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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Toronto Blue Jays minor leaguers

Features on each player in the 1990 Toronto Blue Jays farm system


  • AAA - Syracuse Chiefs (31)
  • AA - Knoxville Blue Jays (29)
  • High-A - Dunedin Blue Jays (28)
  • Single-A - Myrtle Beach Blue Jays (28)
  • Short-Season - St. Catharines Blue Jays (33)
  • Rookie - Medicine Hat Blue Jays (27)

1990 Syracuse Chiefs (31)
1 - Bob Bailor, Majors Return
Bob Bailor spent 11 seasons in the bigs as a player. He returned to the bigs as a coach in time for the Blue Jays' World Series runs.
2 - Derek Bell, Shut Down
Derek Bell's 11-season major league career ended poorly. His post-playing career has also gone poorly.
3 - Steve Cummings, Case of Nerves
Steve Cummings was nervous in his major league debut for the Blue Jays, but went seven innings and got the win. Only got one more win in bigs.
4 - Hector De La Cruz, Good Baseball
Hector De La Cruz' Licey Tigers played good ball in 2008 and won Carribbean title. He never saw the bigs himself.
5 - Carlos Diaz, Grief Stay
Carlos Diaz was itching to start after college. He made the majors for nine games.
6 - Rob Ducey, Big Responsibility
Rob Ducey put pressure on himself in 1997. He only was filling in for Ken Griffey Jr.

7 - Andy Dziadkowiec, Third Round
Andy Dziadkowiec was a third-rounder who played seven seasons as pro. He never made the bigs.
8 - Jim Eppard, Stay Ready
Jim Eppard stayed ready as a player, later ensured hitters were ready for the Angels as hitting coach.
9 - Jose Escobar, Long Wait
John Escobar used 'bald power' to help win a 1993 game. He couldn't use it to get himself to the majors.
10 - Webster Garrison, Credit for Hitting
Webster Garrison made the Athletics in 1996 after 13 seasons in minors. He got into five games, but got no hits.
11 - Tom Gilles, Major Leaguer
Tom Gilles played only two games in the majors, with the Blue Jays, but he got there.
12 - Mauro Gozzo, Real Test
Mauro Gozzo had fun wherever he pitched. He did in the majors for parts of six seasons.
13 - Randy Holland, Helped Heal
He helped players heal both during and after his training days.
Paul Kilgus was upbeat as a lefty going into 1991. He got two more seasons in the majors.
15 - Doug Linton, Ready to Pitch
Doug Linton was willing to do whatever it took to get back to the majors in 2003. He got there.
16 - Mike Loynd, Showing Confidence
Mike Loynd showed confidence early on with Rangers, but only appeared in two major league seasons.
17 - Rick Lysander, Multiple Returns
Rick Lysander returned to the pros twice, after career with four seasons with time in bigs.
18 - Pedro Munoz, Great Feeling
Pedro Munoz knew what a great feeling hitting a walk-off was.
19 - Stu Pederson, Walk-Off Win
Stu Pederson hit a walk-off for 1981 Cal League title. He went on to 12 seasons as pro, made the bigs once.
20 - Paul Runge, Player Development
Paul Runge turned to long career developing players, after long career as a player.
21 - Alex Sanchez, Release Point
A first-round pick, Alex Sanchez made the Blue Jays in 1989, but his stay was brief, just four games.
22 - John Shea, Serious Look
John Shea pitched well enough in 1993 to get a look at AAA. He didn't get a look at the majors.
23 - Bob Shirley, Only Thing
Bob Shirley went deep into major league debut for the win. He played in 11 seasons.
24 - Luis Sojo, Was Needed
Luis Sojo never sat back and relaxed. There was always a chance he'd be needed.
25 - Ed Sprague, Strong and Healthy
Ed Sprague got healthy, and then played in 11 major league seasons.
26 - Joe Szekely, Nothing Like It
The Braves called Joe Szekely up, then changed their mind. Szekely never got into a game, never got another call.
27 - Ozzie Virgil, Getting Hit
Ozzie Virgil paid the price of a bruise on the side to send '87 All-Star Game to extras.
28 - Steve Wapnick, Real Aggressive
Steve Wapnick moved quickly up the Blue Jays system, then made the majors with the Tigers. He got into 10 major league games.
29 - Rocket Wheeler, Lengthy Trip
Rocket Wheeler's message to his players: A trip to the majors could be quick.
30 - Mark Whiten, Hard Hitting
Mark Whiten got in the zone, hit four home runs in a 1993 game. He played in 11 major league seasons.
31 - Rob Wishnevski, Every Day
Rob Wishnevski enjoyed every day at the ballpark. He played more than a decade, but he never made the bigs.

