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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steve Smith's Amazing Race: Nice Mustache

Steve Smith and his daughter Allie showed their race skills again last week, coming in again in second place. Now Steve has told USA Today what may be their secret: his time in the minor leagues.

"I had 20 years in the minors," the member of the 1990 CMC set told the paper in a story Friday. "I made every ride. Baseball is a grind, you play 162 games. My daughter used to come and see me every summer, so she was used to traveling, too. We were perfect."

Last week's episode took them from Germany to France, picking up a baggette, taking part in a World War I reenactment, and donning mustaches for a bike ride. That's them in the picture above from

They escaped a U-Turn, having to do an extra challenge, when the lead team, Rhode Island police officers Louie and Michael chose another team, Joe and Heidi. However, from the outside, the better choice for Louie and Michael would have been Steve and Allie. They've proven to be a strong team, and they are uninjured. Joe of Joe and Heidi, had a bad knee. They would have been eliminated at some point soon on their own. Here's a video from

But Steve, at 57. remains in the race with his daughter. He is the oldest racer left in the field.

"So far in the race," Allie said of her father, "he's rocking it."

Steve commented his daughter later on her mustache.

Next episode is tonight on CBS tonight at 8/7c.
Steve Smith Tally
Steve Smith: Amazing Manager
Episode 1, LA to Chile: Fourth Place
Episode 2, Chile: Seventh Place
Episode 3, Chili to Argentina: Second Place
Episode 4, Argentina to Germany: Second Place
Episode 5, Germany to France: Second Place
Episode 6, France: Third Place
Episode 7, France to the Seychelles: First Place
Episode 8, Seychelles to Malaysia: Eliminated

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