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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CMC Set Complete!

Scott Medvin has arrived. And with him, comes the completion of my 1990 CMC set.

Reader Kelly from California did the honors by sending along Medvin's No. 6 Buffalo Bison card.

I want to thank everyone again for helping me complete this set. It is certainly a difficult one to complete, with 880 cards, many of players few have heard of.

My quest for the set, and this blog, began with a birthday present from my wife in late 2009. I'd spotted a seller on ebay with a bunch of boxes and forwarded the link to my wife. I remembered the set from when I was a kid, finding the players, teams and design interesting.

She got me one box for my birthday and one box for Christmas. Days after Christmas, this blog was born.

The players just seemed so interesting, after doing a little research on them. A few boxes later, I'd hit a wall. There was no sense in buying any more, the rate of return had deminished too much and my box of doubles was growing too much.

With that, I slapped up my want list and, as many other bloggers have written about, people actually read those and offer up their cards to the cause.

I would offer up a photo of what a complete set of 1990 CMC might look like, but my set is now nearly cut in half, with half in a box and the other half in two binders.

I used part of my Christmas gift cards to buy binders and pages for my set. I put in only the cards I've featured, with each new feature going into the binder. It really puts in perspective how far this blog has come.

As of Tuesday, I've featured a total of 410 players, out of 880 total. Actually, my running count of players and coaches is about 891, with multi-coach cards and error cards.

And the completion figure is also a bit skewed, I've embarked on revisiting my first two months of posts as the randomizer selects them, using the research techniques and article-style of post that I settled into about last March.

Speaking of the randomizer, I think, in honor of Medvin finally completing my set, I'll move him to the head of the line and feature him later tonight.

Thanks again Kelly, and everyone else who offered cards. This set will look good, once it's fully into those binders.

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