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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cards and Sprinkles: Two Busts and a Win

So, as I outlined last month, my wife and I have this great ice cream shop. My wife's usually the ice cream person. I just go along. But this shop is the coolest. It has baseball cards. Like old ones. The junk kind.

So, needless to say, it doesn't take much arm twisting to get me to go. We've actually stopped by three times since my first Cards and Sprinkles post. And I try to get something different each time we go.

The goal, as always, is to get some interesting players, ones I can tell the wife about. You know, so she's impressed with my vast knowledge of late-80s, early-90s baseball players. Or something like that. It's a bonus when I get actual players from the 1990 CMC set.

One of the three packs I've gotten was a jackpot - six CMC players and an interesting set of cards. The other two were busts, with hardly an interesting card among them.

I'll start with the two not-so-interesting packs. I picked up a 1989 Topps pack. I'm not sure what I was expecting. But there was nothing there. The three most interesting are there. There's the ageless Jamie Moyer, old-school save artist Lee Smith and a Royals leaders card with Bo Jackson for good measure.
We stopped by Monday and I thought I'd try my luck at some 1990 Fleer. What I got was a thin Barry Bonds. I also got some Teufel Shuffle, (the wife was impressed with that one), Jim Clancy levitating a baseball and Dick Schofield doing some contortions.

Neither pack produced a 1990 CMC member.
The other pack was a 1993 Studio pack. I remember Studio, but the black and white ones. I opened this pack thinking of that Studio. What I got were these. They're actually some nice-looking cards.

But the coolest thing is, out of the 12 cards in the pack, six - six! - were 1990 CMC alums. There's Vinny Castilla, Moises Alou, Reggie Jefferson, Leo Gomez, Luis Gonzalez and Curt Schilling.

And, while not exactly stats on the back, there are some facts that might be called interesting. If Schilling hadn't been an athlete? He might have been a history teacher. Luis Gonzalez might have been a DJ; Gomez a preacher; Castilla a lawyer.

There's pet peeves, too. Castilla's is waiting for people. Gonzalez's is a messy house. Reggie Jefferson's favorite player as a kid was Andre Dawson.

But, wait, Curt Schilling as a history teacher?

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