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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doug Gogolewski and the demise of Heritage Park - 730

(Also check out the redone Dec. 1 entry:
Doug Gogolewski, Closed for Mariano)

Doug Gogolewski had already played three seasons in the minors by 1990. He would be up to AA Albany again, in 1992 and 1993. But his 1990 trip was a brief one.

He pitched five games then, posting an abysmal ERA of 13.81. His Albany coaches were getting frustrated.

"He's got the ability to compete at this level," Yankee manager Rick Down told the Schenectady Daily Gazette after his final outing before being shipped back to Advanced A Fort Lauderdale. "I don't believe it's mechanical."

Whatever it was, Gogolewski would get it figured out, by 1993, he would finally make AAA Columbus, posting a respectable 4.41 ERA in 29 games. But he never made New York. Three more games in the Giants' organization in 1994 and he was done.

On a side note, the Albany Yankees played near here at Heritage Park in Colonie, leaving here in 1994. Heritage Park would go on to be used by the independent league Diamond Dogs until 2002. The contents of the park were sold in 2005, it was finally demolished last year. But in March 2008, I stopped by and snapped a few photos of what was left. The outfield wall was was gone, but still there was the faded scoreboard - the same scoreboard behind Gogolewski on his card. Compare below.

Heritage Park 1990

Heritage Park 2008

1990 CMC Tally
Cards Reviewed: 31/880 - 3.5%
Major Leaguers: 15 - 48%
Never Made the Majors: 16 - 52%
5+ Seasons in the Majors: 6
10+ Seasons in the Minors: 9


  1. Any relation to former Rangers pitcher Bill Gogolewski?

  2. I'd have to say no, at least not directly. I just did a few searches, and can't find any references to either of them together, Bill's kids or Doug's parents. But Bill would have been just 17 when Doug was born. Also, Doug's from Michigan, while Bill is from Wisconsin.

  3. I played little league and graduated high school with Doug. He was a nice guy and I had no idea he made it as far as he did! Impressive and something to be proud of for sure Doug!


  4. Hey Thom - Dave H from BHS here. I saw Doug when he was with Prince William when they played the Durham Bulls. As far as the above question, I'm almost positive (sister Donna has confirmed this) that Bill is Doug's uncle.

  5. Thanks for the comments. With the extra interest, I just redid Doug's post with a more thorough entry.
    I put the link up top.