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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 1990 California Angels minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 California Angels farm system


  • AAA - Edmonton Trappers (24)
  • AA - Midland Angels (38)
  • High-A - Palm Springs Angels (27)
  • Single-A - Quad City Angels (30)
  • Short-Season - Boise Hawks (32)

Edmonton Trappers (24)

1- Karl Allaire: Karl Allaire was a journeyman minor leaguer. He played nine seasons, but never made the bigs.
2 - Chris Beasley: Chris Beasley preferred basketball to baseball. Passed over by the NBA, he later made the majors.
3 - Gary BuckelsGary Buckels got enough outs as a reliever to make the majors, but not enough to stick.
4 - Tim BurchamTim Burcham played 10 seasons as a pro, mostly in the Angels system. He never made the bigs.
5 - Pete Coachman: Pete Coachman admitted he thought about the bigs constantly. He then made it, for 16 games.
6 - Sherman CorbettSherman Corbett was a crafty left-hander in parts of three seasons with the Angels, 10 seasons as a pro.
7 - Chris CronChris Cron grew up eating and sleeping baseball. He made the bigs for 12 games. He's now a minor league manager.
8 - Doug DavisDoug Davis never thought he'd be a manager. He later was a bench coach in the World Series.
9 - Gary DiSarcina: Gary DiSarcina got settled into the Angels starting shortstop job for much of the 1990s.
10 - Mike ErbMike Erb surfed his way to AAA Edmonton, but he couldn't surf his way to the majors.
11 - Mike FettersMike Fetters was given an opportunity to throw by the Brewers. He turned that into a 16-year career.
12 - Dan Grunhard: Dan Grunhard liked to play the game, he just never got the opportunity to in the majors.
13 - Jeff Heathcock: Jeff Heathcock's mother saw him play at single-A. Many saw him play in the majors.
14 - Chuck HernandezChuck Hernandez developed pitchers his whole career, a quarter century as a coach.
15 - Scott LewisScott Lewis broke his neck, then he made the majors.
16 - Rafael MontalvoRafael Montalvo asked for only a chance to pitch. He did so in the majors for a single inning.
17 - Max Oliveras: Max Oliveras managed or coached somewhere for more than two decades.
18 - Reed PetersReed Peters never won a championship in the minors. He also never made the majors.
19 - Nelson Rood: Nelson Rood tried to make the majors by just going out and playing the game. He never made it.
20 - Bobby RoseBobby Rose revived his career after 1992 Angels bus crash. He did so in Japan, then stayed there for eight seasons.
21 - John SkurlaJohn Skurla hit a curve to help with a 1984 college win. He later hit curves well enough to make AAA, but not the majors.
22 - Lee StevensLee Stevens played in front of major league crowds for a decade, crowds in Japan for two.
23 - Ron Tingley: Ron Tingley had an up-and-down career. He was up in the majors for parts of nine seasons.
24 - Cliff YoungCliff Young's best resulted in time in three major league seasons. His best was then remembered at his 1993 memorial.

Midland Angels (38)

1 - Kyle Abbott, Positive Nature, 10/4/17
2 - Luis Aguayo, Thinking About, 5/13/18
3 - Ruben Amaro, Jr., The Gig, 10/3/17
4 - Jim Aylward, Played Overseas, 4/7/15
5 - Jeff Barns, Multiple Positions, 9/17/17
6 - Mike Butcher, Tough SOB, 9/15/17
7 - Glenn Carter, Held Out, 9/24/17
8 - Scott Cerny, Took It, 9/23/17
9 - Doug Davis, Break Given, 4/28/18
10 - Mark Davis, His Confidence, 9/29/17
11 - Steve DeAngelis, Best Shot, 9/14/17
12 - Frank DeMichele, Made Of, 10/1/17
13 - Mike Erb, Surfer Image, 4/27/18
14 - Kevin Flora, For Her, 9/30/17
15 - Joe Grahe, His Ability, 9/16/17
16 - Andy Hall, Position Change, 10/5/17
17 - Carl Hamilton, Got Drafted, 9/26/17
18 - Mark Holzemer, Hit Him, 9/21/17
19 - Mike Hook, Every Time, 4/28/18
20 - Monty Hoppel, Most Important, 10/7/17
21 - Mark Howie, Paced Himself, 9/16/17
22 - Juice the Moose, Summer Favorite, 10/4/17
23 - Mike Knapp, Pretty Good, 10/5/17
24 - Wiley Lee, Competitive Nature, 10/1/17
25 - Tim Meeks, Fine Pitching, 4/29/18
26 - Luis Merejo, Hard Tag, 9/24/17
27 - Robert Moore, Best Arm, 4/29/18
28 - Reed Peters, Very Difficult, 4/22/18
29 - Eddie Rodriguez, Very Fortunate, 9/19/17
30 - Joshua Rodriguez, Future Pro, 10/6/17
31 - Gary Ruby, Done Right, 9/18/17
32 - Scott Sowell, Career Highlight, 10/6/17
33 - Dave Sturdivant, Three Runners, 4/20/18
34 - Kevin Trudeau, Played Harder, 9/17/17
35 - Brandy Vann, Just Pitch, 5/17/18
36 - Don Vidmar, To Work, 4/23/18
37 - Dan Wagner, Pull Even, 9/13/17
38 - Mark Zappelli, His Goal, 9/23/17

