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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Marty Durkin he had the green light in Legion ball; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A

When American Legion player Marty Durkin made it to first in 1986, he expressed confidence he'd be able to make it further, by running, The South Florida Sun Sentinel wrote.

"I have the green light," Durkin told The Sun Sentinel. "There aren't many catchers at this level with great arms, so I go any chance I get. I'm careful if we're behind and it's not a good time to run, but any other time I'll go. I'll steal third, too."

Durkin eventually ran from high school to college, and then to the pros. His pro career spanned five seasons. He topped out at high-A.

Durkin's career began in 1989, taken by the Indians in the 38th round of the draft out of Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus, and Georgia Tech.

Durkin played his high school ball at Cardinal Gibbons. He hit a two-run single to win an April 1985 contest, The Sun Sentinel wrote.

"I knew it was gone as soon as I hit it," Durkin told The Sun Sentinel. "I was just hoping it went over the pitcher's head. I was looking for something fat I could hit."

By 1987, the pros were calling, but Durkin decided to go to college, to Georgia Tech, The Fort Lauderdale News wrote. He told the paper, though, that he still hoped to eventually play professionally.

"To play professional baseball is my lifelong goal and ambition," Durkin told The News that August. ""(If drafted next year) I would favor my education unless a really good opportunity came along. This year there was very little chance I would sign."

Durkin started with the Indians at short-season Watertown. He hit .263 over 51 games. He then moved to high-A Miami for 1990. He hit .256 over 109 games there. 

He joined the Expos at high-A West Palm Beach for 1991, then the Red Sox at high-A Winter Haven in 1992 and high-A Fort Lauderdale in 1993. He hit .259 over 97 games at Fort Lauderdale to end his career.
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