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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Steve Smith's Amazing Race: No Backpacks

Steve Smith and his daughter Allie had been running a good race, finishing in the top half almost every leg. Last week on The Amazing Race, they even finished first.

But, Steve said in a video, on their way to their first-place finish, their success went to his head.

"I got cocky," Steve said in the video.

He was referring to them losing their bags. They dropped them at a challenge. When they realized they needed them and wouldn't be going back, it was too late.

In the videos, the 1990 CMC set member and his daughter were upbeat, despite the loss of their bags. They had their passports and money, so they didn't really need their bags. Last season, a team was eliminated when one member lost his passport. Steve said that has been on his mind.

"Every second, I'm feeling for it," Steve said of his passport. "For right now, we're celebrating it and enjoying it."

Once tonight's leg starts, they'll be able to buy some clothes. Allie lost her makeup, Steve noted, but that's nothing. It's on tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

"She's a beautiful woman and she doesn't need the makeup anyway," Steve said.

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