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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Baltimore Orioles minor leaguers

Features on each player in the 1990 Baltimore Orioles farm system


  • AAA - Rochester Red Wings (40)
  • AA - Hagerstown Suns (36)
  • High-A - Frederick Keys (31)
  • Single-A - Wausau Timbers (35)

To Come:
  • Rookie - Bluefield Orioles

Rochester Red Wings (40)
1 - Jay Aldrich
Jay Aldrich was happy with his major league debut, except for one pitch. He played in three major league seasons.
2 - Jose BautistaIn the middle of a bad season in 1988, Jose Bautista threw a veritable gem.
3 - Eric BellEric Bell was nervous for first major league start. He got in six major league seasons.
4 - Juan BellJuan Bell wasn't rushed by the Orioles. He played in seven major league seasons.
5 - Greg BiaginiGreg Biagini paid his dues, became Orioles coach after a long career in minors. He passed away in 2003.
6 - Paul BlairPaul Blair enjoyed working with college players as coach, after a 17-year major league career.
7 - Danny BooneDanny Boone overcame obstacles, then returned to the majors eight years after his last major league pitch.
8 - Dick BosmanDick Bosman helped young pitchers through early problems, after long playing career.
9 - Marty Brown earned title 'hard-nosed' as he made bigs, Japan; Later managed, started own academy

10 - Tony ChanceTony Chance had raw talent, but he couldn't break through. He played 20 seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
11 - Francisco de la Rosa provided ML bullpen relief, saw two career ML appearances; Passed in 2011 
12 - Tim DulinTim Dulin's playing career lasted seven seasons. He didn't make majors. He now has his own baseball school in Memphis.
13 - Leo GomezLeo Gomez got his opportunity with the Orioles and he made the most of it, playing seven seasons.
14  - Vic HitheVictor Hithe believed in high school he'd be playing at Dodger Stadium. He played ball seven years, never made the majors.
15 - Chris HoilesA competition for a 1991 starting job only made Chris Hoiles want to work harder. He worked for 10 major league seasons.
18 - Mike JonesMike Jones came back from a serious car accident, a broken neck, to return to majors.
21 - Ben McDonaldBen McDonald had high expectations put on him that he could never fulfill. He still played in nine major league seasons.
22 - Jeff McKnightJeff McKnight played his game, hoped it was good enough for another call. It was. He played in six major league seasons.
24 - Joel McKeon showed his abilities at AAA, then made bigs; Saw two ML seasons
25 - Darrell MillerDarrell Miller has been known by several names, ones he's earned and ones attached to famous siblings.
26 - John MitchellJohn Mitchell survived 22 hours in the water. His teammate didn't. Mitchell came back to make the majors.
27 - Mike Mussina first chose college over the pros, then turned great pitcher, made Hall of Fame
28 - Donell NixonDonell Nixon appeared to be running straight to the majors, then he ran into a wall - literally.
29 - Chris PadgetChris Padget started playing baseball at age 6. He stayed with the game for four decades, then left.
33 - (Texas) Mike SmithTexas Mike Smith had a long debut outing, the type rookies don't want to have.
34 - Pete StanicekPete Stanicek was tough enough, but he was just hurt. His major league career, though, was also over. (Continue)
35 - Jeff TackettJeff Tackett's family got to see him play in the majors over four seasons.
36 - Shane TurnerShane Turner had mixed emotions on his return to AA. He soon made the bigs.
37 - Greg WalkerGreg Walker had much go wrong. But he had much go right, too.
38 - Mickey WestonMickey Weston knew his chances were scarce. When he got one, he tried to do his best. It didn't always work out.
39 - Jeff WoodJeff Wood wanted to get into baseball, but he couldn't play. So he became a trainer.
40 - Rob WoodwardRob Woodward was told by Tom Seaver he'd return to the Red Sox. He did, and played in four major league seasons.

