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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Cincinnati Reds minor leaguers

Features on every 1990 Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer


  • AAA - Nashville Sounds (34)
  • AA - Chattanooga Lookouts (26)
  • Single-A - Cedar Rapids Reds (33)
  • Single-A - Charleston Wheelers (30)
  • Rookie - Billings Mustangs (29)

1990 Nashville Sounds (34) 
1 - Neil Allen, Whole Career
Neil Allen made his name in the bullpen with the Mets. He extended his career as a starter with the White Sox.
2 - Skeeter Barnes, Dream Realized
Skeeter Barnes literally dreamed about making it back to the majors. He then made it back.
3 - Freddie Benavides went to work at AA, then made AAA and bigs; Later coached and managed

4 - Billy Bates picked up key World Series single for Reds, six others in two ML seasons
5 - Keith Brown, Didn't Lose
Keith Brown made it back from cancer to play as pro again. His quest to return to the majors, though, fell short.
6 - Tony DeFrancesco, Communication Skills
Tony DeFrancesco used his communication skills often.
7 - Leo Garcia, High Five
Leo Garcia's high five skills weren't so good. His playing skills were good enough for 54 major league games.
8 - Kip Gross chose Japan over the bigs and became a regular; Saw six ML seasons, five in Japan
9 - Chris Hammond, Lot of Fun
Chris Hammond had fun in his fifth major league season with two-straight shutouts. He went on to play in 14 major league seasons.
10 - Milt Hill, Good Competitor
Milt Hill threw an excellent split-finger, enough to pitch in four major league seasons.
11 - Rodney Imes, No Pressure
Rodney Imes helped AA Albany to the 1989 league championship, he then helped himself to AAA. Imes never could help himself to the majors.
12 - Reggie Jefferson, Inopportune Times
Reggie Jefferson played in nine major league seasons, but he also had his share of injuries.
13 - Chris Jones, Just Hit
Chris Jones told himself to shut up and hit. He then went on to hit in the majors in nine seasons.
14 - Brian Lane, His Day
Brian Lane got a look at a major league perfect-game pitcher. He never got a look at the majors.
15 - Keith Lockhart, Kept Progressing
Keith Lockhart kept progressing and kept working hard. He kept playing in the bigs for 10 seasons.
16 - Chris Lombardozzi, What Happens
Chris Lombardozzi knew the big leagues was possible. His brother got there.
17 - Rob Lopez, Off Balance
Rob Lopez kept hitters off-balance at the University of North Alabama and in the minors. He never got a chance to do so in the majors.
18 - Pete Mackanin, Good Way
Pete Mackanin knew to make a move as manager without waiting. Still waiting for a full-time major league manager's spot.
19 - Terry McGriff, Draft Hopes
Terry McGriff was drafted out of high school, by the team he wanted to be drafted by. It was a dream come true.
20 - Charlie Mitchell, Family Trade
Charlie Mitchell had a chance to make the Red Sox with his brother John. Both made the majors, but not with same team.
21 - Robert Moore, Best Arm
Spotted in spring training, Robert Moore's manager saw him as a reliever. It got him to the majors.
22 - Darryl Motley, Biggest Game
Darryl Motley had good games as a pro, but none were better than Game 7 of the 1985 World Series.
23 - Paul Noce, Hard Work
Paul Noce's advice on making the majors: Work Hard, don't listen to naysayers. Noce worked hard and made it in parts of two seasons.
24 - Kevin Pearson, Goals Set
Kevin Pearson stressed the importance of setting goals in 1991. He never accomplished his personal goal of making the majors.
25 - Ray Rippelmeyer, Those Things
Coach Ray Rippelmeyer wasn't concerned with his starter's slow start in 1975. That starter was Steve Carlton.
26 - Rosario Rodriguez, Key Outs
Rosario Rodriguez got key outs for the Pirates in 1991. He made three major league seasons.
27 - Larry Schmittou helped bring pro ball back to Nashville, focused on fan; Tried for bigs
28 - Donnie Scott, Switch-Hitter
Donnie Scott's father helped teach him to be a switch-hitter. Switch-hitting helped him make the majors.
29 - Scott Scudder, Got Back
Scott Scudder got sent down to start 1990. But he soon returned, and played in a total of five major league seasons.
30 - Bob Sebra, On Purpose
Bob Sebra's final major league pitch was a beanball. The pitch resulted in a suspension, but he never served it.
31 - Eddie Tanner, Playing Time
Eddie Tanner did well enough to make AAA squads in five seasons. He never did well enough to make the bigs.
32 - Luis Vasquez pitched well in AA start, made AAA over four seasons; Missed bigs
33 - Joey Vierra, Greatest Memory
Joey Vierra wanted his major league debut to mean something, if it ever happened. It never did happen.
34 - John Young, All-Star Trainer
John Young was a trainer for a quarter century by 2002. That year, he also returned to the AAA All-Star Game.

