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Monday, April 25, 2011

Injured Pinky to Rite-Aid Cards

My wife does roller derby and has for about a year now. As anyone who is familiar with roller derby knows, with derby comes injuries.

She hasn't gotten into a bout yet, that's because of the injury thing. Knees have been the big injury, twisting and impacting and all.

But the reason I mention this is because it was another derby injury Saturday that sent me to the local Rite-Aid for some medical tape. Along the way, I picked up some cards.

My wife got back from practice Saturday with an injured pinky. Apparently there was a pile up and her pinky got the worst of it.

What she needed was some medical tape, to tape the pinky to her ring finger. A teammate/medic suggested it. I've also suggested bubble wrap, wrapping her entirely in it to prevent any further injury. She did not have me go pick that up.

Anyway, my wife suggested I go to the nearby CVS for the tape. But, (and this is important), it wasn't an emergency. So, instead of going to the nearby CVS, I decided to go to the Rite-Aid. It was a little bit further, but the Rite-Aid, you see, had cards.

I found the medical tape, and on the way out picked up one of those repacks of cards, the $5 Jumbo Pack. But it was fun to open.

It kind of reminded me of back in the day when you could go anywhere and pick up cards, including the gas station. Now you rarely see them anywhere other than hobby shops, Wal-Marts and Targets and sometimes Rite-Aids.

Out of the 100 cards, I picked up a good 10 CMC set members, including the ones pictured here. There were three 1988 Donruss CMC set members there. I thought I scanned them, but by the time I realized the scanner didn't catch them, they were already put away. So I guess you'll have to go without seeing my '88 Donruss haul.

Of the seven the scanner didn't eat, I've featured five. The links to those five are below.

188 - Chito Martinez, Wrapped Up, 9/20/10
379 - Scott Aldred, Left-Handed Longevity, 4/11/10
558 - Mike Dyer, Opportunity to Pitch, 6/26/10
787 - Pat Kelly, World Stage, 9/17/10
855 - Royce Clayton, No Better Feeling, 9/26/10


  1. You know, I always head through the toy aisle on my way back to the pharmacy at Walgreens for the same reason. Ever since I found my collecting direction, I haven't had much interest in those 100 cards for $4.99 packs. However, the last time through they had a 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game card in the front of the pack and I just had to buy it. I really like that set and have decided to build it. Just not one card at a time at Walgreens.

  2. I've been looking at those $5 packs the last time I was in Rite Aid but didn't pull the trigger, in part because the packaging doesn't even give a hint as to what's in there. Would you say that the cards you scanned give an accurate representation of what was in the pack?

  3. Yeah, about that. There was a healthy dose of 88 Donruss there, everything else you'd expect, plus a few newer base cards. I don't remember there being anything terribly interesting.
    Oh, and Night Owl did a write up of one of these packs back in January. I meant to post a link to that one. Here it is: