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Sunday, April 5, 2015

1917 Newsreel Footage of 1910s Major Leaguer George Burns

Newsreel footage from the 1917 World Series that included George Burns was recently discovered from a trove found in Canada's Yukon. Photos at the Fulton County Museum in Upstate New York. (Daily Gazette)
Here's the start of a story I wrote for my local paper, The Daily Gazette, of Schenectady, NY. Read the full article at

Discovered: 1917 newsreel featuring Gloversville ballplayer George Burns

Frozen film trove in Canada includes footage of Burns

— This is a story about baseball spanning generations.

It’s about a baseball great from a century ago — who made his home in Gloversville — coming alive again, not through some cornfield in Iowa, but from beneath an old hockey rink in a Klondike Gold Rush boom town.

Gloversville’s Michael Hauser, a baseball fan and historian has long taken an interest in that player: his great-great uncle. Last fall Hauser got to see his ancestor for the first time in motion, thanks to a cache of old news-reel footage interred for decades in the permafrost of Canada’s Yukon.

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