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Monday, February 22, 2010

Steve Smith's Amazing Race: Low-Key Leg

If it looked like Steve Smith and his daughter Allie had an easier time of it in Leg 2, there was apparently a reason.

According to a secret scene on, the two found a local named Roberto who showed them around the local university, helping them with directions, Internet access and even buying them dinner. The scene is embedded above.

"It was awesome, that guy missed a class," Steve told the camera, saying he believed his son would do the same, though not necessarily for the same reasons. "I asked if he had a sinorita, he said 'no time, no time, study, study, study." He said he hoped his son would hear that.

The Greatest 21 Days is following Smith's progress on The Amazing Race as he is actually a part of the set. He is currently the third-base coach for the Cleveland Indians, but in 1990, he was the manager of the Oklahoma City 89ers.

On the episode itself, Steve and Allie were almost invisible, which can be a good thing. My wife hardly noticed them. They only got a few quick quotes, but no measurable screen time: "Dad, dad, let's go"; "We're going to go flying"; "Thank you, gracias."

It was a far cry from their Leg 1 performance, where there was worry they might not make it through after they began painting the wrong house.

But then came the only quote that mattered: "Steve and Allie, you are team No. 7." And in this game, anything but "last team to arrive" is a win.

Steve Smith Tally
Steve Smith: Amazing Manager
Episode 1, LA to Chile: Fourth Place
Episode 2, Chile: Seventh Place
Episode 3, Chili to Argentina: Second Place
Episode 4, Argentina to Germany: Second Place
Episode 5, Germany to France: Second Place
Episode 6, France: Third Place
Episode 7, France to the Seychelles: First Place
Episode 8, Seychelles to Malaysia: Eliminated

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