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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maurer and McInerney

Last night's post was on Rick Adair. That was not by design. It was a product of the randomizer.

But, as is sometimes the case with the randomizer, the numbers it spits out can be fitting.

Adair's number 471 was fitting here because Adair was once one of the final three cards I identified that I needed to complete my CMC set.

But, back in November, reader Todd offered me an Adair card. But the offer also made it apparent that it wasn't 476 Rick Adair I needed. It was the actual 476, Steve McInerney that I needed. The confusion came from another CMC numbering problem.

That left my want list still at three. But slightly altered.

Well, now, it's actually altered.

Thanks to reader Mike, from Montana, it's down to one.

Mike was kind enough to send along 798 Rob Maurer and the actual 476 Steve McInerney.

Mike also sent along something else that's really cool, almost as cool as getting my CMC want list down to one. I'll cover that tomorrow.

It's actually not even a want list anymore.

Back in May, I bought the Buffalo Bisons team set, because I needed a Dann Bilardello card for my interview. Medvin was in that team set. But it's also a different version. Instead of a yellow-tinted back, the one that came in the packs, it's tinted green.

So, in a pinch, I can say I have every card in the set.

But, for now, check out my updated want list.

It's below:

6 - Scott Medvin

Awesome. Thanks Mike.


  1. It looks like you can get that last one at Amazon, if you are willing to open your wallet some.

    If you are looking for more of a bargain or prefer using Paypal:

  2. Thanks. Maybe I'll do that at some point.