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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jim Stricek helped players after injuries as minors trainer; Once got ejected while doing so

New Britain trainer Jim Stricek rushed in to tend to injured New Britain catcher Alex Delgado in this August 1993 game - and Stricek soon found himself ejected from the game, The Hartford Courant wrote.

Stricek soon went with Delgado to the hospital to get checked out, but, as for why Stricek had been ejected, neither the umpires, nor New Britain manager Jim Pankovits would say, The Courant wrote

"When you're (37) games under .500, you should be in a bad mood," Pankovits told The Courant afterward of Stricek's ejection and the ejection of two players the game before. "I just wish we could take it out on the other team instead of the umpires."

Stricek served as trainer for the AA New Britain squad as part of several years he spent in the Red Sox system, working to keep its minor league teams healthy.

Stricek worked in the minors from at least 1988, when he served as trainer at single-A Virginia, to 1994, when he worked at New Britain.

At Virginia in 1988, Stricek watched over one young starter's injured muscle in his throwing arm that June. The starter, Ernie Radcliffe, had been out a week. Stricek noted to The Newport News Daily Press that Radcliffe could start throwing then, but they didn't want to rush him.

For 1989, Stricek moved to the Red Sox and single-A Lynchburg. He also served as a trainer at the league All-Star game.

In June 1993, Major League Baseball announced a ban on chewing tobacco. Stricek discussed the ban with The Courant, saying the timing would be difficult, but he expected it to be enforced. 

"I thought that if they did something, it would be more gradual," Stricek told The Courant. "I'm not sure that it's realistic to do it during the season like this."

Stricek then is last credited in the minors as training at New Britain in 1994.

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