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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tales of Two Paredeses

Tonight's post was supposed to be the completion of my 300th card featured. I hit 300 total reviews a few days ago. The discrepancy lies in multi-player cards and cards intended for one player but naming another.

But the completion of the 300th card will have to wait until tomorrow. That is because the card the randomizer selected as the 300th is another error card, intended for one player but naming another.

This is the card identified as Jesus Paredes, member of the 1990 Indianapolis Indians. The problem is, the player Jesus Paredes, a member of the Expos system, never played for the Indianapolis Indians in 1990 or any other time. In fact, he didn't play anywhere in 1990. He was out of baseball, according to his Baseball Reference stats.

Who did play for Indianapolis in 1990 was infielder Johnny Paredes, according to Baseball Reference. Johnny Paredes played briefly in the majors in three seasons, with Montreal and with Detroit. A comparison with his 1989 Donruss card appears to show a photo match.

So I'll handle this one like the other error cards, with a separate feature on both intended players. The tale of Jesus Paredes is scheduled for this evening, with the tale of Johnny Paredes, and the official completion of my 300 card, scheduled for Sunday.

Along the lines of CMC names, anyone notice my feature of Alan Sadler the other day? His card lists him simply as Al Sadler. But, after doing several searches, and finding the listing for Alan Sadler on Baseball Reference, it was obvious that this 'Al' went by 'Alan'. There is an Al Sadler listed in the B-R database.

That Al Sadler didn't start playing until 1992, not to mention the different birth date. Since that Al Sadler came afterward and the CMC guys couldn't have intended the card for him, that Al Sadler doesn't get a feature.

In Jesus Paredes' case, he came before and was clearly mixed up with Johnny Paredes, with Jesus' name and stats and Johnny's photo. In that case, both Jesus and Johnny get features.

One other note. Maybe CMC could be forgiven for mixing up the Paredeses. Johnny Paredes hadn't been with the team long. Some of these players' transaction histories can help suggest when the team set rosters were set, what part of the season the photographers came to snap all the pictures.

With Johnny Parades, he didn't make it to Indianapolis until May 1, at the earliest. He'd spent April on a brief stint with the Tigers, before being returned to Montreal, who promptly sent him to AAA Indianapolis in time for CMC to confuse him with the other Paredes.

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