Knoxville Blue Jays (29)

1 - Pete Blohm, Same Thing
2 - J.J. Cannon, Keep Learning
3 - Nate Cromwell, League Record
4 - Andy Dziadkowiec, Third Round
5 - Juan Guzman, Ready to Pitch
6 - Darren Hall, If Healthy
7 - Pat Hentgen, Big Difference
8 - Shawn Jeter, Up Here 
9 - Chris Jones, Good Company
10 - Dennis Jones, So Well
11 - Randy Knorr, Stayed Ready
12 - Bob MacDonald, Needed Confidence
13 - Mike Maksudian, Those Guys
14 - Domingo Martinez, These Days
15 - Doug Merrifield, Great Career
16 - Bernie Nunez, Make Contact
17 - John Poloni, Nasty Stuff
18 - Tom Quinlan, With It 
19 - Chris Rauth, Pitched Aggressively
20 - Paul Rodgers, His Game
21 - Jimmy Rogers, Hanging Slider
22 - Earl Sanders, Desire to Succeed
23 - Jerry Schunk, His Drive
24 - John Stearns, Season Changing
25 - William Suero, Been Tattooing
26 - Woody Williams, Good Time
27 - Rob Wishnevski, Every Day
28 - Julian Yan, Fastball Hitter
29 - Eddie Zosky, Confidence Builder

Dunedin Blue Jays (28)

1 - Chris Beacom, Smooth Transition, 2/6/18
2 - Pete Blohm, Same Thing, 2/2/18
3 - Denis Boucher, Great Honour, 1/19/18
4 - Tim Brown, Perfect Game, 3/2/18
5 - Domingo Cedeno, Part Time, 3/1/18
6 - Jesse Cross, Biggest Day, 1/17/18
7 - Juan De La Rosa, Big Hit, 2/15/18
8 - Rich DePastino, Work Ethic, 2/17/18
9 - Ray Giannelli, Other Way, 1/25/18
10 - Tim Hodge, No Regrets, 2/5/18
11 - Dennis Holmberg, New Characters, 2/24/18
12 - Vince Horsman, Job Done, 8/30/16
13 - Jeff Irish, Two Sports, 1/21/18
14 - Jeff Kent, Emotionally Level, 2/22/18
15 - Bill Monbouquette, Pitching Teacher, 1/16/18
16 - Greg O'Halloran, Second Sport, 12/7/17
17 - Blaine Rudolph, Two Innings, 1/22/18
18 - Al Silverstein, Next Thing, 2/11/18
19 - Marcos Taveras, Helluva Hit, 1/23/18
20 - Mike Taylor, Successful Season, 2/7/18
21 - Ryan Thompson, Went Out, 1/24/18
22 - Mike Timlin, Playoff Games, 2/4/18
23 - Jason Townley, Worked Out, 1/20/18
24 - Ricky Trlicek, Important Thing, 2/3/18
25 - Anthony Ward, Own Strengths, 1/20/18
26 - David Weathers, How Special, 2/28/18
27 - Jon Woodworth, With Experience, 1/22/18
28 - Mark Young, As Long, 1/21/18

1990 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays (28)