Hagerstown Suns (36)
1 - Pat Austin, Defensive Label
Pat Austin made up for his arm strength with his quickness. But it wasn't enough to make the bigs.
2 - Dave Bettendorf, Award Winner
Dave Bettendorf had a good year at Kent State. He then took that to the pros, but he never could take that to the majors.
3 - Mike Borgatti, One Pitch
Mike Borgatti took it one pitch at a time to a good 1989. Played in five pro seasons, never making the bigs.
4 - Tom Brown, Right Approach
Tom Brown played big roles as a coach for Ben McDonald, Johnny Cueto and others. He is a AA coach for 2013.
5 - Don Buford, Off Running
Don Buford's career ended after four seasons, he then took off running in a different direction - to med school.
6 - Stacey Burdick, Got Outs
Stacey Burdick got his team to the National Baseball Congress and he got himself to pros. He couldn't get himself to the bigs.
7 - Mike Cavers, Pitched Great
Mike Cavers pitched well enough in college to earn a pro career. It lasted four seasons. He never made the bigs.
8 - Steve Culkar, Back Pocket
Steve Culkar turned pro, but he made sure he had his degree in his back pocket. He made AAA, but he never made the majors.
9 - Francisco de la Rosa, Not As Intended
Francisco de la Rosa got just two major league outings, giving up two earned in four innings. He passed away in 2011.
10 - Joe Durham, Does Good
Joe Durham played in Negro Leagues, and later in the majors. He also became a coach in the minors.
11 - Mike Eberle, That Stroke
Mike Eberle hit well in summer collegiate ball. He played five seasons as a pro, never made the majors.
12 - Craig Faulkner, Ran Out
Craig Faulkner never made the bigs, but he later returned home to coach Venice High School in Florida. He won second-straight title in 2013.
13 - Walt Harris, Extraordinary Catch
Walt Harris played pro baseball and in the NFL. He never made the majors.
14 - Paris Hayden, Baseball Gods
Baseball gods smiled on Paris Haden enough for five-season pro career. He never made the bigs. He later coached in American Legion ball.
15 - Victor Hithe, High Hopes
Vic Hithe believed in high school he'd be playing at Dodger Stadium. He played as pro for seven years, never making the majors.
16 - Bobby Latmore, Sports Career
Bobby Latmore continues long career in sports in 2013 with a sports promotion company. He played six seasons as pro, never making the bigs.
17 - Mike Linskey, Really Exciting
Mike Linskey was excited about being added to the Orioles 40-man roster. He never made an active major league roster.
18 - Rodney Lofton, Bunt the Ball
Rodney Lofton had the ability to run the bases and play defense. He never got to use either ability in the majors.
19 - Rick Lundblade, Rare Opportunity
Rick Lundblade quit baseball after first season. He then returned to the game, making AAA, but not the majors.
20 - Ben McDonald, High Expectations
Ben McDonald had high expectations put on him that he could never fulfill. He still played in nine major league seasons.
21 - Joel McKeon, Working Forkball
When Joel McKeon's forkball worked, he showed exactly what he could do. He played in two major league seasons with the White Sox.
22 - Scott Meadows, Got ComfortableScott Meadows proved he could play at AAA, but he never got the chance to prove he could play in the majors.
23 - Luis Mercedes Tough Situation
Luis Mercedes came back from spring cut to make the bigs in two more seasons. He made the Orioles over 3 years in all.
24 - Jose Mesa, His Job
Jose Mesa knew as a closer he had to give it everything he had. In the 1997 World Series, he couldn't get it done.
25 - Dave Miller, Sinker Guy
Dave Miller was a sinker/slider guy. He played seven seasons, never made bigs. He later became bullpen coach for the Indians.
26 - Chris Myers, Same Thing
Chris Myers didn't want his age to hold him back. He played seven seasons, never made bigs.
27 - Jerry Narron, Stayed Connected
Jerry Narron loved baseball and has been a part of it in the majors as both player and manager.
28 - Ty Nichols, Added Up
As a scout, Ty Nichols tried to give all kids a chance. He played six seasons as pro, never making the bigs.
29 - Oswaldo Peraza, First Win
Oswaldo Peraza got his first major league win in an Orioles season full of losses.
30 - Doug Robbins, Great Thrill
Doug Robbins thought trying out for the Olympics was a thrill. He then made team and won gold. He never made the bigs.
31 - Mike Sander, Toughest Part
Mike Sander won wherever he went. It was enough to turn pro. But he had troubles continuing that, never making the bigs.
32 - Dan Simonds, Right Place
Dan Simonds played five seasons as a pro, then went on to coach in college. He is head coach for 2013 with Miami of Ohio.
33 - Sunny, Bedecked In
Sunny, the Hagerstown Suns' mascot, made the switch to Blue Jays blue, after Orioles orange. 
34 - Anthony Telford, All About
Anthony Telford gained praise from his Hall of Fame manager
35 - Paul Thorpe, High Pressure
Paul Thorpe was the go-to guy at single-A Daytona in 1985. He played seven seasons as pro, never made the majors.
36 - Jack Voigt, Every Opportunity
Jack Voigt showed he could play at the major league level. He played at that level in seven seasons.

Frederick Keys (30)

