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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chris Gill, Different Style - 15

Originally published Jan. 31, 2014
The 2010 version of MLB video game The Show had new options, including a new mode that made it look like a TV broadcast.

Sony senior producer Chris Gill explained to that February that the new mode provided options for gamers.

"This gives the player an opportunity to play in a different style," Gill told the site. "It doesn't slow the game down, and it's how I play the game now."

Gill played the baseball video game, and helped produce it. Years earlier, he played the actual baseball game, playing in four seasons. He never made the majors.

Gill's involvement in the real baseball game began in 1989, signed by the Reds as an undrafted free agent.

Gill started at rookie Billings, hitting .291, with two home runs. He moved to single-A Charleston for 1990, his average dropping to .251.

He went 2 for 4 in an April 1990 contest, knocking in two. Around that time, the infielder also took a bad hop to his mouth, losing a tooth, he recalled years later to the site Baseball Cards Come to Life!

Gill returned to Charleston in 1991, hitting .232. After not being recorded as playing in 1992, he returned to the field for 44 more games in 1993. He played 42 of those games at high-A Winston-Salem, but hit just .161. It was his final year as a pro.

Gill stayed in the game, though. In 1997, he served as a Reds scout. He then went into another game, video games. He signed on with Sony, becoming a senior producer on MLB The Show.

In his job with Sony, Gill has even gotten to pick up the bat once in a while. The Los Angeles Times pictured him in 2009, noting that his baseball background allows him to don a motion-capture suit when animators need something quickly.

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