Palm Springs Angels (27)
1 - Clemente Acosta, Fourth Save
Clemente Acosta finished off a single-A save in 1988. He never made the bigs.
2 - Terry Carr, Line Drives
Terry Carr was called a Gary Pettis-type. He never made the bigs.
3 - Marvin Cobb, Two Hitless
Marvin Cobb picked up a short-season win. He made AA, but not the bigs.
4 - Frank Dominguez, Guessed Right
Frank Dominguez guessed right, hit a high school home run.
5 - Steve Dunn, One Run
Steve Dunn gave up one run in a college outing. He played three pro seasons.
6 - Dave Esquer, Exceptional Leadership
David Esquer kept his Cal team together and they made the College World Series
7 - John Fritz, Good Impression
John Fritz tried to leave them with a good impression.
8 - Jeff Kelso, Hit It
Jeff Kelso made a fastball the game-winner at short-season. He never made AA.
9 - Jeff Kipila, More Comfortable
Jeff Kipila felt more comfortable at the plate. He made AAA, but not the bigs.
10 - Brett Merriman, That Control
Brett Merriman used his control for a high school no-hitter. He made the bigs in two seasons.
11 - David Martinez, Second Game
David Martinez played eight seasons as a pro. He never made the bigs.
12 - Jeff Oberdank, His Assets, 5/5/15
13 - Nate Oliver, Little Things
Nate Oliver knew that little things counted in baseball
14 - Larry Pardo, Fiercely Proud
Larry Pardo has played, coached and scouted in pro ball.
15 - Richard Parker, Big Hit
Richard Parker got a big hit early. He later tried pitching. He never made AA.
16 - Dave Partrick, Bunt Sign
Dave Partrick started in the outfield. He then moved to pitching. He never made AA.
17 - Beban Perez, Three Hits
Beban Perez helped his independent team to a big win in 1995.
18 - J.R. Phillips, He Did
J.R. Phillips did what he did, made seven ML seasons.
19 - Kernan Ronan, Great Expertise
Kernan Ronan had great expertise as a minor league coach.
20 - Tim Salmon, Dreaming About
Tim Salmon knew the situation and he knew it was big.
21 - Mike Search, Positive Energy
Mike Search brought positive energy to his high school team. He never made AA.
22 - Dave Sturdivant, Three Runners
Catcher Dave Sturdivant once threw out three runners in a game. He never made AAA.
23 - Terry Taylor, Had Potential
Terry Taylor had big hopes out of college. He never made it above AA.
24 - Brandy Vann, Just Pitch
Brandy Vann started over. He hoped he'd make the bigs. He never made it.
25 - Don Vidmar, To Work
Don Vidmar threw a high-A no-hitter. He played five seasons, not in the bigs.
26 - Tim Wallace, Only Thing
Tim Wallace's pro career lasted longer than a decade. He never made the bigs.
27 - Wally Warrecker, Complete Game
Wally Warrecker threw a complete game in college. He played two seasons as a pro.

Quad City Angels (30)

