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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hugh Kemp Photos, Another Interview and the Big Halfway Point

Hugh Kemp delivers a pitch for the Nashville Sounds.

My first telephone interview came a couple weeks ago, with Hugh Kemp. Previously, and since, my interviews have come in person, and with them, photo opportunities.

But Kemp's interview, and possibly future telephone interviews, provided a special challenge. What do I do for visuals? I went looking, and found a couple to borrow from other sites. But that was only a couple. Kemp come through with some photos of his own, from his playing days.

He also sent along several cards from when he was in Nashville, including cards of his teammates. I've scanned them all in and I'll be getting them back to him shortly. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a separate post on them sometime here.

I've added the photos to this post, but also to Kemp's interview post. I've also moved the three parts of the interview into one post, for ease of reading for whoever comes across it in the future.

Hugh Kemp in the bullpen for Nashville.

Speaking of interviews
, the run is continuing. Last week, I picked up Dale Plummer, head baseball coach for the Colby College. This weekend, I picked up the other college coach within striking distance, Jim Neidlinger, pitching coach for Middlebury College in Vermont.

Neidlinger was great, nice enough to go into a lot of different topics, from growing up in California after his father passed away, to going straight from the Dodger Stadium mound to the airport back to Albuquerque to see his first child born, to watching over a young pitching staff at Middlebury College.

I should have the first Neidlinger interview post up by Tuesday.

Neidlinger makes for interview No. 7 for the blog. I've actually got designs on No. 8 next weekend, nothing confirmed yet, though.

One other certainty this week: My CMC counter will top 50 percent. I'm sitting on 49.9 percent now. But I thought I'd draw it out by featuring the only five-member card from the set, the Columbus Clippers coaches.

The randomizer actually picked it last week, but I held on to it to get past the Dale Plummer interview. I figured it needed some introduction. There's five members on the card, one of them is actually on his own card, Stump Merrill. I already featured him previously, so for my purposes, there are four members to cover.

Just a preview, there's Ken Rowe, pitching coach, Clete Boyer, hitting coach, trainer Mike Heifferon and coach "Troy" Hillman. I assume they meant "Trey" Hillman, who later became manager of the Royals.

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