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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack, Baseball Edition, Part 1

I opened the first of my six Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs the other day and I was very pleased with what I got, especially for the price: $1 for each Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack of 50+ cards.

I picked them up at a place called Paul's in my hometown, while my wife and I were visiting on vacation. We always stop at this place because it has something of everything. I always used to go there as a kid with my family.

Back in the day, they had a nice section of baseball cards, I recall a lot of rack packs. You know, the rack packs that you could thumb through looking for a cool card on top. I've got a bunch of those upstairs that I never opened, because, you know, there was a cool card on top.

So we were back there last week and I happened to be looking around, half looking to see if they still had cards when I spotted this rather inconspicuous box of Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs, Baseball Editions.

My wife had wandered to another part of the store, so I had to wait to relay my excitement. Not only were they Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs, but they were only a buck apiece. There were six there, and I was only going to grab a couple, leaving some for the kids. But once I found my wife, she urged me to grab them all. Kids don't really collect cards any more anyway. Besides, they wouldn't appreciate them as much as I would, I reasoned. I grabbed all six.

The packs each advertised a guarenteed Hall of Famer in each pack. As if that makes much of a difference when talking about junk wax. The first pack I opened didn't disappoint, there were four Hall of Famers: 1993 Topps Kirby Puckett, 1990 Score Dream Team Tony Gwynn, and 1989 Bowman Robin Yount and Andre Dawson. The Dawson card, of course, I was most excited about.

I was going to do an Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack per post, but this Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack had too many interesting cards to cover in one. First, in my ongoing search for CMC set members in other sets, I found four. I'll get to them in their own post.

Then there were other cards that were just interesting, either for the cards or for the players on them. They're interesting enough for their own post.

There were actually a total of 54 cards in the pack. The oldest came from 1982, the newest came from 2002.

So I'll get to those in the coming days, and see how far I can drag out these Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs and these vacation posts.

There were also two advertisements inside the Ultimate Super Jumbo Packs, one for $5 off next submission to the International Grading Service, helping in the event one wanted to get any of these 50-plus cool cards professionally graded. The other was a subscription to the Trading Card Pack of the Month Club. For just $1, you could have a pack of junk wax sent to your door. That's $1, plus $5 shipping, each month. "Who says a buck doesn't buy anything worthwhile!" the ad reads.

Actually, a buck buys a really cool Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack of cards, as long as some guy with a blog doesn't buy them out first.


  1. Nice! This wouldn't be a Cards One product by chance, would it?

  2. These are called "repacks". These people take commons that they might be $5 for 5,000 and then pack them as such. If they sell packs of 50 for $1, they're going to make $95 on that box of 5,000 cards. Easy money for stuff that collectors are looking to dump every day. I know because I just sold off about 10,000 commons on craigslist last week.

  3. Nick, What I found cool about these was that they were at a retail place. I'd expect a retail place to try sell them for more than just a buck.
    They were mixed up pretty well, too. A little something of everything.

    And madding, yes, this is a Cards One product.