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Friday, May 14, 2010

Trey Hillman, CMC Alum, Fired

The 1990 CMC set has lost a major league manager.

Trey Hillman was fired by the Royals last night after his Royals posted the second worst record in the majors at 12 and 23.

I'll just mark the firing here with a quick note. As you can see at the right, Hillman was included in another multi-coach card and bumping up Hillman for a full review would, I fear, lock me in to doing the rest of the coaches on the card. I just did one of those, so I'll leave that for another day.

But, just quickly, Hillman, according to the card and educated assumptions, served as a coach for the Yankees' AAA Columbus Clippers for at least the early part of 1990. It's an educated assumption because Hillman is identified on the back of the card as "Troy Hillman." As there are no other Troy Hillmans, and Baseball Cube has Hillman as manager of the Yankees' short season Oneonta team a couple months later, I have to assume that "Troy" is actually "Trey."

I'm also assuming that Hillman is the front right coach in the picture. Going strictly by the back, which lists the coaches "clockwise from the upper left," Hillman would be the guy in the white shirt. But, of course, that has to be the trainer, Mike Heifferon.

Hillman would return to Columbus in 1999, managing the club through 2001. He took the helm of the Royals in 2008.

By my quick count, Hillman's exit leaves just three CMC alums currently managing major league clubs. There's Ron Washington with the Rangers, John Russell with the Pirates and Don Wakamatsu with the Mariners.

On another note, my wife and I attended the Reading Phillies contest last Saturday in Reading, the one with the Spam carving contest. Look for a write-up this weekend.

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