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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beau Allred saw parts of 3 ML seasons: Baseball Profiles

Beau Allred 1990 Colorado Springs Sky Sox card

Beau Allred thought he would catch it. It was just a matter of how far the ball would go, he told The Associated Press.

In this May 1991 game, Allred robbed the Yankees' Matt Nokes of a home run, climbing the wall to do it.

"I got close to the fence and thought it better come down fast," Allred told The AP. "I was able to jump and get it."

Allred was in his third season with time in the majors in 1991. But Allred's days jumping outfield walls in the majors were numbered. A month after that Yankees game, Allred had played his last big league contest.

Allred's career began in 1987, taken by the Indians in the 25th round of the draft, out of Lamar University.

He played that first year at rookie Burlington, hitting .341, with 10 home runs. He moved to single-A Kinston in 1988, then AA Canton-Akron in 1989.

In 1989, Allred also got his first look at AAA Colorado Springs and Cleveland.

Allred debuted with the Indians that September, getting into 13 games. He got six hits in 24 at bats. Allred returned for another four games with the Indians in 1990, getting three hits in 16 at bats.

One of those hits in 1990 was his first major league home run, off Roger Clemens. His second home run came in 1991, off Dennis Eckersley.

Going into 1991, the Indians believed Allred might get more opportunities if he added weight. Allred took the suggestion to heart, adding 20 pounds.

"I went from eating two meals a day to four meals a day," Allred told reporters. "And I wasn't picky. If it moved, I ate it. I ate everything from steak to hamburgers to green chili burritos."

Allred ultimately hit three home runs in 48 games in 1991, with an overall average of .232. One of the other home runs proved to be a game-winner.

Allred returned to AAA by the end of June. He didn't return to the majors. He played out the season at Colorado Springs, playing all of 1992 there. He moved with the Indians' AAA team to Charlotte in 1993. Allred then played 1994 with the Braves, at AAA Richmond, ending his career after eight seasons.
Beau Allred 1990 Colorado Springs Sky Sox card

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