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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Los Angeles Dodgers minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 Los Angeles Dodgers farm system


  • AAA - Albuquerque Dukes (30)
  • AA - San Antonio Missions (30)
  • High-A - Bakersfield Dodgers (32)
  • High-A - Vero Beach Dodgers (32)
  • Short-Season - Yakima Bears (37)
  • Rookie - Great Falls Dodgers (30)
  • Rookie - Gulf Coast League Dodgers (29)
Albuquerque Dukes (30)

1 - Billy Bean, Made Headlines
Billy Bean made headlines early on as the Tigers' future. He later made other headlines.
2  - Jeff Bittiger, Pretty Confident
Jeff Bittiger didn't look the part of a major league pitcher, but he played the part in 33 major league games.
3  - Adam Brown, Felt Invincible
Adam Brown played a decade in the minors. He never made the bigs. He blamed no one but himself.
4 - Mike Christopher, Winning Replacement
Mike Christopher's return to the majors was markedly different than his first trips there.
5  - Butch Davis, Played Hard
Butch Davis went out and played hard. He wanted to return to the majors.
6 - Steve Davis, Working Lefty
Steve Davis made the Blue Jays in 1985, but he knew he still had work to do. He played in three major league seasons.
7 - Jeff Fischer, Up and Down
Jeff Fischer had up and down seasons. He made it up to the majors twice, for six games.
8 - Darrin Fletcher, Lot of Pride
Darrin Fletcher caught a no-hitter in 1991. He didn't realize it until late in the game.
9 - Dave Hansen, Locked In
Dave Hansen knew pinch hitting. He held the Dodger record for pinch hits.
10 - Dan Henley, Ready Ballplayer
Dan Henley did everything for USC. He hit, ran and played defense. He played six seasons as a pro.
11 - Carlos Hernandez, Worked Hard
Carlos Hernandez just wanted to play. He ended up playing in 10 major league seasons.
12 - Glenn Hoffman, Also Instruction
Glenn Hoffman had a good rookie year with the Red Sox, but he couldn't replicate it. He later turned coach.
13 - Darren Holmes, Battled Back
Darren Holmes saved 25 games for the expansion Rockies in 1993. He pitched in 13 major league seasons.
14 - Mike Huff, Been Confident
Mike Huff felt self-doubt when he didn't get the call in 1990. He got new life from the Indians.
15 - Von Joshua, Physics of the Swing
Von Joshua became a coach with the Dodgers and later the Cubs, after a long playing career.
16 - Kevin Kennedy, Communication Skills
Kevin Kennedy used his communication skills as manager for the Rangers and the Red Sox, later as a commentator.
17 - Wayne Kirby, His Time
Wayne Kirby paid his dues in the minors for 11 seasons. He then became a major league starter.
18 - Luis Lopez, Extended Career
Luis Lopez got 41 games in the majors, then extended his career as a top hitter in Japan.
19 - Morris Madden, Not A Quitter
Morris Madden almost quit while he was still in single-A. But he kept going, and made the majors.
20 - Mike Maddux, Prepared to Pitch
Mike Maddux came prepared to pitch in 1986. He later got his pitchers prepared to pitch in the World Series.
21 - Greg Mayberry, Game Ended
Greg Mayberry pitched for the Dodgers in spring 1990. He never pitched for them in the majors.
22 - Walt McConnell, Bounce Back
Walt McConnell played in seven seasons. He never made the majors.
23 - Jim Neidlinger, Savoring the Minutes
Jim Neidlinger's wife couldn't be at his major league debut. She cheered for him from a bar. Others soon joined in.
24 - Jose Offerman, With His Bat
Jose Offerman used his bat to hit a home run in his first major league at bat. He later used his bat and got arrested.
25 - Claude Osteen, Many Scenarios
Claude Osteen went from a long major league pitching career to a long career as a coach.
26 - Tim Scott, Didn't Mind
Tim Scott played parts of seven seasons in the majors. He later became a high school coach.
27 - Dennis Springer, Being Different
Dennis Springer made the majors after almost a decade in the minors. He then threw his knuckleball in eight major league seasons.
28 - Jose Vizcaino, Game Winner
Jose Vizcaino realized his dream in 2000 with the Yankees, and then exceeded it.
29 - Dave Walsh, Tough Decisions
Dave Walsh was happy to still be with the Dodgers after being sent down in 1991. He just never got back.
30 - Terry Wells, Fresh Start
Terry Wells welcomed his trade from the Astros to the Dodgers. He got a fresh start, and made the bigs for five outings.

