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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Martinez Error Card

The randomizer finally picked out the most well-known (if any could really be called "well known") and luckiest error card from the 1990 CMC set. It's the Edgar Martinez -Tino Martinez card.

It's the luckiest error card because, because both players referenced on the card ended up having strong careers, one of them some have said had a Hall of Fame career.

Named on the card is Edgar Martinez, Mariners' future star designated hitter. But, while he is named, the card was clearly meant for Tino Martinez, future anchor to five Yankees World Series teams.

It was clearly meant for Tino because the stats on the back are his, the photo is his. And then there's the fact that Edgar never played for Calgary in 1990, by then he was a full-time Mariner.

For the purposes of this blog, I'll treat the card like I have the other error cards I've come across. I'll feature both players. Tonight, I'll feature Edgar, Saturday Tino.

While there were other errors in the set of the identification error variety, the CMC guys shouldn't have felt bad about this one. Apparently they weren't the only ones to make that mistake.

In researching Edgar for tonight's post, I came across a 1992 story on Edger, which referenced that exact mix-up. Few people had heard of Edgar, the AP writer wrote.

"Talk about secrets," the story begins. "Edgar Martinez is leading the American League in hitting, even though a lot of fans may not know the difference between Edgar and teammate Tino Martinez."

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  1. Tino's everywhere - he's also on a Jeff Schaefer card I posted recently.