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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Chris Wallgren played briefly as pro: Baseball Profiles

Chris Wallgren 1990 Elizabethton Twins card

A year out of high school, Sacramento City College catcher Chris Wallgren felt he could look forward, to the pros, The Sacramento Bee wrote in April 1989.

A solid freshman season helped him do that, The Bee wrote.

"I'd like to play one more year here, but I really don't want to play at a four-year school," Wallgren told The Bee. "I'd like to get drafted. I really think it's a realistic goal. I wasn't last year because I was just a kid out of high school."

Wallgren did play there another year and he did get drafted. His pro career, though, proved brief. He played a single season.

Wallgren's career began in 1990, taken by the Twins in the 49th round of the draft out of Sacramento City College. Wallgren was also credited as Charles Wallgren.

Wallgren played with the Twins at rookie Elizabethton. He saw 23 games, 21 at catcher. He hit .263. But an old shoulder injury flared up, bothering him, The Bee wrote later.

Wallgren returned for spring 1991, but his shoulder didn't get better and his standing with the club didn't either. He chose instead to move on, he told The Bee in May 1991.

"Sure, it was a tough decision," Wallgren told The Bee then. "I feel like I've broken some kind of rule or committed a baseball sin. I know this is everyone's dream when they're little kids ... I'm not bitter about what happened."

Chris Wallgren 1990 Elizabethton Twins card

1990 Minor League Tally 
Players/Coaches Featured:4,392
Made the Majors:1,415-32.2
Never Made Majors:2,977-67.8%-X
5+ Seasons in the Majors:576
10+ Seasons in the Minors:354

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