  1. Dave Adams worked to keep them off stride over four pro seasons; Topped out at AA, 9/26/22
  2. Erik Bennett had enough funkiness to make bigs in two seasons, later coach in minors, 9/4/22
  3. Mick Billmeyer spent nine seasons in the minors, made AAA; Then made the bigs as a bullpen catcher, 10/2/22
  4. Roberto Castillo earned praise from manager in 1990 start; Saw three seasons, Mexico, Venezuela, 9/3/22
  5. Chad Curtis played in 10 ML seasons; He then went to prison for criminal sexual conduct related to three teenage girls, 9/9/22
  6. Damion Easley stayed healthy, showed what he could do; Played in 17 ML seasons, 10/1/22
  7. Jeff Gay returned to pros and found new start at single-A Reno; He saw six seasons, made AA, 9/16/22
  8. Joe Georger played, then coached with satisfaction of watching players do well, move up, 9/20/22
  9. Larry Gonzales achieved 'unbelievable feeling' of ML call-up; Saw two games, got a hit, 9/30/22
  10. Les Haffner got his opportunity after broken hand, then turned pro; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 9/13/22
  11. Rick Hirtensteiner did his job over six pro seasons as player, many since as college coach at alma mater, 9/23/22
  12. Mike Hook worked to make most of opportunities; Played seven seasons, made AA, 9/2/22
  13. Robert Horowitz didn't want to be stuck in an office, then found athletic training, 9/3/22
  14. Bobby Jones turned around single-A slump with Joe Maddon's help; Saw four seasons, made AA, 9/15/22
  15. Corey Kapano took late draft selection to 12-season career; Made AAA, Taiwan, missed bigs, 9/14/22
  16. Steve King worked for the Department of Defense, then resumed playing career in minors; Made AA, 9/24/22
  17. Don Long played, but he liked teaching the game more; Later became ML coach for three teams, 9/10/22
  18. John Marchese proved versatile in college; Saw three pro seasons as reliever, made single-A, 9/8/22
  19. Justin Martin liked relieving, showed what he could do; Saw four seasons, made single-A, 10/1/22
  20. Fili Martinez finished a college shutout; Later hoped to finish by making bigs, never made it, 10/2/22
  21. Ray Martinez played over two decades in U.S., Mexico, made AAA; Later turned coach, manager, 9/25/22
  22. Marcus Moore played a decade, made bigs in three seasons; Third came after serious allegations, 9/18/22
  23. Dave Neal pitched well in single-A loss; Saw four seasons then had elbow surgery, 9/7/22
  24. Ronnie Ortegon had brief pro career, then turned to coaching and instruction, wrote hitting book, 9/11/22
  25. Edgar Rodriguez signed as outfielder, then tried catching; Saw six seasons, made high-A, 9/5/22
  26. Mitch Seoane played in minors, then managed there with respect from his players, 9/17/22
  27. Chris Threadgill used his speed over three pro seasons; Topped out at single-A, played alongside brother, 10/1/22
  28. Henry Threadgill had brief career, but had career night in August 1990; Made single-A, 9/6/22
  29. Bruce Vegely continued to pitch from college to the pros; Saw four seasons, made high-A, turned HS coach, 9/29/22
  30. Reggie Williams worked to make the most of his big league opportunities; Saw time in four seasons, 9/27/22

Boise Hawks (32)
1 - Jeff Ball, Relief Win, 5/23/16
2 - Mark Dalesandro, Fit In, 5/3/16
3 - Ken Edenfield, His Dream, 5/21/16
4 - P.J. Forbes, His Tenacity, 6/6/16
5 - Orv Franchuk, Built Up, 5/19/16
6 - Bob Gamez, Home Run, 5/30/16
7 - Clifton Garrett, Top Shape, 6/16/16
8 - Howie Gershberg, Good Combination, 5/16/16
9 - Danny Gil, Playing Time, 5/4/16
10 - Brian Grebeck, Felt Good, 5/7/16
11 - Hilly Hathaway, Good One, 5/25/16
12 - Wayne Helm, Prove Himself, 5/30/16
13 - Randy Kotchman, Whole Field, 4/23/16
14 - Tom Kotchman, All Business, 6/20/16
15 - Phil Leftwich, Good Shape, 5/15/16
16 - Todd McCray, Settled Down, 5/2/16
17 - Louis Pakele, Threw Strikes, 5/22/16
18 - Dave Partrick, Bunt Sign, 6/10/16
19 - Troy Percival, No Nitpicker, 5/7/16
20 - J.R. Phillips, He Did, 5/3/16
21 - Randy Powers, Proved Something, 5/20/16
22 - Jose Santana, Bunt Single, 5/31/16
23 - Darryl Scott, Family Tree, 5/28/16
24 - Mike Search, Positive Energy, 5/24/16
25 - Rich Shepperd, Big Spot, 6/9/16
26 - J.R. Showalter, Went Somewhere, 4/24/16
27 - Brian Specyalski, Their Ace, 6/7/16
28 - Dave Staydohar, Advertising Sign, 6/8/16
29 - Dan Stenz, Brand New, 5/29/16
30 - Paul Swingle, His Successes, 5/28/16
31 - Fausto Tejero, Most Experienced, 5/4/16
32 - Joe Williams, Big Win, 5/17/16

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