Chattanooga Lookouts (27)
1 - Doug Banning, Second Run, 8/14/17
2 - Freddie Benavides, Advanced To, 8/3/17
3 - Jeff Branson, Good Contact, 8/6/17
4 - Joe Bruno, His Future, 8/12/17
5 - Adam Casillas, Most Unselfish, 8/2/17
6 - Benny Colvard, His Role, 8/11/17
7 - Gregg Crain, Sports Injuries, 8/1/17
8 - Tony DeFrancesco, Communication Skills, 8/10/17
9 - Bill Dodd, Playing Baseball, 8/19/17
10 - Brian Finley, Ninth Inning, 8/19/17
11 - Jeff Forney, Skills Learned, 8/18/17
12 - Steve Foster, Career Ender, 8/16/17
13 - Don Gullett, Right Temperament, 8/11/17
14 - Alan Hayden, More Experience, 7/30/17
15 - Butch Henry, His Experience, 6/21/15
16 - Keith Kaiser, Two Lives, 8/7/17
17 - Jeff Lazor, Next Comparison, 8/6/17
18 - Terry Lee, So Successful, 8/13/17
19 - Greg Lonigro, Future Expansion, 8/5/17
20 - Gino Minutelli, Found It, 3/12/16
21 - Mike Moscrey, Title Clincher, 8/12/17
22 - Jerome Nelson, His Part, 7/31/17
23 - Ross Powell, Good Stuff, 8/15/17
24 - Rosario Rodriguez, Key Outs, 8/8/17
25 - Mel Rosario, Special Instructions, 8/13/17
26 - Scott Sellner, Pile On, 9/11/17
27 - Jim Tracy, His Steadiness, 8/5/17

Cedar Rapids Reds (33)
1 - Terry Abbott, Keep Going
Terry Abbott offered thoughts as a coach in 2011, after three decades in game, as player, scout, coach.
2 - Rick Allen, What Happens
Rick Allen dug a deep hole at season's start. He couldn't get himself out and he never made the bigs.
3 - Mike Anderson, Some Pitching
Mike Anderson gave up two of Mark Whiten's four home runs in a 1993 game. He only pitched in two other major league contests.
4 - Bobby Ayala, Problems Persisted
Bobby Ayala served as Mariners closer for two seasons, played in the bigs for eight.
5 - Mark Borcherding, Be Tough
Mark Borcherding had potential in college. He played three seasons as a pro.
6 - Scott Bryant, Too Superstitious
Scott Bryant was superstitious on the baseball field. Superstitions, though, couldn't get him to the majors.
7 - Lavell Cudjo, Another Nickname
Lavell Cudjo grew up with nickname "Hippie." Couldn't get another nickname, "Major Leaguer."
8 - Bob Dombrowski, College Injury
Bob Dombrowski came back from college ski injury to turn pro. After Arizona State, though, played just two seasons.
9 - Scott Economy, Baseball Letterman
Scott Economy made single-A Cedar Rapids in 1989, but never made it higher. Career lasted just four years.
10 - Victor Garcia, Started Camp
Victor Garcia left Reds spring camp in 1992 over immigration issues. He returned a year later, but never made majors.
11 - Steve Hester, Small Club
Steve Hester made the pros out of Cedarville University. He couldn't make the majors.
12 - Howard James, New Guy
Howard James' stint as Cedar Rapids general manager was short and unexpected.
13 - Vicente Javier, Last Pitch
Vicente Javer played two seasons for the Cedar Rapids Reds, then returned to throw ceremonial last pitch at the Cedar Rapids stadium.
14 - Scott Jeffery, Drives Him
Scott Jeffery started in a career in baseball, then turned to one in education and became a school superintendent.
15 - Doug King, Real Well
Doug King got his breaking ball over in college. His pro career lasted three seasons.
16 - Frank Kremblas, Most Fun
Frank Kremblas found the best thing about managing was teaching. He played eight seasons as a pro, but he never made bigs.
17 - Mark Krumback, That Kind
Mark Krumback wasn't a power hitter, he was a small-ball hitter. He turned pro, but never made the majors.
18 - Ramon Manon, Career Record
Ramon Manon's career was short, but he did have a respectable career record.
19 - Dave McAuliffe, Give Credit
Dave McAuliffe got credit for impressive rookie league stint. His career lasted just four seasons, never made bigs.
20 - Steve McCarthy, Tenth Save
Steve McCarthy saved a game for single-A teammate Bobby Ayala. He played five seasons, never made bigs.
21 - Dave Miley, Worked Out
Dave Miley still wanted to play, but he took a coaching job. He never made the bigs as a player. He later made the bigs as Reds manager.
22 - Mike Mulvaney, A Lot Easier
Mike Mulvaney won the 1989 South Atlantic League MVP honor after a slow start. He never made the majors.
23 - Brian Nichols, Tied Up
Brian Nichols played three seasons as a pro, he never got to play in the majors.
24 - Bill Risley, No Butterflies
Bill Risley picked up tension-filled outs in 1995 ALDS for the Mariners. He also picked up his second career save.
25 - Eddie Rush, Base-Hit Bunter
Eddie Rush was one of South Florida's best base-hit bunters. He played five seasons as a pro, never made majors.
26 - Reggie Sanders, Already ConfidentReggie Sanders was an aggressive player who loved the game. He played in 17 major league seasons.
27 - Mo Sanford, Real Tough
Mo Sanford was real tough in his major league debut. He played in three big league seasons.
28 - Tom Spencer, Team Trainer
Tom Spencer was once a trainer in the minors with the Reds. He's remained a trainer, but in the WNBA with the Seattle Storm.
29 - Jerry Spradlin, Some Ability
Jerry Spradlin worked with a former major leaguer, later became a major leaguer himself.
30 - Glenn Sutko, His Heart 
Glenn Sutko tried pitching after making the majors as a catcher. His heart remained as a catcher.
31 - Eddie Taubensee, Could Hit
Eddie Taubensee got his first hit, then he felt great. He played in 11 major league seasons.
32 - Tony Terzarial, He's Learned
Tony Terzarial had the tools to turn pro, just not enough to make the majors. Played three seasons.
33 - Joe Turek, How Hard
Joe Turek knew he had a chance to prove himself. He just had to play.

