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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Minnesota Twins minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 Minnesota Twins farm system.


  • AAA - Portland Beavers (26)
  • AA - Orlando SunRays (31)
  • High-A - Visalia Oaks (31)
  • Single-A - Kenosha Twins (28)
To Come:
  • Rookie - Elizabethton Twins

Portland Beavers (27)
1 - Paul AbbottPaul Abbott spent time in four ML seasons, then didn't get back for five years.
2 - Doug Baker: Doug Baker knew strange things happened in baseball. Ultimately he played in seven major league seasons.
3 - Pat Bangtson: Pat Bangtson tried to look forward after poor start with Orlando in 1991. His career ended soon after.
4 - Bernardo Brito: Bernardo Brito hit 295 home runs in the minors. He hit five in the majors.
5 - J.T. Bruett: J.T. Bruett tried to be more selective. He was successful enough to get time in two major league seasons.
6 - Larry Casian: Larry Casian's work in college prepared him for work in nine major league seasons.
7 - Mike Cook: Mike Cook tried to open the Orioles' eyes and return to the majors in 1993. He did so, getting two final major league games.
8 - Rafael DeLima: Rafael DeLima was looked at by the Twins to fill an outfield hole. He never got his call.
9 - Pete DelkusPete Delkus moved from a playing career dependent on the weather to a career forecasting it.
10 - Mike Dyer: It took Mike Dyer four seasons to make the majors. It took him five to get back.
11 - Mark GuthrieMark Guthrie continued after his first major league win to play in 15 big league seasons.
12 - Chip HaleChip Hale's first spring games made him nervous. He went on to games in seven major league seasons.
13 - Dave Jacas: Dave Jacas was part of a dynamic bunch at AA. He played eight seasons, never made the bigs.
14 - Terry JorgensenTerry Jorgensen hit poorly and wasn't sure if he'd get back to the majors. He got back, three years later.
15 - Marty LanouxMarty Lanoux provided some big runs for AA Orlando. He never got the chance to do so in the bigs.
16 - Scott Leius: Scott Leius was just looking to get on base in Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. He hit the game-winning home run.
17 - Ed Naveda: Ed Naveda did well back at AA in 1990. He never did well enough to make the majors.
18 - Jamie NelsonJamie Nelson got a lengthy stint with the Mariners in 1983. It was his only stint in the majors. He later turned coach.
19 - Francisco Oliveras: Francisco Oliveras got his first major league outings in his ninth season as a pro. He pitched in four major league seasons.
20 - Derek ParksDerek Parks knew he could hit, if he stayed healthy. He got a total of 45 games with the Twins.
21 - Park Pittman: Park Pittman thought the 1990 lockout might not let him show his stuff for the Twins. He never made the majors.
22 - Vic RodriguezVic Rodriguez has more than three decades in the game, including time in the majors as a player.
23 - Charles ScottCharles Scott helps get high schoolers noticed as a coach. He helped himself to eight seasons as pro, but not the majors.
24 - Jim Shellenback: Jim Shellenback knew pitchers needed to learn from mistakes and focus on strong points.
25 - Paul SorrentoPaul Sorrento used his bat to hit 166 major league home runs. A teammate used his bat as a stand-in.
26 - Jimmy WilliamsJimmy Williams chose the Dodgers over college in 1984. he went on to play two decades, but he never made the majors.
27 - Rich Yett: Rich Yett wanted to prove he could pitch in the majors. He did so for parts of six seasons.