1 - Bill Abare: Bill Abare cleared the bases in game at high-A. Played three seasons as a pro, never made AA. (Continue)
2 - Greg Bicknell: Greg Bicknell had exciting time playing for single-A championship. Played in 18 seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
3 - Rob Blumberg: Rob Blumberg's career started fast and ended abruptly. He struck out 358 over three seasons. (Continue)
4 - Eric BradleyEric Bradley picked up his fourth save at single-A in a June 1990 contest. He only picked up four more. (Continue)
5 - Daren Brown: Darren Brown became familiar with Mariners players after a decade with the organization. (Continue)
6 - Mike FischlinMike Fischlin made 10 major league seasons. He later turned agent with his old friend Scott Boras. (Continue)
7 - Rickey HolifieldRickey Holifield saw fall ball as a stepping stone to bigger things. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
8 - Shawn HoltzclawShawn Holtzclaw played in four pro seasons, never made AA. He then moved on to a new career, law enforcement. (Continue)
9 - Scott Hutson: Scott Hutson pitched well enough with Arizona State to turn pro. His pro career lasted just three seasons. (Continue)
10 - Juan JaimeJuan Jaime helped his team avoid a no-hitter. He couldn't help himself to a long career. (Continue)
11 - Daren KizziahDaren Kizziah turned it loose in junior college. He went on to a four-year college and the pros. He never made the bigs. (Continue)
12 - Gregg Martin: Gregg Martin drew scouts in college, finally Blue Jays scout got him drafted. He played four seasons, never made AA. (Continue)
13 - Brad MengelBrad Mengle made first-team all-conference in college. Played four seasons as a pro, never made the bigs. (Continue)
14 - Hector Mercedes: Hector Mercedes hit a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
15 - S. Scott MillerS. Scott Miller was a excellent ballplayer and person in high school. He played in college and in the pros, never made the bigs. (Continue)
16 - Steve MingoriSteve Mangori played 10 seasons in the majors. He later had a brief coaching career. Passed away in 2008. (Continue)
17 - Anton Mobley: Anton Mobley helped single-A Myrtle Beach with a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season. (Continue)
18 - Robert Montalvo: Rob Montalvo got enough advice to make AAA, but not enough to make the bigs. (Continue)
19 - Rick Nowak: Rick Nowak took what he learned at UC-San Diego to the pros. He played two seasons in the Blue Jays system. (Continue)
20 - Mike Ogliaruso: Mike Ogliaruso chose turning pro over college. He played five seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
21 - Jose OlivaresJose Olivares played four seasons as a pro. He never made it above single-A. (Continue)
22 - Billy PareseBilly Parese tried to improve his average. He couldn't improve it enough. Played four seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
23 - Todd Provence: Todd Provence's manager helped him as a pitcher. Soon left pitching for the field. Never made the bigs. (Continue)
24 - Ken RiversKen Rivers was part of a seemingly minor trade. The trade eventually paid off, just not for Rivers.(Continue)
25 - Aaron Small: Aaron Small won in his first time at Yankee Stadium. He later won 10-straight for the home team. (Continue)
26 - Leroy StantonLeroy Stanton pulled back a Reggie Jackson home run. He later became a coach in the minors. (Continue)
27 - John Wanish: John Wanish picked up his first save in his second pro season. He got 14 others, never made AA. (Continue)
28 - Nigel WilsonNigel Wilson got three brief seasons in the bigs, three big seasons in Japan. (Continue)

St. Catharines Blue Jays (33)

