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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Greg Blosser saw 22 bigs games over 2 seasons, also Japan

Greg Blosser 1990 Lynchburg Red Sox card, Blosser posed in batting stance

Coming off a season where he'd seen 17 games with the Red Sox, Greg Blosser looked for more in 1994, The Associated Press wrote

That spring, he went on a 7-for-13 run and seemed to have himself in a good position to return to Boston, if not out of spring training, later in the season, The AP wrote.

"I've kind of got one foot in the door right now, so if I would go to Triple A it would be a panic situation," Blosser told The AP then. "I fully expected that to happen coming out of spring training, anyway."

For Blosser, he did return to Boston that year, but for five more games. Those five games proved to be the last of his big league career.

Blosser's career began in 1989, taken by the Red Sox 16th overall in the draft out of Sarasota High School.

Blosser started with the Red Sox between single-A Winter Haven and the rookie Gulf Coast League. He moved to high-A Lynchburg for 1990 and then AA New Britain for 1991.

He'd hit .282 at Lynchburg in 1990, but his average fell to .217 at New Britain in 1991. That July at New Britain, he spoke to The Hartford Courant about unexpectedly struggling.

"I came here with the intention of hitting more home runs than anyone ever had (for New Britain)," Blosser told The Courant. "Of doing everything perfect. I'd never struggled before. In high school, it had always been so easy."

He returned to New Britain for 1992, then saw AAA Pawtucket in 1993. That September, he made Boston. He got into 17 games and went 2 for 28. Blosser then returned to Boston in April 1994 for another five games. He went 1 for 11. 

Back at AAA in May, Blosser found success. He also found a new way to hit, The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader wrote.

"He's the reason you have minor leagues, Blosser is," Pawtucket manager Buddy Bailey told The Times Leader. "Before it was all longball or nothing for him. He's learning how to become a hitter."

For Blosser, though, his major league career had already concluded, with those 22 games played. He continued playing, though, through 2001 in the minors and independent ball

He also saw time in Japan in 1999 with Seibu and limited time in 2003 and 2008 with independent Somerset and Lancaster to round out his career.

Greg Blosser 1990 Lynchburg Red Sox

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