1990 Orlando SunRays (31)
1 - Johnny Ard, Difficult Fix
Johnny Ard was a first-rounder for the Twins, but his career was limited by injuries. He never made the bigs.
2 - Willie Banks, No Pressure
Willie Banks made the majors in 1991, then credited his mother with getting him there.
3 - Jarvis Brown, That Chance
Jarvis Brown got his chance to play in the World Series with the Twins in his first season.
4 - John Eccles, Team Leader
John Eccles took the extra base, earned the respect of his team. Played five seasons, never made the majors.
5 - Scott Erickson, Full Steam
Scott Erickson had a magical 1991 season for the Twins, then had a magical game four years later with a no-hitter.
6 - Mark Funderburk, Was Patient
Mark Funderburk learned to be patient. He then was patient enough to return to the majors.
7 - Ron Gardenhire, Certain Way
Ron Gardenhire not only got to manage the Twins, but he hasn't stopped managing.
8 - Shawn Gilbert, Not Wasted
Shawn Gilbert wondered if he was wasting his time in decade in minors. He wasn't. Made Mets, Cardinals and Dodgers.
9 - Wayne Hattaway, First Game
Wayne Hattaway has kept the Twins honest - and laughing.
10 -Gorman Heimueller, Never Worked
Gorman Heimueller loved coaching so much it was as though he never worked.
11 - Jeff Hull, Ran With
Jeff Hull always wanted to start. At single-A in 1984, he returned to that role, and excelled. He never made the majors.
12 - Greg Johnson, Called On
Greg Johnson helped his Orlando SunRays out of jams, but he couldn't help himself to the majors.
13 - Chuck Knoblauch, Time Thinking
Chuck Knoblauch had a whirlwind year in 1991. He then had a 12-season major league career.
14 - Orlando Lind, Make This
He wanted to make 1991 the year he made the bigs. Never made it.
15 - Jose Marzan, Good Sign
Jose Marzan helped his AA Orlando team win with work on the bases. He later became a minor league manager.
16 - Rick McWane, Concussion Rules
Rick McWane helped write new major league concussion rules.
17 - Basil Meyer, Turning Points
Basil Meyer helped turn AA Orlando's fortunes in 1990. He played just four seasons as a pro.
18 - Kenny Morgan, Real Pop
Kenny Morgan had some real pop at AA Orlando in 1990. He never made the bigs.
19 - Steve Muh, Was Confident
Steve Muh was confident in high school. He took that to college and the pros. He played four seasons, never made the bigs.
20 - Ed Naveda, Playing Hard
Ed Naveda was very valuable at AA. He never made the bigs.
21 - Denny Neagle, Already Familiar
Denny Neagle quickly made connections in New York.
22 - Reed Olmstead, Extra Innings
Reed Olmstead was 'Mr. Extra Inning' in 1990, with five game-winning RBIs at AA Orlando. He never made the majors.
23 - Mike Randle, Hit Different
Mike Randle hit differently than the textbook. He ended up hitting in five pro seasons.
24 - Jeff Reboulet, Defensive Job
Jeff Reboulet knew how to play the game, he did so in 12 major league seasons.
25 - Mike Redding, Every Bit
Mike Redding took a no-hitter through six in a 1990 start, played six seasons, never made the majors.
26 - Gary Resetar, Straight Forward
Gary Resetar tried his hand at managing, after four seasons as a player. He never made the bigs.
27 - Doug Simons, As Excited
Doug Simons got his first major league win. He then threw a party in his head.
28 - Steve Stowell, Impressive Work
Steve Stowell turned from outfielder to pitcher in college. He played six seasons as a pro, never made the majors.
29 - Frank Valdez, Real Quick Bat
Frank Valdez had a quick bat, but he never made it above AA in six seasons of affiliated ball.
30 - Rob Wassenaar, Funny Game
Rob Wassenaar got a tough-luck loss at AA in 1989. He played seven seasons as a pro, never made the bigs.
31 - Lenny Webster, Tough Decision
Lenny Webster tried to make the Twins' decision tough. He saw time in 12 major league seasons.

Visalia Oaks (31)
1 - Brian Allard, Main Objective
Brian Allard played in three major league seasons, went on to a career coaching young pitchers in the minors.
2 - Mike Aspray, Settled For
Mike Aspray nearly got a perfect game at single-A, settled for a no-hitter. He played four seasons, never made the bigs.
3 - J.T. Bruett, More Selective
J.T. Bruett tried to be more selective. He was successful enough to get time in two major league seasons.
4 - Troy Buckley, Test of Response
Troy Buckley tried to get a response from his Long Beach State pitcher. He got it with four scoreless.
5 - Brian Bucz, Best Promotion
Brian Bucz knew that as general manager the best promotion was winning.
6 - Joseph Bucz, Both Fixtures
Joseph Bucz and his wife Mary were both fixtures at Visalia Oaks games.
7 - Chris Capellan, Started Slow
Carlos Capellan played eight seasons as a pro. He made AA, but not the majors.
8 - Ramon Cedeno, Lucky Night
Ramon Cedeno tried to hit a ball hard in each at bat. He played as a pro for eight seasons, never made the bigs.
9 - Jason Elick, Collected Himself
Jason Elick served as a Visalia Oaks bat boy. He also got his own card.
10 - Tom Fine, Lost Concentration
Tom Fine lost his concentration at single-A, then lost 11 games to no wins. Played four seasons, never made the bigs.
11 - Carl Fraticelli, Came Ready
Carl Fraticelli's Aliis came ready to play. Fraticelli came with his own playing and coaching experience.
12 - Rich Garces, Proved Himself
Rich Garces finally got his chance to prove himself, then he ran with it.
13 - Jose "Cheo" Garcia, Twins Tour
Cheo Garcia played as a pro for six seasons, made AAA in two of them. He never the bigs.
14 - Darren Holt, Different Role
Darren Holt served as the Visalia groundskeeper in 1990. He previously played.
15 - Mike House, Different Path
Mike House turned his career around at new school. He couldn't turn it around enough for a long pro career.
16 - Jay Kvasnicka, Means Everything
Jay Kvasnicka's AA playoff run meant everything to him. He never made the majors.
17 - Todd Logan, Tough Kid
Todd Logan was called a tough kid, competitor. His pro career lasted just four seasons.
18 - Pat Mahomes, Paying Off
Pat Mahomes saw a resurgence late in his career. He played in 11 major league seasons and in Japan.
19 - Dan Masteller, Like This
Dan Masteller didn't bunt, was given green light and hit his first major league home run. It was a walk-off.
20 - Bob McCreary, Toughest Adjustment
Bob McCreary tried two paths to the bigs, hitting and pitching. He never made it in either.
21 - Denny Neagle, Already Familiar
Denny Neagle made connections in his new town, it led him to the Mitchell Report.
22 - Ray Ortiz, Winning Teams
Ray Ortiz helped his minor league teams to titles. In eight pro seasons, he never got a chance to help one in the majors.
23 - Joel Safly, Little Things
Joel Safly became a school athletic trainer after a brief pro stint.
24 - Dan Segui, Some Kids 
Dan Segui's father and brother made the bigs. In four seasons, Dan Segui never made it.
25 - Robert Spurlock, Well Acquainted
Robert Spurlock was in his fourth season as Visalia bat boy in 1990.
26 - Chad Swanson, Successfully Deployed
Chad Swanson and a teammate decided to pull a prank in 1988. Their chosen targets: The umpires.
27 - Mike Trombley, Good Times
Mike Trombley took the good times with the bad. He did so for 11 major league seasons.
28 - George Tsamis, Greatest Place
George Tsamis saw the big leagues as the greatest place. It was. And he was there for a single season.
29 - Scott Ullger, Chance Taken
Scott Ullger looked forward to returning to the bigs as a player, later returned as a coach.
30 - Fred White, Unlimited Potential
Fred White impressed scouts in high school with a 20-strikeout game. He played eight seasons as a pro, never made the bigs.
31 - Phil Wiese, Left Off
A torn rotator cuff forced an early end to Phil Wiese's baseball career, an early start to his golf career.

Kenosha Twins (29)
1 - Rick Anderson, Many Years
Rick Anderson never thought he'd make the bigs. As a player, or as a coach.
2 - Jayson Best, Those Traits
Jayson Best was a firm believer in practicing. He practiced as a pro in seven seasons.
3 - Rex De La Nuez, Perfect Throw
Rex De La Nuez had a key throw in AA game. He later became a Reds scout.
4 - Sandy Diaz, Bad Throw
Sandy Diaz played in four professional seasons. He never made AA.
5 - Steve Dunn, Big Spot
Steve Dunn liked hitting cleanup. Hit in the majors in 19 games.
6 - Dan Fox, Took Him
Dan Fox got injured in college, took it to a career as a trainer.
7 - Randy Gentile, Clutch Performer
Randy Gentile pitched a crucial no-hitter in high school. He played just two seasons as a pro.
8 - Deryk Gross, Career Day
Deryk Gross had a career day in college. He had few in the pros. He played just three seasons.
9 - Jody Harrington, Bad Start
Jody Harrington had a bad start in 1989. He played four seasons as a pro.
10 - Troy Hoerner, Second Career
Troy Hoerner's first career as a player lasted just two seasons. His second one as a scout has lasted much longer.
11 - Steve Liddle, On Talent
Steve Liddle used his coaching talent to make it to the big leagues.
12 - Marc Lipson, Got Recognized
Marc Lipson played four seasons as a pro. He later became a high school coach.
13 - Mike Lloyd, Tone Set
Mike Lloyd set the tone in a college game. He played two seasons as a pro.
14 - Mike Mathiot, Game Winner
Mike Mathiot scored the game-winner in 1989 game. He played four seasons as a pro.
15 - Jeff Milene, Remained Upbeat
Joe Milene remained upbeat about his major league chances, despite injuries.
16 - Mike Misuraca, Higher Level
Mike Misuraca pitched at highest level for five games in 1997 with the Brewers.
17 - Steve Morris, Jumped On
Steve Morris knocked in two against a top Athletics prospect. He played two seasons as a pro.
18 - Willie Mota, Big Day
Willie Mota had a big day at high-A in August 1992. He played six seasons as a pro.
19 - Darren Musselwhite, Another Field
Darren Musselwhite has faced challenges as a player and as a mayor.
20 - Tim Nedin, That Pitch
Tim Nedin used four pitches in college. He played four seasons as a pro.
21 - Alan Newman, The Stuff
Alan Newman finally relied on his stuff. He then made bigs in his 12th year.
22 - Alex Nunez, Too Few
Alex Nunez played in five pro seasons, but he got too few hits. He never made AA.
23 - Francisco Pichardo, Some Firsts
Francisco Pichardo experienced firsts in 1990. He never experienced AA.
24 - Carlos Pulido, Got Back
Carlos Pulido made it back to the bigs in 2003, nine years after he was last there.
25 - Scott Robles, Pitching Skills
Scott Robles caught the eye of scouts in college. He played two seasons as a pro.
26 - Bryan Roskom, Multiple Stops
Bryan Roskom made multiple stops on field, not in his career.
27 - Rob Schiel, Play Again
Rob Schiel worked as a beer truck driver. He didn't want to be a beer truck driver.
28 - Joe Siwa, Great Things
Joe Siwa hoped for a collision at home in 1992. He got four seasons as a pro.
29 - Jeff Thelen, Perfect Example
Jeff Thelen was top Wisconsin high school pitcher. Saw four seasons as pro. 

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