San Antonio Missions (30)
1 - Rafael Bournigal, Money Earned, 11/5/18
2 - Jerry Brooks, Real Well, 10/27/18
3 - Adam Brown, Felt Invincible, 10/17/18
4 - Kevin Campbell, The Top, 11/2/18
5 - Ernie Carr, Dropped In, 11/26/18
6 - Braulio Castillo, So Hard, 11/17/18
7 - Dale Coleman, Relief Win, 12/16/18
8 - Jon Debus, His Loyalty, 11/23/18
9 - Steve Finken, Wasn't Ready, 12/19/18
10 - Rob Gieseke, Wife Said, 11/24/18
11 - Tom Goodwin, Could Fly, 12/20/18
12 - Jeff Hartsock, Things Happened, 12/21/18
13 - Burt Hooton, Next Game, 12/28/18
14 - Mike James, That Much, 12/22/18
15 - Eric Karros, Some Longevity, 12/15/18
16 - Isidro Marquez, Well-Pitched, 11/13/18
17 - Luis Martinez, Quick Learner, 11/7/18
18 - Dan Opperman, Hard Part, 12/23/18
19 - Mike Pitz, Threw Strikes, 12/25/18
20 - Jim Poole, Pumped Up, 12/29/18
21 - Eddie Pye, He Relaxed, 1/2/19
22 - Lance Rice, Helped Out, 10/20/18
23 - Henry Rodriguez, Big Opportunity, 12/29/18
24 - Homar Rojas, Man of Baseball, 11/19/18
25 - Zak Shinall, Consistent Basis, 12/30/18
26 - John Shoemaker, The Goal, 11/3/18
27 - Dennis Springer, Being Different, 11/25/18
28 - Amilcar Valdez, The Difference, 12/31/18
29 - Mike White, Weird Experience, 12/27/18
30 - James Wray, Pitched Aggressively, 1/1/19

Bakersfield Dodgers (32)

  1. Billy Ashley worked to prove he was a big leaguer over seven major league seasons, 9/28/20
  2. Bryan Baar returned from slump to make AAA; Saw four pro seasons, missed bigs, 9/20/20
  3. Tim Barker played decade in minors, got traded straight-up for Tim Wallach, 9/11/20
  4. Bryan Beals created runs in high school; Played  three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16/20
  5. Tom Beyers coached and managed and watched guys move up in minors over three decades, 9/19/20
  6. Scott Bishop played two seasons in the minors, then returned for two in independent ball, 9/23/20
  7. John Braase helped keep college team's season alive; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16.20
  8. Jason Brosnan made an early bid for no-hitter in rookie ball; His bid for bigs lasted 14 seasons, never made it, 10/9/20
  9. Rich Crane took his pitch selectivity from college to the pros, saw three pro seasons, 9/22/20
  10. John Deutsch went from undrafted to fifth-rounder, then got his chance over five seasons; Made AA, 10/10/20
  11. Gary Forrester made early contact, got first pro hit; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 10/4/20
  12. Mike Frame returned from spike in his pitching hand to play as pro; Saw two seasons, 10/17/20
  13. Anthony Garcia served as a trainer in baseball, soccer, boxing and high school, 9/23/20
  14. Tom Goodwin's speed in college made him a first-rounder, big leaguer over 14 seasons, 9/15/20
  15. Goose Gregson has shown tremendous work ethic, energy over nearly five decades in game, 9/22/20
  16. Tony Helmick worked to outsmart hitters; Did so in the pros over three seasons, made high-A, 9/23/20
  17. Matt Howard took his double play skills to bigs in eighth season; Helped Mariano Rivera to first ML save, 9/12/20 
  18. Frank Humber moved from Canada to Florida in HS to catch scouts; Played two pro seasons, made Olympics, 10/2/20
  19. Kiki Jones started with high hopes as first-rounder, then injuries hit; Made AA, 9/24/20
  20. Billy Lott impressed enough in high school for second round; Played nine seasons, made AAA, 10/15/20
  21. Brett Magnusson got invited to try out for Olympics; Played in seven pro seasons, coached, 9/25/20
  22. Jamie McAndrew got picked in first round; Later made bigs, but under less-than-expected circumstances, 9/21/20
  23. Brock McMurray looked forward to moving up despite injuries; Topped out at high-A, 9/25/20
  24. Baltazar Mesa played three pro seasons, started an academy, then went to prison for drug trafficking, 9/18/20
  25. Chris Morrow made it back from a sprained shoulder to play eight pro seasons, 10/14/20
  26. Jose Munoz waited nine full seasons to make the bigs; Made it for 17 games, found it great, 9/19/20
  27. Steve O'Donnell used advice from his manager over four pro seasons; Made high-A, 10/13/20
  28. Barry Parisotto saw five pro seasons, played in Olympics for Canada, later made career in produce, 9/13/20
  29. Mike Potthoff hoped he'd be back from elbow injury at high-A; Returned only briefly, saw three seasons, 9/18/20
  30. Napoleon Robinson saw a pitch get away and impact his first year; Played six seasons, made AAA, 10/17/20
  31. Fausto Tatis ended a 1991 win with a strikeout; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 10/16/20
  32. Garrett Teel got his shot but majors didn't happen, then turned coach and instructor, 10/5/20

