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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brian Brady, Phoenix Firebirds - 539

Check out the more in-depth feature on Brian Brady, posted in July 2011: Brian Brady, Hall Encounters

When I do these posts, I'll be using Baseball Reference as my primary source, but I'll also be doing some Google searches, to make sure there isn't anything else out there about a player.

This Google search included an account of a conversation between two men, with one of the participants, Brian Brady, having 4,255 fewer major league hits than the other participant.

Brian Brady, an outfielder for the Phoenix Firebirds, is interesting enough. He made the majors with the Angels in April 1989, playing in only two games, getting to bat just twice. He doubled in his first at bat, April 16. He struck out in his second at bat six days later, in what would be his final at bat. Interestingly, Baseball Reference credits Brady with an RBI for his double, his stat line on his card doesn't.

His season with Phoenix was his last of seven in the minors, batting just .254.

Now for Brady's meeting with hit king Pete Rose. Esquire reporter Scott Raab, blogging after a 2007 World Series blowout, included the story in his effort. Raab uses the Moonlight Graham reference, though as I've mentioned, there are at least two players in the CMC set closer to Moonlight, with only a single major league at bat each.

The meeting was in early 1997 at a card show in Texas. Raab describes Rose as upset at the turnout. Then Brady walks up, wanting Rose to sign a newspaper clipping.

Brady's teammates used to call him "Charlie Hustle," Brady explained.

"That's what they called me," Raab quoted Brady as saying. "You were my idol growin' up. You were one of my inspirations to make it to the big leagues. They told me I didn't have much. I broke my ass and made it."

Raab implies that Rose appears uninterested, responding with a "Nice seein' ya," and then "two more hours" when Brady asked how long he would be in town.

Brady responded himself with a "nice seein' ya," then turned around and left.
1990 CMC Tally
Cards Reviewed: 4/880
Major Leaguers: 2
Never Made the Majors: 2
100+ Games in the Majors: 0
10+ Seasons in the Minors: 1

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  1. Well, I have more in common with Brian Brady than just a name. I also met Rose and expressed my admiration as a Phillies fan, growing up; he was as uninterested as he was towards the other Brian Brady.