1 - Ciro Ambrosio, Look Ahead
Ciro Ambrosio's pro career lasted just two seasons. His high school coaching career has lasted much longer.
2 - Doug Ault, Battle With
Doug Ault became the first Blue Jays legend. He later took his own life.
3 - Bobby Aylmer, Reliable Closer
Bobby Aylmer was a reliable closer in college. He played just two seasons in the pros.
4 - Darren Balsley, Very Positive
Darren Balsley started his coaching career in the Blue Jays system. He's now the longtime pitching coach for the Padres.
5 - Scott Brow, Called In
Scott Brow made the Diamondbacks in 1998, but didn't know it until manager said it. He played in four major league seasons.
6 - Andy Carlton, Good Day
Andy Carlton had a good day in high school ball. He couldn't translate that to the pros. Played three seasons.
7 - Carlos Delgado, Right Way
Carlos Delgado showed he was ready for the majors. He went on to play in 17 major league seasons. 
8 - Rusty Filter, Good Sense
Rusty Filter had a good sense with his fellow high school pitchers. He's now using that sense to develop top pitchers in college.
0 - Huck Flener, Cut Short
Huck Flener held hopes of returning to the bigs, until a line drive in winter ball destroyed his right eye.
10 - Joe Ganote, First Hit
Joe Ganote made ESPN, just not the way he wanted. He gave up Michael Jordan's first pro hit.
11 - Wally Heckel, Didn't Forget
The Blue Jays didn't forget Wally Heckel, drafting him again. He only played two seasons as pro.
12 - Matt Hudik, Base Stealer
Matt Hudik still holds Ohio University single-season record for stolen bases. Only stole two in the pros.
13 - Jeff Irish, Two Sports
Jeff Irish made his high school's Hall of Fame. Turned pro, had a brief career. Never made AA.
14 - Steve Karsay, Every Emotion
Steve Karsay went through every emotion, then he returned to the majors.
15 - Frank Kowar, Save Record
Frank Kowar set his school's record for saves, then got into just 15 games as a pro.
16 - Sam Mandia, Better Himself
Sam Mandia hoped he could better his pitching in the pros. He didn't get much of a chance, just two seasons.
17 - Dave Marcon, Good Stretch
Dave Marcon played five pro seasons, never made the bigs. He later reunited with former manager for player showcase.
18- Edgar Marquez, Returned To
Edgar Marquez returned to short-season ball in his third season. It was also his last.
19 - Mike McAlpin, Algebra Teacher
Mike McAlpin was an algebra teacher who moonlighted as a coach and as a scout.
20 - Paul Menhart, Ultimate Goal
Paul Menhart came back from elbow surgery to make his major league debut. He's now a coach in Nationals system.
21 - Anton Mobley, Quick Start
Anton Mobley helped single-A Myrtle Beach with a home run in his second pro season. It was also his last pro season.
22 - Rob Montalvo, That Advice
Rob Montalvo got enough advice to make AAA, but not enough to make the bigs.
23 - Robert Perez, Good Contact
Robert Perez made good contact for the Blue Jays. He played in 6 major league seasons.
24 - Juan Querecuto, Extra Innings
Juan Querecuto helped his team in extra innings in 2002. His career went into extras in independent ball.
25 - A.R. Rhea, Getting Back
A.R. Rhea got back to the field where he still holds records. His pro career was brief, just 16 games.
26 - Wilberto Rojas, His Start
Wilberto Rojas started in his native Dominican Republic, later played in Canada. Never played higher than low-A.
27 - Shawn Scott, Extra Time
Shawn Scott knew extra time in school would help. He played 13 seasons as a pro. He's now back in school as a high school coach.
28 - Tom Singer, Job Done
Tom Singer got the job done in college for St. John's. As a pro, he played seven seasons, never made bigs.
29 - Rick Steed, Didn't Have
Rick Steed later recalled season with Somerset Patriots as his most fun. He played 13 seasons as pro, never made bigs.
30 - Mike Taylor, Rain-Shortened
Mike Taylor got rain-shortened win at Medicine Hat in 1991. Career was short, as well, just four seasons.
31 - David Tollison, Core Values
David Tollison has been praised as high school AD. Played 6 seasons as pro, never made bigs.
32 - Matt Watson, To Develop
Matt Watson was more of a power pitcher. His power in the pros was limited, just 16 games.
33 - Jacinto Yorro, Pitching Try
Jacinto Yorro didn't hit well, but he did pitch well in two outings he got. He played just two seasons.

Medicine Hat Blue Jays (27)

1 - Mike Coolbaugh, Honored Life, 1/14/17
2 - Jason Reese, Another Sport, 1/14/17
3 - Tim Hyers, Their Swings, 1/29/17
4 - Travis Burley, Grew Up, 1/30/17
5 - Kyle Duey, His Spots, 1/15/17
6 - Mark Choate, Came Together, 1/21/17
7 - Richard Orman, Another League, 1/15/17
8 - Greg Wilcox, Beating Anyone, 1/28/17
9 - Lonell Roberts, Pretty Excited, 1/16/17
10 - Brent Bowers, Umpire Interaction, 1/22/17
11 - Felix Septimo, Kept Playing, 1/29/17
12 - Ned Darley, Much Sacrifice, 1/9/17
13 - Anastacio Garcia, His Grin, 1/23/17
14 - Keith Hines, First Game, 1/17/17
15 - Scott A. Miller, Matured Some, 10/30/13
16 - Morgan Adams, Slow Start, 1/18/17
17 - Dave Fletcher, Three Games, 1/28/17
18 - Dale Kistaitis, Record Books, 1/8/17
19 - John Gilligan, Caught Fishing, 2/4/17
20 - Kris Harmes, So Much, 1/20/17
21 - Lee Daniels, Closest Thing, 1/18/17
22 - Ron Reams, Showed It, 2/5/17
23 - Tom Hotchkiss, College Outings, 2/6/17
24 - Marc Loeb, No Pressure, 2/3/17
25 - Raphael Garcia, Entire Way, 1/27/17
26 - Howard Battle, Funny Game, 1/25/17
27 - Hector Tavarez, Three Countries, 1/10/17

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