Charleston Wheelers (31)
1 - Mark Arland, The Positives
Had Mark Arland made the majors, he likely wouldn't have met his wife.
2 - Mark Berry, So Glad
Mark Berry was glad to be drafted by the Reds. He spent the next three decades with the organization.
3 - Mark Borcherding, Be Tough
Mark Borcherding needed to increase his velocity to play as a pro. He played as a pro, but for only three seasons.
4 - Rafael Bustamante, Started Off
Rafael Bustamante started off a rally in 1990. He played four seasons as a pro.
5 - Tim Cecil, Turned Out
Tim Cecil didn't reach his personal goal, but he did help a team win championship. He also never made his goal of the bigs.
6 - Darron Cox, At the Plate
Darron Cox played a decade in the minors before finally getting his call. Stayed for 15 games.
7 - Jon Fuller, Building Confidence
Jon Fuller built his confidence. He then played 12 seasons as a pro. He never made the majors.
8 - Chris Gill, Different Style
Chris Gill helps produce baseball video games. Years ago, he played the actual game.
9 - K.C. Gillum, Tied Up
Jose Cardenal later didn't blame K.C. Gillum. But it was a ball off Gillum's bat that smashed Cardenal's skull.
10 - Mike Griffin, Worked Out
Mike Griffin used his major league playing knowledge to help others as a minor league coach.
11 - Trevor Hoffman, That Mentality
Trevor Hoffman was once a shortstop who couldn't hit, but had a great arm.
12 - Jack Hollis, New Direction
Jack Hollis' career ended on a center field throw. He then went in a new direction, to Toyota.
13 - Chris Hook, Didn't Always
Chris Hook draws on his experience as a player now as a minor league coach. He played in two major league seasons.
14 - Tom Iversen, Day Made
Tom Iversen went from career as a pro trainer to one in high school.
15 - Motorboat Jones, Trying to Hit
Motorboat Jones had a dynamic nickname in the Reds system, but it wasn't enough to make the majors.
16 - Doug King, Real Well
Doug King threw the ball well in college. He played as a pro for three seasons.
17 - Jim Lett, Well-Kept
Jim Lett was seen as a well-kept secret for the Pirates in 2006. He had three decades in the game.
18 - Mike Malley, No-Hitter
Mike Malley took part in a 1989 no-hitter. He played four seasons as a pro, but never made AA.
19 - Steve McCarthy, Tenth Save
Steve McCarthy once saved a single-A game for Bobby Ayala.
20 - Brian Nichols, Tied Up
Brian Nichols tied up a game in 1989. He played three seasons, but he never made AA.
21- Ernie Nieves, Started Strong
Ernie Nieves played 11 seasons as a pro. He made AA, but he never made it higher.
22 - Danny Perozo, Winning Run
Danny Perozo helped his team to an extra-inning win in 1988. He played four seasons, but never made AA.
23 - Scott Plemmons, Bad Outing
Scott Plemmons had a bad college outing in 1989. Played as pro for three seasons.
24 - Tim Pugh, More Comfortable
Tim Pugh had a good enough spring in 1992 to make the Reds rotation. He played in six major league seasons.
25 - Scott Pose, Knew It
Scott Pose became the very first Marlins batter. He played in 14 games, then waited four years to get back.
26 - Johnny Ray, Best Pitch
Johnny Ray believed the best pitch in the game was a first-pitch strike. He played five seasons.
27 - Jason Satre, Fresh Start
Jason Satre looked for a fresh start with the Orioles. It didn't get him to the majors. 
28 - Jerry Spradlin, Some Ability
Jerry Spradlin put his mechanics together and made the majors in seven seasons.
29 - Noel Velez, Poor Throw
Noel Velez had a bad throw in an April 1990 game. He played three seasons as a pro.
30 - Todd Watson, Scored Twice
Todd Watson helped his college team with two runs scored. He played two seasons as pro.
31 - Trey Wilburn, Treated Rudely
Trey Wilburn was greeted rudely in an April 1990 game. He played three seasons as a pro.