  1. Tony Beasley played over nine seasons, made AAA; Then tried out coaching, made bigs, 1/28/23
  2. Dan Berthel made name for himself at Long Beach; Saw three pro seasons, topped out at AA, 1/8/23
  3. Jeff Bumgarner put pressure on himself as top pick; Saw eight pro seasons, made AAA, 12/31/22
  4. Andres Constant turned prospect, then underwent elbow surgery; Career spanned eight seasons, made AA, 1/19/22
  5. Mike Deutsch played three seasons as a pro, then returned home and played another 15, 12/27/22
  6. Roy Gilbert felt relaxed in high-A April 1990 win; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 2/4/23
  7. Ricky Gutierrez got a new start after trade, then made the bigs over 12 seasons, 1/16/23
  8. Paris Hayden played five seasons, made AA; Later had success as American Legion coach, 1/29/23
  9. Brad Hildreth set records in college; Saw two pro seasons, got suspended after 'Bull Durham' stunt, 12/27/22
  10. Pat Hedge hit the ball over three pro seasons, later turned roving strength coach, 1/11/23
  11. Tim Holland extended his career with off-season work; Saw eight seasons, made AAA, 1/7/23
  12. Ed Horowitz saw four Opening Days as a pro, made AA; Later turned to communications, 1/29/23
  13. Stacy Jones liked to play baseball; Did so over 10 seasons, saw six ML games, 2/4/23
  14. Zachary Kerr pitched strongly at high-A in 1990, but arm troubles soon ended career; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 12/28/22
  15. Mike Lehman hoped slot would open at AAA, made it, but briefly; Saw six seasons, missed bigs, 1/31/23
  16. Bobby Miscik made AAA as player, manager; Enjoyed involvement in the game, 1/14/23
  17. Steve Mondile had good day as he signed as pro; Saw four seasons, made high-A, then turned coach, scout, 12/27/22
  18. Wally Moon was challenged by teaching process; Played 12 seasons in bigs, then worked as coach, 12/30/22
  19. Bill Murray served as New Jersey Devils trainer for decade, 12/25/23
  20. Mike Oquist kept learning over seven seasons in majors; Became regular over three with Oakland, 1/18/23
  21. Mike Pazik worked hard, impressed as player; Then turned minors - and majors - coach, 1/23/23
  22. Doug Reynolds had enough tools, talent and performance to turn pro, make high-A; Later turned scout, 1/27/23
  23. Arthur Rhodes did the job in bigs over 20 seasons; Finally made the World Series in final campaign, 1/9/23
  24. Chuck Ricci paid his dues over nine seasons, then made bigs for seven games; Later became scout, 1/2/23
  25. Mike Richardson once hit a home run at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium; Played three seasons, made high-A, 1/10/2
  26. Pete Rose Jr. dreamed of turning pro, made bigs for 11 games with Reds; Dad's career impacted his, 12/29/22
  27. Ken Shamburg realized he'd always have another at-bat; Played over 11 pro seasons, missed bigs, 1/4/23
  28. Rich Slomkowski tried new delivery after slow start; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 2/5/23
  29. Rob Stiegele found himself alongside HOFers as batboy; Later turned pro, saw two seasons, 1/3/23
  30. Todd Stephan knew the bigs sometimes required getting a break; Saw five pro seasons, made AAA, missed majors, 1/1/23
  31. Anthony Telford showed poise and savvy in ML debut; Saw time in nine majors seasons, 1/24/23

Wausau Timbers (35)
1 - Manny Alexander, Couldn't Complain, 2/12/16
2 - Matt Anderson, Grew Up, 10/8/11
3 - Mattie Asencio joined other Dominican players at Wausau; Saw two pro seasons, topped out at single-A, 7/1/21
4 - Hector Bautista, Four Outfielders, 2/2/16
5 - Christian Benitez, Wound Down, 2/29/16
7 - John Boothby worked to get people out to games in native Australia, just not on one night in South Bend, 6/18/21
8 - Sergio Cairo, Capable Player, 2/8/16
9 - Bo Davis, Check In, 2/13/16
10 - Cesar Devarez, Been Catching, 2/11/16
11 - Oneri Fleita, Positive Way, 2/22/16
12 - John Fowler, Select Company, 2/1/16
13 - Shawn Heiden, About Everything, 2/3/16
14 - Aman Hicks, Took Notice, 2/17/16
15 - Brad Hildreth set records in college; Saw two pro seasons, got suspended after 'Bull Durham' stunt, 6/28/21
16 - Keith Kessinger, Proud Of, 2/21/16
17 - Pat Leinen, Too Many, 2/1/16
18 - T.R. Lewis, Winning Hit, 8/12/12
19 - John Marett, Oriole Signee, 2/24/16
20 - Tom Martin, His Way, 1/24/16
21 - Daryl Moore, Good Years, 2/18/16
22 - Chet Nichols, Biggest Thrill, 1/24/16
23 - Brad Pennington, Walk Totals, 2/6/16
24 - Dave Riddle, One Thing, 11/29/11
25 - Jimmy Roso, Down the Line, 8/12/10
26 - Keith Schmidt, First-Ever, 1/25/16
27 - Gary Shingledecker, Five Hits, 1/25/16
28 - Rich Smith, Travel Coach, 2/13/16
29 - Tommy Taylor, Down The Road, 1/20/11
30 - Joe Teixeira, Hidden Gem, 1/30/16
31 - Mel Wearing, His Love, 1/31/16
32 - Robert Wheatcroft, His Spots, 2/3/16
33 - Steve Williams, Usual Pop, 2/2/16
34 - Mike Young, To Learn, 1/30/16
35 - Gregg Zaun, Team Player, 2/14/16

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