Vero Beach Dodgers (32)
  1. Joe Alvarez played and coached for more than four decades, including coaching in Korea, 2/26/22
  2. Jorge Alvarez loved baseball and contributed over nearly quarter century; Made AA, 2/23/22
  3. Pedro Astacio opened eyes in early Dodgers starts; Kept them open over 15 ML seasons, 1/29/22
  4. Tony Barron looked for his opportunity; Got it with Expos and Phillies over two seasons, 3/14/22
  5. Bill Bene proved inconsistent, both before and after first-round selection; Made AAA, 3/12/22
  6. Cam Biberdorf picked up team saves record at high-A; Saw four seasons, made AA, 2/14/22
  7. Eric Boddie worked to show he could play; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 1/28/22
  8. Ray Calhoun worked to throw strikes over four pro seasons; Made AA, 3/15/22
  9. Anthony Collier improved his concentration at Vero Beach; Saw six pro seasons, made AA, 2/17/22
  10. Edwin Correa made majors at 19, bigs career ended on shoulder injury at 21, 2/11/22
  11. Javier De La Hoya waited years to make AAA; Saw minors, Taiwan, Mexico, not bigs, 2/27/22
  12. Bruce Dostal made the majors in eighth pro season, never got into a game, 2/18/22
  13. Dino Ebel didn't make it as a player, but has as a coach; Coached in bigs for decade-plus, 3/13/22
  14. Bob Fletcher returned from elbow injury that cost a season' Saw three pro campaigns, made high-A, 2/20/22
  15. Freddy Gonzalez showed patience at high-A; Saw five seasons, made AA, 3/5/22
  16. Pete Gonzalez believed he'd make bigs in five years; Saw eight pro seasons, made AAA, 2/13/22
  17. Marc Griffin used his skills in the minors over six seasons; Later as a broadcaster, 3/4/22
  18. John Knapp used his arm over five pro seasons, both in field and on mound; Made high-A, 3/16/22
  19. Dennis Lewallyn worked to develop players with winning attitude; Saw decades in game as player, coach, 2/27/22
  20. Alan Lewis worked to hit them where they weren't over seven pro seasons; Made AA, 2/15/22
  21. Scott Marabell provided early power at short-season; Saw five campaigns, made AA, 2/25/22
  22. Media Arts Group brought together four companies; In 1990, the group sponsored a baseball card set, 2/22/22
  23. Robin Nina took a no-hitter late to open 1989; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 3/6/22
  24. Tim Patrick had a rough start at Yakima; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 1/30/22
  25. Pedro Perez provided ninth-inning stop for Yakima; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 3/6/22
  26. Rex Peters went to college, didn't regret it; Saw three pro seasons, then turned college coach, 3/2/22
  27. Mike Piazza hit a lot of home runs in his Hall of Fame career, including one legendary shot, 2/5/22
  28. Ramon Taveras threw well at short-season; Saw four seasons, made AA, 2/21/22
  29. Jeff Vanzytveld had a major league sinker; Injury ended career at AA, 2/3/22
  30. Bill Wengert improved at high-A Vero Beach; Saw eight pro seasons, made AAA, 2/12/22
  31. Matt Wilson assessed players as a Dodgers trainer in the minors and bigs, later in college, 3/8/22
  32. Mike Wismer played multiple positions in high school; Hit in pros over two seasons, made high-A, 2/8/22
  33. Eric Young went put and proved he was an All-Star caliber player; Saw 15 ML seasons, 2/1/22

