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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Seattle Mariners minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 Seattle Mariners farm system.


  • AAA - Calgary Cannons (28)
  • AA - Williamsport Bills (27)
  • High-A - San Bernardino Spirit (31)
  • Short-Season - Bellingham Mariners (39)
To Come: 

  • Single-A - Peninsula Pilots 

Calgary Cannons (28)

1 - Tony Blasucci, Going to Win
Moved to AA, Tony Blasucci was missed as a closer by his old team. He also missed the majors.
2 - Mickey Brantley, Career Crossroads
Mickey Brantley had a frustrating year in 1990. That came after four years with time in the bigs.
3 - Dave Burba, Bright Future
Dave Burba showed a bright future in closing 1991 strong. He played in 15 major league seasons.
4 - Casey Close, Positive Emphasis
Casey Close described his poor season in detail in 1988. He would likely never do that now as an agent.
5 - Dave Cochrane, Real Adversity
Dave Cochrane's career was threatened by infection. He came back to make the majors in five seasons.
6 - Mario Diaz, Helped Win
It took Mario Diaz a few years to make the bigs, then stayed for nine years.
7 - Tom Dodd, A Success
Tom Dodd played as a pro in 11 seasons and made majors once. He called his career a success.
8 - Greg Fulton, Best Defense
Greg Fulton was the best first baseman in the Eastern League. He never became a first baseman in the majors.
9 - Todd Haney, His Role
Todd Haney was ready to fill in for the Cubs in 1996. That was his role.
10 - Keith Helton, Go-To Guy
Keith Helton was the go-to guy for his short-season manager. He played six seasons, but never made bigs.
11 - Tommy Jones, Little Things
Tommy Jones thought his player got robbed. In the end, it was Jones who was robbed, by cancer.
12 - Ed Jurak, Impressive Spring
Ed Jurak hit well every spring. In six of those, he hit well enough to make majors.
13 - Vance Lovelace, No Quitter
Vance Lovelace endured setbacks, but he came back to pitch in the majors.
14 - Edgar Martinez, Greatest DH
Edgar Martinez had a career full of legendary moments with the Mariners. One may be still to come, with the Hall of Fame.
15 - Tino Martinez, Quality Player
The Mariners thought Tino Martinez would be a quality major league player. He was for 16 seasons.
16 - Bill McGuire, Few At-Bats
Bill McGuire hit a difference-making home run in his 13th major league game. He played in 23 total games.
17 - Jose Melendez, So Versatile
Jose Melendez was called awesome by his manager. He went on to play in five major league seasons.
18 - Pat Pacillo, Early Expectations
The Reds called Pat Pacillo the club's top prospect. He made the majors, but for just 18 games.
19 - Pat Rice, Pitched Until
Pat Rice thought he'd pitch until they fired him. He pitched until he got to the majors.
20 - Randy Roetter, Athlete Hydration
Randy Roetter has worked to keep the Mariners prospects healthy for more than 20 years as trainer.
21 - Jeff Schaefer, Talked To
Jeff Schaefer dreamed of his first major league home run trot for 25 years. Then he got it.
22 - Theo Shaw, Like A Kid
Theo Shaw got the clearance to pitch again and he felt like a kid again. He didn't make the majors.  
23 - Matt Sinatro, Commitment to Improve
Matt Sinatro had setbacks, but he kept returning to the majors for a decade.
24 - Terry Taylor, That Mistake
Terry Taylor made a mistake in his fifth major league outing, he gave up grand slam. It was also his last big league outing.
25 - Ed Vande Berg, Got to Act
Ed Vande Berg got a big work load for the Mariners in 1982. He played in seven major league seasons.
26 - Mike A. Walker, Got the Ball
Mike Walker made the majors with the Mariners, played spring training with the Pirates in the late 1980s and in 1995.
27 - Dan Warthen, That Promise
Dan Warthen received advice as a member of the Expos in the 1970s. He's now dispensing it as coach.
28 - Jim Weaver, His Strength
Jim Weaver's strength was in playing every day. When he made the majors, he hardly played.

