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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1994 Fleer Flair: New Teams

Called up to the Expos in May 1994, Gabe White pitched well enough to pick up the win in his big league debut.

He went six innings, struck out six and gave up four hits. He also gave up just one earned run in the Expos 4-2 victory over Colorado. Only a pinch-hitter led to him being pulled in the seventh inning.

White debuted with the Expos the same year his 1994 Fleer Flair card came out. He'd made AAA Ottawa the previous season, pitching in six games. But he hadn't yet made Montreal.

But Fleer thought enough of White to include him in their 200-card Flair Series 2 set for 1994. I pulled White's card from a pack I purchased sometime last year, but a pack that I just opened.

I'd actually never opened a pack of Flair. I rarely bought any of the more expensive cards back in the day, sticking to the regular issues. I saw this pack on sale, so I figured I'd check it out.

These are the thick-stock cards, with fancy, full-photo backs. The backs actually don't tell much else. It appears there are some good stats there. But I'm not sure, because it's kind of difficult to make them out on the photo background.

The same goes for the card numbers. One of those things where you wonder who approved the layout.

Of the 10 cards in the pack, two were members of the CMC set. Ravelo Manzanillo appeared in the CMC set as a member of the Vancouver Canadians. He was featured here back in July 2011.

Looking at Manzanillo's card, it actually puts Gabe White's card above in a bit more perspective.

Manzanillo was out of baseball for both 1992 and 1993, Fleer notes on the back. His return to pro ball in 1994 actually leads his G21D feature. But, since this is Series 2, Fleer was picking up some players who debuted in early 1994.

Brian Hunter's card back is actually more interesting than the front. I'm trying to visualize that swing. It's difficult. Hunter made the CMC set as a member of the Richmond Braves. He was featured here in October 2011.

Finally, I'll throw in Harold Reynolds' Flair offering, below. Reynolds is another player who switched teams from 1993 to 1994, going from the Orioles to the Angels. On his Flair card, he's pictured with his new team. I throw in Reynolds because his hitting coach the year before at Baltimore was Greg Biagini.

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