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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fifth Interview Coming Monday

I've had this blog going for over a year now and every so often, somebody who happened upon it will leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Those e-mails helped me complete my CMC set. Others had quick questions or comments about the site.

As far as players go, the only response I'd had came early on. A woman posted to my first feature on Joe Bitker last February, saying the subject of the post was her brother. Hopefully she's seen my revisited feature, posted in February.

Now I can add to that list an actual subject of a post - a player. And it's led to my fifth interview.

Earlier this month, I got an e-mail from a man saying he'd come across the site, and my post on him.

The e-mailer was Hugh Kemp. I'd featured Kemp back in October. Kemp played professionally for eight seasons, with five full seasons at AAA. He also never made the majors.

Always a little skeptical, I did a few quick searches with the information from the e-mail and things seemed to check out.

After a few e-mails back and forth, and subsequent interview, there was no doubt: This was Hugh Kemp, member of the 1990 Buffalo Bisons and CMC set member.

My four previous interviews have all been in person, either locally or on trips. I like the in person interviews because I can get some pictures, easily use my recorder, and get the CMC card signed right there.

But Kemp is currently based in North Carolina. My wife and I aren't planning a trip there anytime soon. So I did my first phone interview for the site. And Kemp was great, offering some great stories about his playing career, what led up to it and what he's done since.

He also agreed to send some pictures, and I sent him his CMC card to sign. I've gotten the card back. I'm hoping to have a follow up post later with some pictures from his playing days and maybe some more recent ones.

As for the interview, I think I'll break it up into multiple posts, like I did last month for Rick Lancellotti. The first one should go up Monday afternoon.

With the season starting, I'm hoping to pick up some more interviews, including a few in the coming weeks. Of course, there's no guarantees with these things, but hopefully things will fall into place.

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