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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Tye Waller made bigs, later coached: Baseball Profiles

Tye Waller 1990 Riverside Red Wave card

More than two seasons removed from his last major league time, Astros AAA outfielder Tye Waller worked to make it back to the bigs, he believed he would do it, The Arizona Daily Star wrote in June 1985. 

"I believe I'll be called up for my glove, speed and arm," Waller told The Daily Star. "That's what has kept me in the game, because I'm an inconsistent hitter."

Waller did make it back to the majors with Houston, but not for another two seasons, for 11 final games.

He then stayed in the game much longer, as a coach. in both the minor leagues and the majors, with the Padres and Athletics.

Waller's long career in the game began in 1977, taken by the Cardinals in the fourth round of the draft out of San Diego City College. Waller's name has also been spelled Ty Waller.

Waller started with the Cardinals at rookie Calgary. He made AA Arkansas in 1979 and then AAA Springfield and St. Louis in 1980.

He saw five games with St. Louis in 1980, then got traded to the Cubs and saw 30 games in Chicago in 1981. He hit .268, with three home runs. 

Waller returned to Chicago for 17 more games in 1982, then moved to the White Sox at AAA in 1983 and the Astros at AAA Tucson in 1984. He stayed at Tucson for three full season and into a fourth before returning for his 11 final games in 1987.

Waller then turned to coaching with the Padres. He coached for 1988 at short-season Spokane before becoming Padres minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator in 1989. He's recorded as staying in that role for five seasons, and got a card as a coach at high-A Riverside in 1990.

He managed at Spokane in 1994, then became Padres bullpen coach in 1995 before he turned Padres coordinator of minor league instruction.

Waller continued with the Padres as director of player development in 2000. That September, he spoke with The Hanover Evening Sun about what's needed to advance.

"It all depends on the player," Waller told The Evening Sun. "Getting the innings of play is the biggest thing (in the minor leagues.)."

Waller joined the Athletics as a major league base coach in 2007 and he continued there through 2015. In 2014, he spoke with CNET as he worked to gather data on opposing players for an application to give the A's an advantage.

"I'm an old-school guy with a new-school spin," Waller told CNET. "Some people might consider me a geek, but I just consider myself a baseball guy trying to make a difference on the field."

Tye Waller 1990 Riverside Red Wave card

1990 Minor League Tally 
Players/Coaches Featured:4,355
Made the Majors:1,403-32.2%-X
Never Made Majors:2,952-67.8%
5+ Seasons in the Majors:571
10+ Seasons in the Minors:352

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