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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Harry Shelton showed enough potential to turn pro; He made high-A, then turned scout

Tim Raines Jr. had the potential to play in the pros and to make it. That's what led Orioles scout Harry Shelton to recommend Raines be drafted, Shelton told The Baltimore Sun in June 1998.

"I saw the running potential, I saw the bat speed, I saw a kid with instincts for the game," Shelton told The Sun then. "I came home and told my wife, 'I'm going to try to draft this kid one day.'"

Years earlier, another scout focused on Shelton, leading the Cubs to draft Shelton into the pros. But, while Shelton's instincts about Raines proved on the mark as Raines eventually made the majors over three seasons, Shelton's own career spanned six seasons. He topped out at high-A.

Shelton's career began in 1986, taken by the Cubs in the 17th round of the draft out of the University of North Alabama.

At North Alabama, Shelton picked up two hits and three RBIs in an April 1985 game and hit a two-run home run in an April 1986 game. 

Shelton started with the Cubs at short-season Geneva. He hit .252 over 56 games. He then moved to single-A Peoria for 1987 and hit .237 over 113 games.

He played 1988 at single-A Charleston. He hit .242 there over 131 games. He started that year slowly, but The Chicago Tribune noted he added 50 points to his batting average over a hot three weeks to bring it back to .239.

Shelton played 1989 back at Peoria, then 1990 with co-op Miami. He hit .254 over 107 games. He picked up two singles and a double in an April game. He played one more season, in 1991 with high-A independent Salinas to end his career.

Shelton soon turned scout. He's last credited as scouting for the Orioles in 2004.
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