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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cooperstown Grab Bag

In my belated account yesterday of our trip to see the Andre Dawson induction last weekend, I referenced a disappointing set of three grab bags I picked up at one of the stores in Cooperstown.

As I mentioned, grab bags can be fun, getting a bunch of different cards in one shot. They're less fun when they're not-so mixed up. These three grab bags ended up being a good portion of 1992 Fleer, a not-so-interesting set.

But the grab bags ended up being more interesting through the prism of this blog. Looking through the cards, it ended up finding 10 - that's 10 - different members of the CMC set. There was also a 1991 Topps Brent Mayne, a member of the AA Memphis Chicks in the CMC set.

I suppose that's not surprising. I'd assume there would be a good number of CMC set members in a set from 1992, only two years out from their time in the minor league set. Most of them are the background guys from the set, like Chris Beasley and Brian Barnes. But also included is Luis Gonzalez, Mark Whiten and Scott Servais.

Eight of the 11 I have yet to get to. But here are links to the three that I have:

350 - Mark Whiten, Hard Hitting, 5/13/10
379 - Scott Aldred, Left-Handed Longevity, 4/11/10
752 - Andy Mota, Hanley's Agent, 3/5/10

I'll get to opening those packs I mentioned soon.

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