro seasons, 10/12/19
  23. Felix Moya grew up in Nicaragua, stayed in El Salvador, played in minors for three seasons, 1/2/20
  24. Glenn Murray knocked a high chopper for first big league hit, Played two decades, 12/15/19
  25. Joe Norris never made the majors himself, but saw a player he coached get there, 10/2/19
  26. Jerry Nyman was related to major leaguers, just not one whose name he shared, 10/20/19
  27. Tom O'Reilly served as Jamestown GM for two league titles, 12/26/19
  28. John Polasek believed congressional changes would benefit players like him, 12/17/19
  29. Troy Ricker hit two home runs in 1989 West Palm Beach game, 12/13/19
  30. Abby Rodriguez had fielding trouble in third pro season, was also last pro season, 10/5/19
  31. Todd Samples turned to art and the environment after eight seasons in pro baseball, 10/13/19
  32. Marc Tsitouris swung the bat well in a July 1991 game; Played two pro seasons, 10/17/19
  33. Troy Wessel's son followed him to the baseball field; The father played three pro seasons, 12/8/19
  34. Randy Wilstead hit a game-winning home run at BYU; Came up short of bigs, 12/28/19
  35. Yuppi followed his cousin, Yippie, to become the Jamestown Expos mascot, 10/10/19
  36. Scott Yurcisin may not have spent long training in the minors, but he appears to have gone on elsewhere, 1/3/20

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