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Monday, January 17, 2011

Checklist Checked

That right there is the other thing that Mike from Montana sent along. It's a checklist, or a copy of one.

It's the checklist that people sent away for, the one advertised on the pack wrapper. Mike sent away for it back in the day and sent along a color copy with the cards he sent.

And it's actually really cool. At least I think so.
The full checklist is great. Not only is it a checklist, but the check boxes are color coded for AAA, AA and single-A players.

I've been using the checklist at A couple of the numbering errors were there, with notes on what the number should have been. I've wondered how they knew what numbers they should have been. The answer is it comes from the send-away checklist.

And with the cards that Mike sent, I can now officially check every box on the list, except for No. 6.

I love the writeup on one panel:

"Many of these fine young pros are sure to become Major League Stars of the future," it reads. "This 1990 set has been produced in strictly limited quantities and promises to become a highly collectible card set."

Of course, by "highly collectible" I'm sure they meant "buy a box and you can sell it 21 years from now for $14 shipped."

And, as we've seen, most of these guys weren't stars and never would be. But that's the fun of this set. Everybody's there, whether they were a star or not.

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  1. I just had to go look at a wrapper and the checklist was FREE with SASE! Why did I not order one?! I loved this set and bought a lot of it at a Fred's Discount Store in McKenzie, Tennessee, that was on the way to my grandparents house.