Billings Mustangs (29)
1 - Kevin Berry, New Opportunity
Kevin Berry took a new opportunity as coach, following two-season pro playing career.
2 - Eric Burroughs, Took Off
Eric Burroughs turned pro in baseball, after a successful high school football career. He played six seasons, but never made bigs.
3 - Sean Doty, Steady Pitching
Sean Doty gave his single-A Reds steady pitching in one 1992 game. He wasn't steady enough for a long career. He never made bigs.
4 - Scott Duff, Losing Battle
Scott Duff played four seasons in minors, then fought a losing battle with drugs. He later chose suicide - by cop.
5 - Ryan Edwards, Decent Year
Ryan Edwards started slow at Cedar Rapids in 1992, and he couldn't recover. He never made the bigs.
6 - Mike Ferry, Right Now
Mike Ferry was ready to play out of college. He played six seasons as pro, but never made the bigs.
7 - Bobby Filotei, Fist Pump
Bobby Filotei had plenty to pump his fist about in 2011. He's the guy who signed David Freese.
8 - Brian Fry, Those Numbers
Brian Fry was ready for college. He then got drafted. His pro career lasted just two seasons.
9 - K.C. Gillum, Tied Up
Jose Cardenal didn't blame KC Gillum, but it was a ball off Gillum's bat that smashed Cardenal's skull.
10 - Keith Gordon, Something New
Keith Gordon made the bigs for 3 games. He then played another decade, but never made it back.
11 - Gerry Groninger, Always Wanted
Managing was something Gerry Groninger always wanted to do. Did so for parts of five seasons.
12 - Roy Hammargren, High Level
Roy Hammargren hit at a high enough level to turn pro, but not for a long career.
13 - Mack Jenkins, Tedious Guy
Mack Jenkins did well enough correcting the Reds organization pitching direction to become assistant major league pitching coach.
14 - Kevin Jones, Bloop Single
Kevin Jones helped seal a Billings win in 1990. Couldn't seal for himself a long career. Played just 3 seasons.
15 - Chris Keim, Could Do
Chris Keim could both hit and pitch in legion ball. He then turned pro as a pitcher, but played just two seasons.
16 - Larry Luebbers, So Happy
Larry Luebbers was happy to be back in the bigs in 1999. It was six years after his last trip.
17 - Greg Margheim, Purely Personal
Greg Margheim did well enough to turn pro, but played just three seasons. He later became a high school athletic director.
18 - Brian Nichols, Tied Up
Brian Nichols played three seasons as a pro. He never got to play in the majors.
19 - Ernie Nieves, Started Strong
Ernie Nieves played 11 seasons as a pro. He made AA, but never made it higher.
20 - Victor Perez, An Example
Victor Perez' pro career was brief, just 24 games. His father Tony Perez' career was longer, making it to the Hall of Fame.
21 - Bobby Perna, Far Apart
Bobby Perna played well at single-A, and looked forward to the next step. He never made the majors.
22 - Elliott Quinones, Came Through
Elliott Quinones came through for Charleston in 1992. Played four pro seasons, never made bigs.
23 - Kevin Riggs, Not Work
As Kevin Riggs' career went on, he became more realistic about his chances of making bigs. Never made it.
24 - Scott Robinson, Exhibition Outing
Scott Robinson pitched against major leaguers in an exhibition. It was the closest he'd get to the bigs in seven seasons as pro.
25 - Carl Stewart, Fine Start
Carl Stewart played six seasons as a pro, but he never saw time above AA.
26 - Kevin Tatar, Couldn't Go
Kevin Tatar missed single-A All-Star game as he moved up to AA. In four seasons, he never made it higher, or to the bigs.
27 - Chris Vasquez, Accepted It
Chris Vasquez knew he could play hard and never make the majors. He played hard for 13 seasons. He never made it. 
28 - Dave Wheeler, Baseball Clinic
Dave Wheeler helped with a youth baseball clinic. He did so after his only season as a pro.
29 - Todd Wilson, Billings Native
Todd Wilson got away from home for college and his second year as a pro. He played at home his first pro year. He never made bigs.

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