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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nicholas Polanco played three pro seasons, credited by three names

Nicholas Polanco played three seasons in the pros. He went 3-3 in 1990 and had ERAs in the threes in his first and third professional campaigns.

Polanco also had another "three" in his background: He was known by three names.

Two of his names were rather obvious. He's credited on his Best card by his full name, Nicholas Polanco and at The Baseball Cube by his informal name, Nick Polanco.

At Baseball Reference, though, he's credited by an altogether different name, an apparent nickname: Chaco Polanco.

Whatever he was called, Polanco just played those three seasons. He never made it out of rookie ball.

Polanco's career began in 1988, signed by the Mets out of his native Dominican Republic. He's credited as being from Nagua, on the country's north shore.

He started with the Mets in the rookie Gulf Coast League. He went 4-5, with a 340 ERA over 12 outings, nine starts.

He then moved to rookie Kingston for 1989 and 1990. He went 3-3, with a 4.55 ERA in 1989 and 2-2, with a 3.93 ERA in 1990, ending his career.

1990 Minor League Tally
Players/Coaches Featured: 2,573
Made the Majors:1,020-39.6%
Never Made Majors:1,553-60.4%-X
5+ Seasons in the Majors: 424
10+ Seasons in the Minors:261

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