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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Four-Day Weekend

I guess you could say I took one for the blog. Or just maybe my virus protection wasn't good enough.

Either way, I apparently picked up a virus Saturday on my computer while researching a particularly difficult post on Jason McFarlin. It was difficult because there just wasn't much on his playing days available.

I was also starting McFarlin's research at the beginning of a four-day weekend, burning off a couple days off from work. With the extra days, I'd hoped to get some extra blogging done. There's a big stack of packs to do extra posts on. And some other things I've wanted to touch on. Plus, my Christmas list I gave my wonderful wife has a bunch of blog-worthy items. I knew I'd get even further behind once Christmas came.

So in my McFarlin research, I finally found something, his listing on the Sports Management WorldWide scouting site. But, along the way, I clicked on a site that appeared to have an article that I'd seen before. So I didn't really need to click. But maybe this article had something that the other one I'd seen didn't have. There just wasn't that much information on the guy.

Well, I clicked. My computer, already old and slow and needing replacement, took its usual time, then I know I did what you're not supposed to do. I clicked on the popup to close it. I just wanted to get on with my research on my slow, nearly 4-year-old computer.

Of course, on the next reboot, things went crazy. I essentially couldn't use the computer anymore. Thankfully, my wife has her own computer, a virus-resistant Mac. With that, I was able to finish the McFarlin post. And the one on Phil Clark the next day.

By Monday, I had my old computer working again, but I still didn't trust it. But I was able to finish Pat Bangtson's post on it.

Still, by Monday night, I made the decision. I needed a new computer, maybe one with a nice anti-virus package. I knew I'd needed one for a while, but I'd hoped I would have been able to nurse the old along for a while longer.

So we got the computer, and I hoped I'd spend Tuesday, my last day of the four-day weekend, blogging. But that didn't happen. I spent the day chatting with tech support, trying to get the printer/scanner we also picked up to work like it was supposed to.

Through all this, I was able to get the basic blogging done, posting a player each day as I've done for almost a year now. But nothing more. My stack of extra blog ideas remains as high as it was before.

So I guess I can thank the blog for helping me decide to finally get a new computer. Too bad it couldn't have been with a little less aggrivation.

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