Williamsport Bills (27)
1 - Jim Blueberg, Late Bloomer
Jim Blueberg didn't grow until college. Then caught eye of the Mariners. He never made the bigs.
2 - Jim Bowie, Swing the Bat

The 1994 strike helped cut Jim Bowie's major league career to just six games. 
3 - Dave Brundage, Best Moment
Dave Brundage had his best moment as a manager sending a player to the bigs. Hasn't made it himself.
4 - Bobby Cuellar, What Happens
Bobby Cuellar allowed his pitchers a chance to fail, and succeed.
5 - Troy Evers, Quality Game

Troy Evers pitched a quality game at Fort Lauderdale. He played seven seasons, but not in the bigs.
6 - Fernando Figueroa, Third Save
Fernando Figueroa picked up his third save of 1990. He played eight seasons, but not in the bigs. 
7 - Mike Gardiner, Felt Capable
Mike Gardiner felt he was capable of playing in the bigs. He did so in six seasons.
8 - Mike Goff, Concentrate On

Mike Goff had experience as a reliever. He never made the majors.
9 - Ruben Gonzalez, Enjoyed Himself

Ruben Gonzalez got stuck behind others in the Mariners system. He then got hurt.
10 - Lee Hancock, Offensive Lineman
Lee Hancock knew if he did his job, nobody would know he'd been there.
11 - Chuck Hensley, Good Move

Chuck Hensley changed agents, then he made the majors.
12 - Jeff Hooper, Brief Chance
Jeff Hooper wanted to play pro ball and that's what he did. He played four seasons. 
13 - Chris Howard, Chosen Sport
Chris Howard got a college football scholarship to play his chosen sport of baseball.
14 - Bryan King, Could Compete

Bryan King was the shortest guy on his college team. He realized he could play with anyone.
15 - Dru Kosco, Improved Everyday

Dru Kosco felt he was improving every day. He never improved enough for the bigs.
16 - Shane Letterio, Felt Confident

Shane Letterio remained optimistic despite frustrations. He never made the bigs.
17 - Mark Merchant, Pretty Calm 
Mark Merchant waited for a pro career his entire life. He played 12 seasons, but not in the bigs.
18 - Mike McDonald, Game Winner

Mike McDonald hit a game-winning home run at AA in 1993. He never made the bigs. 
19 - Rich Morales, Full Potential
Rich Morales always had confidence in his ability. He later became a coach. 
20- Jeff Nelson, Good One
Jeff Nelson didn't feel he belonged in AAA. He was in the majors in 15 seasons. 
21 - Ken Pennington, Another Prospect
Ken Pennington was looked at as the Mariners third baseman of the future. He never made AAA.
22 - Mark Razook, Legion Ball
Mark Razook's legion play got him a college scholarship. He played three seasons as a pro.
23 - Dana Ridenour, Comparable To
Dana Ridenour had a good forkball. He played nine seasons, but not in the bigs.
24 - Ricky Rojas, Bore Down

Ricky Rojas kept his composure in high school. He played in the pros over eight seasons, but not in the majors.
25 - Chris Verna, Big Thrill
Chris Verna looked forward to career as baseball trainer. Still works as trainer in Florida.
26 - Ted Williams, Steal Bases
This Ted Williams stole bases. He also never made the majors. 
27 - Mark Wooden, Came Through
Mark Wooden came through for his college team. He played five seasons as a pro.

San Bernardino Spirit (31)
1 - Fernando Arguelles, On Top
Fernando Arguelles helped Florida Southern to two titles. He played four seasons as a pro.
 - Batboys, Fun Job
The San Bernardino Spirit batboy job was a fun one.
3 - Jim Bennett, Pitching Ahead
Jim Bennett's long coaching career now includes time in Australia.
4 - Keith Bodie, His Philosophy
Keith Bodie has tried to get players as good as they can be. 
5 - The Bug, Sight and Sound
San Bernardino's mascot "The Bug" was played by a truck driver.
6 - Isaiah Clark, Mature Person
Isaiah Clark suffered a knee injury 15 games into his career. He made it back, but he never made the majors. 
7 - Roberto Del Pozo, Delivered It
Roberto Del Pozo delivered the go-ahead run in a June 1991 game. He played four seasons as a pro.
8 - Rich DeLucia, Of Relief
Rich DeLucia always wanted to play baseball. He played ten years in the bigs.
9 - David Evans, Played Hard
David Evans was carried off the field injured in college. He played a decade in the pros.
Dave Fleming fully appreciated playing baseball.
11 - Manuel Furcal, Long Save
Manuel Furcal picked up a long save in 1990. He played four seasons as a pro.
12 - Calvin Jones, Didn't Quit
Calvin Jones had a poor outing for the Mariners, but he didn't quit.
13 - Jeff Keitges, Home Run

