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Monday, March 8, 2010

Charles Scott, Bonds' Roommate - 559

When California high school pitcher Rick Hughes had a breakout senior season, it was Charles Scott whom he attributed that success to, according to The Marin Independent Journal.

Hughes began working with Scott, who helped the young pitcher with his mechanics, including his delivery and balance, The Independent Journal wrote.

"(Scott has) helped me with my mechanics and helped me throw a lot harder and where to throw the ball in certain situations," Hughes told The Independent Journal in April 2008. Scott had been working with the youth for six months, helping get Hughes noticed.

Scott spoke from experience, spending eight years in pro ball, but never making the majors. Scott was taken by the Indians in the sixth round of the 1985 draft. He had pitched his college ball at Arizona State, high school ball at California's Terra Linda High, the same school that Hughes was attending.

Scott, sometimes referred to as Charlie Scott, began his minor league career at short-season Batavia. He made AA Williamsport in 1987, AAA Colorado Springs in 1988. At AA Canton in August 1989, Scott struck out seven in a 4-3 victory. But he never broke through. He spent parts of five seasons in AAA.

The Indians let him go to the Twins in 1990, playing with AAA Portland that year and the next. He opened 1991 with six-innings of one-run ball for a win. He ended in 1992 with the Mariners' AAA team in Calgary.

Scott went on to be a major league scout for nine years, according to the Journal. He was inducted into the Marin County High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2002. He's also worked with a youth baseball camp, according to the Journal.

At Arizona State, Scott not only played with Barry Bonds, he was Bonds' roommate, according to the Journal. Regarding Bonds, Scott said in June 2008 Bonds' numbers spoke for themselves. Bonds should still be playing then, but he understood that Bonds' just didn't fit into clubhouses.

In a June 2008 Q&A session with The Marin Independent Journal, Scott said it was his time at Arizona State playing with Bonds that parents and asked him most about. 

"Parents will say, 'Look. He was Barry Bonds' roommate,'" Scott told The Independent Journal. "That gets their attention, not to mention that I'm 6-foot-5, 235 pounds and black. That also tends to open the eyes a little bit when they drive up."

1990 CMC Tally
Cards Reviewed: 72/880 - 8.2%
Made the Majors: 42 - 58%
Never Made the Majors: 30 - 42%
5+ Seasons in the Majors: 16
10+ Seasons in the Minors: 22

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  1. Charles Scott is teaching me mechanics . I have been playing senior ball (Catcher) since I was 65. After 12 years of catching old weary arms, I decided I could be a decent Senior Pitcher so I tried it in 2015 in a game in Arizona and failed the test miserably, but my arm is strong so I decided to get some "instruction" I found Charles Scott and have been in training for a couple of months. I am learning how to do things correctly and it shows in my accuracy and speed . Charles is a "nice guy" to hang out with. Good temperament for a teacher. I told him at the start that I wanted to be the best 80 year old Pitcher in America and I am on my way, I will be 80 in 8 months.
    Paul Katzeff
    Thanksgiving Coffee Company