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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dollar Tree Cards: Baseball Security, Klingon Style

My wife and I are Trek fans. We've watched all the episodes on DVD. We're currently in season 7 of Voyager, having completed the original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

We've never collected much Trek-related stuff. We did pick up a phaser for a dime once at a flea market. Or I did, my wife was looking at beads.

But when I was there at the Dollar Tree, I couldn't pass up trying out a pack of Star Trek The Next Generation Customizable Card Game.

The cards are what you'd expect in a customizable card game, playing card backs and game information on the fronts. Think Star Trek: Attax.

In the pack there was a mix of everything, from devices to phenomena to characters. Before anyone asks, I ran them all through Baseball-Reference. Turns out none of them made the majors. In fact, B-R has no record of any of them.

If only I'd pulled a Buck Bokai.

But in this pack there were these three: Gorath, Ocett and Jaron. I'd never heard of any of them either. That's why Star Trek Memory Alpha is there. I run through the site when we watch episodes. They've usually got some interesting episode-related trivia.

Back to the cards. Ocett is actually a Gul. Gul is a rank, pretty high up with the Cardassians. Maybe it could be compared to the Cardassian majors, maybe AAA. That's Ocett up top. To spare the details, she got faked out in one episode by Picard and the Enterprise, sort of like the hidden-ball trick, duped off in the wrong direction through misinformation.

Then there's Jaron, who worked with Spock on Spock's return to the show. Jaron tried to help Spock unify the Romulans and Vulcans, sort of like two teams contracting into one.

And it's not entirely accurate that Baseball-Reference hadn't heard of Jaron, or a Jaron. They actually have a Frank Jaron as playing 10 games for the Class D North Atlantic League's Nyack Rocklands in 1948.

There isn't really anything on Memory Alpha on the other guy there, Klingon Gorath. Memory Alpha actually has Gorath as a place, not a person. Anyway, his card describes him as "trained in the field of security." He guarded the Klingon High Council Chamber in the year of Maktag. That certainly was a crazy year, that Maktag.

The obvious anology for Gorath is another "field of security" that of field security. You know, those guys who watch for those other guys who run onto the field then chase them down, tripping them or taking them out with Tasers?

Think of one of them as a Klingon. Think of a Klingon working field security. There wouldn't be anyone running onto the field, especially if the Klingon were armed, not with a Taser, but one of these:

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  1. I used to play this card game and am sort of a Star Trek fan myself (I only like certain series). It's been a while, but I believe the collation of these packs were one Rare card per pack, something like 3 or 4 Uncommons and the rest are commons. This game is a lot more involved than the Attax games that's for sure.