Jeff Keitges helped his team to a win in 1990 with a home run. He played four seasons as a pro.
14 - Tyrone Kingwood, Raw Ability
Tyrone Kingwood had raw athletic ability. That's why the Expos took him. He didn't get to the bigs.
15 - Chuck Kniffin, With Strengths
Chuck Kniffin got his chance to coach in bigs with the Diamondbacks. He played in the minors with the Phillies.
16 - Pat Lennon, Raised Him
Pat Lennon didn't have control. He then changed he made the bigs.
17 - Bobby Magallanes, No Joke
Bobby Magallanes helped send players to the majors as a manager.
 - Tony Manahan, Showed Confidence
Tony Manahan showed confidence in his seven pro seasons.
19 - Ellerton Maynard, His Wheels
Ellerton Maynard showed his wheels at single-A in 1990. He played six seasons, but not in the bigs. 
20 - Steve Murray, Big Difference
Steve Murray's hit turned a 1984 College World Series game, He played in eight pro seasons.
21 - Tim Newlin, Door Slammed
Jim Newlin helped Wichita State to the 1989 College World Series title. He played seven seasons as a pro. 
22 - Greg Pirkl, New Position
Greg Pirkl did well enough at his new position to make the Mariners. He then tried pitching.
23 - Scott Pitcher, Adjustment Made
Scott Pitcher improved with a minor adjustment. It wasn't enough for him to make the majors.
24 - Roger Salkeld, Through Injury

Roger Salkeld never lived up to his first-round status. He still made the bigs in three seasons.
25 - David Smith, First Pitch
David Smith made a first pitch a double in a 1989 game. He played just two seasons as a pro. 
26 - Tim Stargell, Team MVPs
Tim Stargell made team MVP in first three seasons. He only played in four.
27 - Scott Taylor, Much Fun
Scott Taylor held off on his pharmaceutical career, he then made the majors.
28 - Brian Turang, Motivated Him
Brian Turang wasn't a major league prospect. But he still made it to the majors.
29 - Johnny Wiggs, With Emotion
Johnny Wiggs pitched with emotion as a reliever. He played five seasons as a pro. 
30 - Ray Williams, Two Sports
Ray Williams played two sports in college. He tried both as a pro.
31 - Kerry Woodson, Big Butterflies
Kerry Woodson had big butterflies in his major league debut. He played in just eight games.

Bellingham Mariners (39)
1 - Dave Adam, His Spots, 10/16/17
2 - Rob Callistro, His Faith, 10/19/17
3 - P.J. Carey, His Time, 10/29/17
4 - Jim Converse, First Win, 11/7/17
5 - John Cummings, Learned To, 11/5/17
6 - Kyle Duke, Top Prospect, 10/23/17
7 - Doug Fitzer, That Coaching, 10/17/17
8 - Rick Green, Home Run, 10/9/17
9 - John Hoffman, Second Generation, 11/8/17
10 - Greg Hunter, Enjoyed It, 10/20/17
11 - Kevin King, Good Game, 11/10/17
12 - Clay Klavitter, Mentally Ready, 11/5/17
13 - Matt Kluge, Strong Defense, 10/26/17
14 - Tony Kounas, His Chance, 11/12/17
15 - Rich Lodding, Physical Effort, 10/15/17
16 - Bobby Magallanes, No Joke, 10/8/17
17 - Jim Magill, All Around, 10/18/17
18 - Dave McDonald, Nice Job, 11/14/17
19 - Fred McNair, Good Bat, 10/25/17
20 - Lipso Nava, Kept Learning, 11/11/17
21 - Rob Nichols, Fired Up, 10/22/17
22 - Myron Pines, Unique Situation, 11/1/17
23 - Glen Raasch, College Prospect, 10/20/17
24 - Randy Rivera, Could Go, 10/15/17
25 - Willie Romay, Their Projection, 11/6/17
26 - Ruben Santana, Little Things, 10/10/17
27 - Brian Stephens, Extra Concentration, 10/28/17
28 - Doug Tegtmeier, Summer Title, 10/16/17
29 - James Terrell, Pretty Fun, 10/28/17
30 - Bill Tucker, True Passion, 11/13/17
31 - Sean Twitty, Closest Friends, 10/14/17
32 - Jerry Walker, Eclipsed Perspective, 11/4/17
33 - Spyder Webb, His Name, 11/2/17
34 - Gary Wheelock, Further Development, 10/30/17
35 - Willie Wilder, His Dedication, 10/9/17
36 - Willie Wilkerson, Home State, 10/21/17
37 - Tyler Williams, Six Innings, 10/27/17
38 - Kevin Yianacopolus, Highest Ability, 11/15/17
39 - Todd Youngblood, Bulldog Type, 10/21/17

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