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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cooperstown Packs, 2010 A&G, 1992 Upper Deck

I didn't really pick up any Allen & Ginter in Cooperstown, I picked up two packs at the local Wal-Mart yesterday looking for some locks. But I figured I'd toss this in because I just happened to reference one of the players the other day and then I got his A&G card. That card is to the right, Colby Rasmus. I referenced him in the write-up about scout Scott Nichols, who helped sign Rasmus back in 2005 for the Cardinals.

These were my first two packs of A&G. I ended up with the minis of Derek Holland and Alcides Escobar then the regulars of Matt LaPorta and Captain Nemo, submariner. I remember having that Captain Nemo, on my fantasy team once. Played for Seattle, as I recall. Had the weirdest throwing motion to the plate. Almost underhanded. There was a name for his style, but I can't seem to recall it at the moment.

Anyway, back to the Cooperstown cards. As you might recall, I picked up these packs a few weeks ago in Cooperstown, while we attended the induction ceremony for Andre Dawson. The goal of the packs is to either find a Dawson, find players from the 1990 CMC set, or, if those fail, find Hall of Famers.

In the 1992 Upper Deck pack, I picked up a CMC player, Ced Landrum. Landrum played parts of only two seasons in the majors, in 1991 with the Cubs and 1993 with the Mets. In the CMC set, he was a member of the Iowa Cubs.

I also picked up three cards of players Dawson referenced in his speach, saying these players should be in the Hall of Fame with him. Those players were Lee Smith and Tim Raines. I said three cards because I actually got three cards in the pack. One Tim Raines and two Lee Smiths. Yes, I got doubles of Lee Smith in the same pack. I suppose if I was going to get doubles, that's a cool double to get, a player that Dawson himself promoted for the Hall.

Elsewhere in the pack, I got another Albert Belle, this time not referred to as Joey. The Belle card is probably one of those you can figure out the date of the photo. Belle is sliding into home with Terry Steinbach appearing to be ready to tag him out. But, after a quick search of Baseball-Reference, no obvious date could be found.

I also got a Greg Myers card from his time with the Blue Jays. As you'll see in the next Cooperstown posting, I got another Greg Myers card in the 1992 Donruss pack. Too bad I wasn't a Greg Myers fan.

94 - Ced Landrum, Getting on Base, 8/15/10
125 - Scott Nichols, Scouting Rasmus, 8/4/10


  1. The Belle play could have been from May 4, 1991. Cleveland at Oakland, Beau Allred and Albert Belle score on a Chris James single in the top of the 8th. I'd have to guess the runners were going on the pitch for 2 runs to score (from 2nd & 3nd) on what is described as a hit to deep SS.

  2. That could be it. It's a cool photo, though. Steinbach appeared to have the ball, it'd be interesting to see the video, how Belle got in there.

  3. should have a request a clip service for situations such as this, so we could just ask for the play in question and compare it to the photo on the card!