Yakima Bears (37)
1 - Tony Arnold, Lucky Enough, 11/19/17
2 - Pedro Astacio, Eyes Opened, 11/19/17
3 - Garrett Beard, Great Experience, 11/22/17
4 - Craig Bishop, Finished Out, 12/12/17
5 - Eric Blackwell, Big Smile, 12/5/17
6 - Helms Bohringer, Work Ethic, 11/21/17
7 - Paul Branconier, His Cool, 11/28/17
8 - Jeff Brummer, Moved On, 11/17/17
9 - Ken Burroughs, Turned Two, 11/23/17
10 - Juan Bustabad, Moved On, 12/1/17
11 - Jorge Cantres, Five Outs, 11/25/17
12 - Daniel Cardinas, Bright Spot, 11/18/17
13 - Javier De La Hoya, Tough Going, 11/26/17
14 - Scott Doffek, All Climates, 12/2/17
15 - Scott Faurot, Outside Pitch, 11/22/17
16 - Steve Ford, Dodger Way, 11/16/17
17 - Yale Fowler, Towering Shot, 12/11/17
18 - Scott Freeman, Staff Lead, 11/20/17
19 - Mike Galle, No Idea, 12/16/17
20 - Joe Kelly, Versatile Pitcher, 12/9/17
21 - Billy Lott, Stacked Team, 12/16/17
22 - Erik Madsen, More Control, 11/20/17
23 - Steve Mintz, The Job, 11/25/17
24 - Eric Moen, His Future, 11/23/17
25 - Ben O'Connor, Strike Zone, 12/10/17
26 - Kurt Olson, Rejuvenated Team, 12/13/17
27 - Hector Ortiz, Every Opportunity, 12/3/17
28 - Tim Patrick, Rough Start, 11/26/17
29 - Jose Perez, Lead Off, 11/24/17
30 - Pedro Perez, Ninth Inning, 12/7/17
31 - Rafael Rijo, Play Ball, 12/15/17
32 - Jerry Royster, Good Baseball, 11/18/17
33 - Mike Sampson, Final Out, 12/4/17
34 - Sean Sena, Home Run, 11/21/17
35 - Fausto Tatis, Comeback Stopped, 12/13/17
36 - Nolberto Troncoso, Two Runs, 12/6/17
37 - Craig White, College Honors, 11/24/17

