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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Pierre Gomez hoped to get back to pros after brief minors stint; He didn't return

Pierre Gomez signed on with independent Miami in 1990 and then, after seven games there, with the Braves, his hometown Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote.

But the Braves soon let Gomez go out of extended spring training. By July 1991, Gomez hadn't been able to sign on elsewhere, but he still wanted back, The Post-Gazette wrote.

"I could see giving up if I had played a full season in the minors and didn't do well," Gomez told The Post-Gazette then. "But I wasn't ever given a chance. I didn't think I was doing bad with Atlanta, but it was a number's game and I got released."

But for Gomez, his professional chances had ended. Those seven games played at independent Miami proved the extent of his recorded professional career.

Gomez' career began and ended that year in 1990, signed by independent Miami out of Norfolk State University. He played his high school ball at Pittsburgh's Penn Hills High.

Gomez also played on the local American Legion team in Penn Hills. In late June 1985, he explained to The Pittsburgh Press the importance of Legion ball.

"It's like a stepping stone to college ball," he told The Press. "You get way more experience because the talent is better."

After making the high-A Miami squad in April 1990, he spoke to The Press about his hopes and prospects. He'd even started working on switch-hitting, after some encouragement from his new manager Mike Easler.

"Now at batting practice, I take all of them left-handed and maybe the two at the end from the right," Gomez told The Press. "I feel confident I can do it."

Through his seven games with Miami, Gomez recorded six plate appearances and four at bats. He didn't pick up a hit. After moving to the Braves, he didn't appear in another game.

1990 Minor League Tally 
Players/Coaches Featured:3,898
Made the Majors:1,299-33.3%
Never Made Majors:2,599-66.7%-X
5+ Seasons in the Majors:528
10+ Seasons in the Minors:325

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