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Monday, March 18, 2024

Chris Correnti became go-to trainer for Red Sox, Pedro

Chris Correnti 1990 Osceola Astros card

Veteran Red Sox hurler John Burkett started 2002 on the disabled list. So, going into 2003, Red Sox trainer Chris Correnti tried to avoid that with an off-season program, The Hartford Courant wrote.

"He's made some adjustments on his body, even last year. He's staying healthy," Correnti told The Courant. "He's never really done any type of lifting in his career. I just put him on a simple program. We're adding a little bit. I think he's enjoying it. I think you're going to see results."

Burkett's work paid off with 30 starts that season and a 1209 record. Correnti's work with other players also gained notice, including with future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez and fellow Red Sox hurler Derek Lowe. 

Correnti would even become known as Martinez' personal trainer.

Correnti's career began in 1989, as a minor league trainer for the Astros. He graduated from Illinois State University with degree in athletic training and he later worked on his Masters. (Correnti was inadvertently pictured on fellow trainer Gene Confreda's 1990 Osceola card)

Correnti served as trainer in 1990 at high-A Osceola, then as trainer at single-A Burlington for 1991. By 1994, he was with the Red Sox, as trainer at high-A Lynchburg.

By 2001, he was in Boston working with Martinez. That February, Correnti spoke with The Fort Myers News-Press about Lowe, whom he worked with almost daily.

"He's stronger than he's ever been," Correnti told The News-Press. "He's in better shape than he's ever been and he's just carrying himself a lot better as far as balance, his core, total body strength."

Correnti stayed with the Red Sox through 2005. For 2007, he joined the Mets, described by The New York Post as Pedro's trainer. For 2012, he joined the Orioles and became an assistant trainer on their big league staff in 2014.

Chris Correnti 1990 Osceola Astros card

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