Great Falls Dodgers (30)
  1. Dan Andrews remembered his old college as a pro; Later remembered old college with big donation for stadium, 5/28/20
  2. David Baumann stuck out a bad back for win in 1990 start; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 5/29/20
  3. Eric Blackwell's grandmother was a Dodgers fan in South Carolina; He played in L.A. system three seasons, made high-A, 5/17/20
  4. Mike Busch made two hard decisions in his career, both led him to play baseball; Saw bigs over two seasons, 5/19/20
  5. Guy Conti proved an important figure for Pedro Martinez, others; Later made bigs himself as Mets coach, 6/9/20
  6. James Daspit bubbled with potential out of college; Played eight seasons, made AAA, 5/16/20
  7. John DeJarld looked forward to his second pro season, but injury cut short that season and his career, 6/10/20
  8. Keoki Farrish slid hard in a 1990 game at Great Falls; Saw three pro seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/21/20
  9. Mike Frauenhoffer helped his college to three NAIA World Series appearances; Saw single pro season, 5/24/20
  10. Dan Gray could handle himself behind the plate; Made high-A, later became an instructor, 5/18/20
  11. Tim Griffin improved his power in college; Saw three pro seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/20/20
  12. Ken Hamilton showed some bulldog in rookie ball; Played four seasons, made high-A, 6/11/20
  13. Garey Ingram saw the bigs as three times better than the minors; Saw 82 ML games, later coached, 6/12/20
  14. Jason Kerr finished strong in college, saw five seasons in pros; Topped out at high-A, 6/7/20
  15. Ed Lund missed out on AA, but he wanted to keep playing; Saw four seasons, topped out at high-A, 5/15/20
  16. Pedro Martinez showed 'unlimited potential' in rookie ball; He then made Hall of Fame, 5/23/20
  17. Ron Maurer kept swinging to college hit mark; Saw decade in pros, including Taiwan, but not bigs, 6/6/20
  18. Don Meyers moved from infielder to catching; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 5/22/20
  19. Mark Mimbs played pro baseball with his twin brother; His brother made the bigs, he came up short, 6/1/20
  20. Mike Mimbs got cut by the Dodgers out of AA; Later, after independent ball stint, he made the majors, 5/14/20
  21. Raul Mondesi had everything, won NL Rookie of the Year, played 13 ML seasons then went to prison for corruption, 6/5/20
  22. Junior Perez roomed with Pedro Martinez and Raul Mondesi at Great Falls; His pro career, though, amounted to 41 games, 5/17/20
  23. Brian Piotrowicz saw transition to pros as easy after college, high school lessons; Played four pro seasons, 5/30/20
  24. Ira Smith wasn't afraid to fail; Played 14 seasons, got considered for bigs spot, but never made it, 5/15/20
  25. Ed Stryker threw batting practice to major leaguers in college; Pro career topped out at high-A, 6/4/20
  26. Gordie Tipton helped pitch his college team to the World Series title game; Saw three pro seasons, 5/25/20
  27. Joe Vavra put in his time and eventually found a home as an ML coach with the Twins and Tigers, 5/15/20
  28. Ron Walden thought he had the ability as top pick, the Dodgers did, too; Then, quickly, came injury, 6/2/20
  29. Burgess Watts expressed confidence in college; Saw four pro seasons, at third and on mound, made high-A, 5/27/20
  30. Lonnie Webb did his job as leadoff man in 1990; Saw four seasons, hit high-A, 5/26/20

GCL Dodgers (29)
1 - Henry Blanco, His All, 5/27/19
2 - Jake Botts, Really Good, 5/26/19
3 - Jimmy Brown, Some Look, 5/14/19
4 - Jason Broyles, Relief Win, 5/28/19
5 - Donnie Carroll, What If, 5/23/19
6 - Nelson Castro, Pretty Hard, 5/15/19
7 - Jose Cruz, That List, 6/3/19
8 - Keith Daniel, Tremendous Attitude, 5/31/19
9 - Greg Davis, Multiple Honors, 5/9/19
10 - Ivan DeJesus, His Best, 5/19/19
11 - Andres Diaz, Two Seasons, 6/4/19
12 - Ross Farnsworth, Developed Enough, 6/2/19
13 - Dirk Gorman, Postseason Honors, 5/21/19
14 - Randy Graves, Feared Hitter, 5/12/19
15 - Rob Hoffman, Learning Experience, 5/20/19
16 - Peter Nurre, Helped Extend, 6/3/19
17 - Albert Maldonado, Closed Out, 5/13/19
18 - Tom Matthews, Tough Competitor, 6/1/19
19 - Andres Macu, League Title, 6/1/19
20 - Domingo Mota, Worked Hard, 5/16/19
21 - Jose Parra, Long Time, 5/10/19
22 - Jose Perez, Lead Off, 5/25/19
23 - Alton Pinkney, Lead Extended, 6/2/19
24 - Javier Puchales, Two Hits, 5/17/19
25 - Mike Racobaldo, Those Stats, 6/4/19
26 - Frank Smith, Last Guy, 5/22/19
27 - Rob Sweeney, The Switch, 5/31/19
28 - Jose Valdez, At Home, 5/24/19
29 - Leroy Williams, More Relaxed, 5/30/19

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