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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scott Wade, Pawtucket Red Sox - 274

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If the players I've been writing about seem random, that's what I'm going for. Much of the CMC set is set up by team, with entire team sets grouped together. So, in an effort to keep things interesting, I've been using the random number generator at to choose my entries.

Today's number picked was 274 and Pawtucket Red Sox Scott Wade. The reason I pointed out the randomness of the selections is that Wade is the second player in a row who would be a future replacement player. He was also apparently in the movie Major League II, but he himself would never become a major leaguer, too. (Ran that line by my wife, she approved.)

If there was ever someone who could be called a career minor leaguer it was Scott Wade. The outfielder played his first six professional seasons in the Red Sox organization. He never hit over .266, but became firmly parked at AAA Pawtucket, playing four full seasons there.

He bounced around for his next five seasons, from 1991 to 1995, playing in six separate organizations. All the while staying with their respective AAA clubs. He played for the Phillies' Scranton club twice, in 1991 and in 1994.

By 1995, he was back with the Red Sox, having signed with them as a replacement player as a result of the ongoing strike. As I mentioned earlier, the strike ended before any of the replacement players saw regular season action. Wade, like Burcham yesterday, was still assigned to the AAA squad. Wade's return to the Paw Sox, however, was brief. He played just seven games, closing out his career with a total of 752 games played in AAA ball over nine seasons, and zero games in the majors.

As for his movie career, Wade's name is listed in the cast of the 1994 sequel Major League II, which used several professional players as extras. Wade is a Maryland native and scenes were filmed at Camden Yards.

1990 CMC Tally
Cards Reviewed: 9/880
Major Leaguers: 4
Never Made the Majors: 5
100+ Games in the Majors: 0
10+ Seasons in the Minors: 4

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  1. My name is Ron Tyler. When I grew up in Stillwater, OK and was a big fan of Scott Wade. As I would go to Oklahoma St baseball games and cheer for him. One of my fondest memories was when my mother took me to get ice cream with Scott Wade at Braum's ice cream parlor. What a nice guy he was to take a little time out of his busy schedule to get ice cream with his one of his youngest fans! Thank you Scott Wade!